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This is a discussion about Android App Settle Up (Dlužníček in Czech). Post problem reports here, use GetSatisfaction for feature requests.

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Translations needed! David Vávra 2/4/13
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Settle Up - Group Expenses Vijay, Kumar 9/27/16
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Google <> Settle Up - Group Expenses Julien Espiand 9/23/16
Segnalatore di problemi di Settle Up francesco giachi 9/23/16
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Boost your App Download and Increase User Retention for Free AppDownloadExchange 9/21/16
[Settle UP] Informe de problema Mariajosé . 9/20/16
Patxi h.c 9/20/16
[Settle Up] Fehlerreport Lukas Kreft 9/18/16
Problem with different debts for each user. Ilias Pasidis 9/16/16
Dlužníček Marek Plaček 9/16/16
Settle up hangs at startup Jonni Ciribè 9/16/16
Android vs Iphone vs Web discrepancies Jack Sormaz 9/14/16
Name duplication Lina Lusadisu 9/12/16
Settle Up - Group Expenses-Problem during login. SANDEEP JHA 9/8/16
Get a price offer for your app - Settle Up - Group Expenses today.  Kristian K - Appsbuyout 9/7/16
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