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This is a discussion about Android App Settle Up (Dlužníček in Czech). Post problem reports here, use GetSatisfaction for feature requests.

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Translations needed! David Vávra 2/4/13
Regarding group Ananya Pandey 8/27/16
[Settle Up] Problem Report Suraj Arjune 8/27/16
Segnalatore di problemi di Settle Up mattia damiani 8/25/16
Bug in your application keshav malu 8/25/16
Re: Reply to your comment on Android app 'Settle Up - Group Expenses' Tomas Trnka 8/22/16
Settle Up - Group Expenses - Idea Giri Sairam 8/22/16
Отчет об ошибке в Settle Up Андрей Ключенков 8/21/16
Currency Conversion Fabrice Windus 8/21/16
Settle Up problem report David Marenyà Gumbau 8/19/16
[Settle UP] Informe de problema Sergio Martin 8/18/16
"beneficial parts" explanation Benedek Hock 8/17/16
Settle Up - Group Expenses Joel Seet 8/15/16
Dlužníček - zpráva o problému Kolář, Petr 8/14/16
App behaving weird Mudit Singh Vats 8/14/16
[Settle Up] Fehlerreport nikolaus pfusterschmid 8/14/16
Maintain scroll after editing an older payment Ivan Čentéš 8/12/16
Dlužníček -- zpráva o problému Richard Šimek 8/10/16
We are interested in buying your app "Settle Up - Group Expenses" Marta from Appsbuyout 8/10/16
Re: Respuesta a tu comentario sobre la aplicación de Android "Settle Up - Group Expenses" Arturo Rodriguez 8/9/16
Settle up crashing Lawrence kunhi 8/9/16
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