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This is a discussion about Android App Settle Up (Dlužníček in Czech). Post problem reports here, use GetSatisfaction for feature requests.

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Translations needed! David Vávra 2/4/13
Bug Miui 8 Lucas Andion 2:03 AM
Settle Up - Gastos en grupo Guillermo Maroto 1/18/17
[Settle Up] Problem Report Lokesh Gouda 1/18/17
Dlužníček - zpráva o problému malyr 1/18/17
Help Ravi Kiran 1/17/17
Apps that got their push notification strategy right Rachel Davis 1/16/17
Fwd: Your Google Play Order Receipt from Jan 16, 2017 David Nordström 1/16/17
Unable to sign in vasant naik 1/14/17
[Settle UP] Problem report Pepe Longás 1/13/17
Settle Up - Group Expenses-Problem during login. SANDEEP JHA 1/13/17
Sign in issues swarnabh47 . 1/12/17
Segnalatore di problemi di Settle Up Federico Marchesi 1/10/17
How to keep your app popular after launch Rachel Davis 1/9/17
Settle Up problem report 1/9/17
Settle Up problem report Jordi Macià 1/8/17
Settle Up - Group Expenses - action required Edward Martin 1/6/17
[Settle Up] Feature request Jonas Oscarsson 1/6/17 1/5/17
dotaz 1/5/17
Settle Up - Group Expenses பாலசுந்தரம் ராமமூர்த்தி 1/5/17
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