Sequelize is an easy-to-use multi sql dialect object-relationship-mapper for node.js. It currently supports MySQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL.

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Create Records With Associations Not Working Vishal Isharani 5/21/16
Sequelize GROUP BY aggregating only on main table instead of the complete joined table in a join Ketan Bhokray 5/20/16
sequelize.js consecutive many to many relationship 5/20/16
findOrCreate, transactions and hooks Mark Lester 5/15/16
sequelize.query returning 100 rows... randal cobb 5/14/16
unwanted cascade on delete Mark Lester 5/13/16
Inheriting hooks, I need endOfafterCreate etc Mark Lester 5/13/16
Sequelize not showing error bhargav p 5/13/16
Sequelize associate multiple condition in a join Daniel Infante 5/6/16
Returning a value from sequelize instance bhargav p 5/1/16
How to update column value with existing column value in sequelize 胡雪亮 4/28/16
about query syntax Bayarja Buyandelger 4/26/16
ibm db2 support chris rehfeld 4/25/16
SSL Mysql Connection with Cert, ca and key. Adrien En 4/24/16
getterMethods implementation Fernando Cagale 4/13/16
DISTINCT - MySQL Daniel Infante 4/13/16
Validators returning promises Mark Lester 4/13/16
What do folks use to generate their web api Mark Lester 4/12/16
Epilogue getting a where 0 = 1 clause added to its findAndCountAll in it's liist controller Mark Lester 4/11/16
Trouble running tests while setting up dev environment David Gudeman 4/10/16
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