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This is a discussion about Android App Settle Up (Dlužníček in Czech). Post problem reports here, use GetSatisfaction for feature requests.

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Translations needed! David Vávra 2/4/13
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$15,000 Ad-Free Daniel Edri 4/18/17
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Dlužníček - zpráva o problému Patrik Černý 4/11/17
TCL Store App promotion cooperation inquiry 4/4/17
Een Settle Up probleem melden Solange Bruno 4/2/17
Re: Reply to your comment on Android app 'Settle Up - Group Expenses' raghava Bysani 4/2/17
Issue in settleup Rishabh Johar 4/2/17
[Settle Up] Fehlerreport Chris Steffen 3/31/17
Downloads Fernando Daucik 3/31/17
[Settle UP] Informe de problema alberto gonzalez 3/30/17
jana hybsova 3/28/17
Currency not update Barak Dror 3/28/17
Settle Up problemen rapport Claire Van Der Burg 3/26/17
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