Sequelize is an easy-to-use multi sql dialect object-relationship-mapper for node.js. It currently supports MySQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL.

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Sequelize getting all fields from join table when requesting joined model 8:16 PM
Removing primary key constraints for belongsToMany Ryan Poole 2/4/16
Relations/Associations Examples DaAwesome P 1/31/16
ibm db2 support chris rehfeld 1/26/16
versioning and optimistic concurrency Cory Brevik 1/22/16
Documentation for offline reading Arpit Jain 1/15/16
Posting Tags to Many-To-Many Relationship Model Joshua Smith 1/13/16
Possible to use one model on clones of a table? Andrew Eddie 1/12/16
Question about camel/snake case for key columns Jake Malone 1/12/16
Transactions causing - Warning: a promise was created in a handler but was not returned from it Yuval Kaplan 1/5/16
Upgrade to version 2.0.6 Kinh Bang Nguyen 1/2/16
create records with associations Wajid Afaneh 12/29/15
Getter not triggered for "AS" field? Chad Robinson 12/24/15
Automatic index creation Mark Lester 12/21/15
Model attribute DataType for MySQL SET()? justin hyland 12/16/15
MySQL RLIKE Support? justin hyland 12/14/15
Duplicate fields in model-objects Simon Van de Water 12/13/15
Does the QueryChainer Util still exist? justin hyland 12/11/15
Promises in hooks Mark Lester 12/11/15
Recursive Raw Query - Recursive Promise Rui Brito 12/11/15
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