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This is a discussion about Android App Settle Up (Dlužníček in Czech). Post problem reports here, use GetSatisfaction for feature requests.

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Translations needed! David Vávra 2/4/13
[Settle Up] Problem Report 6/24/17
Dlužníček - zpráva o problému Roman Matula 6/21/17
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Bug in Settle-up for Android Carlos Azañón 6/20/17
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Not able to sync with google balachandar K R 6/16/17
Settle Up - Group Expenses Ivo Silva 6/15/17
Suppression de compte richard lionnet 6/13/17
Promotion through challenge for Settle Up 6/12/17
Help regarding image upload Amritap Datta 6/12/17
Отчет об ошибке в Settle Up Алексей Рысев 6/11/17
Notification not working Sankar Sagar 6/11/17
Quick question about Settle Up - Group Expenses Tyler 6/6/17
Settle up showing different debt amount on different cellphones 6/6/17
Support- request Aditya Behera 6/4/17
[Settle UP] Informe de problema Nicolás Moreno 6/4/17
Dlužníček - zpráva o problému 6/4/17
Settle Up - Group Expenses hax station 6/3/17
Segnalatore di problemi di Settle Up Claudia Rinaldi 5/30/17
Integration with IFTTT or zapier Pau Serrat i Pagespetit 5/30/17
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