Sequelize is an easy-to-use multi sql dialect object-relationship-mapper for node.js. It currently supports MySQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL.

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hasMany result as single object Bala Balu 2/13/18
Don't want mentioned each and every fields in schema of sequelize Sumitra Roy 12/20/17
How to include model in through query Алексей Данчин 11/25/17
belongsToMany relation in another belongsToMany relationship using Sequelize Kartikeya Mishra 11/15/17
hasOne hasMany problem Maxime 11/3/17
Query with attribute of array type Agetic 10/9/17
Apply Filters after all Joins zaeem bin rehman 9/7/17
Many updates Никита Агафонов 8/7/17
Can't figure out `having` clauses Nolan Darilek 7/27/17
Fwd: Us congress hearing of maan alsaan Money laundry قضية الكونغجرس لغسيل الأموال للمليادير معن الصانع saleem a 7/22/17
Is anyone interested in distributed ledgers ? Mark Lester 7/13/17
Sequelize models associations in separeted file Welder Marcos 7/11/17
How can i insert more then digit number into my database and what is the prefer datatype Code Panda 6/28/17
Can the Slack IRC gateway please be enabled? Nolan Darilek 6/23/17
Version 4 (V4) - belongsToMany adding/updating records; instance methods... Vince R 6/19/17
Association of multiple columns to a same model using different keys Martin Pícha 5/27/17
Reusing column declarations - behaving unexpectedly Vaidotas Sm 5/24/17
Sequelize doesn't hash password with bcrypt 5/14/17
Alter option in version 4 don't work Nicolai Kamphenkel 4/16/17
sequelize transaction dont work Leonardo Rodriguez 4/8/17
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