Sequelize is an easy-to-use multi sql dialect object-relationship-mapper for node.js. It currently supports MySQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL.

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too many connections under ssl in sequelize 1.7.10 Jaime Echegaray Zipper 5:42 AM
Re: findAndCountAll not working when using include on Belongs to many realtion Mick Hansen 4:08 AM
Need some advice on associations, instanceMethods and/or scopes Graham Ballantyne 5/5/15
How to define three way many to many relations using belongsToMany? Bruce Chou 4/30/15
How to combine basic where clause and include where clause Julien Musat 4/29/15
Re: Is it possible to have a where{} or include:{} inside the associations.options Mick Hansen 4/27/15
Error -> index = err.message.match(/violates foreign key constraint \"(.+?)\"/)[1]; Fernando Cagale 4/27/15
Is it possible to query sub groups Olivier Boucher 4/8/15
Many-To-Many Via Alternate Fields Paul Tiseo 4/1/15
limit-per-group in Sequelize.js Dmitri Samoilov 3/12/15
Access Instance Method On Nested Instance Paul Tiseo 3/12/15
Parameters not being replaced Simon Van de Water 3/10/15
Raw SQL In Migrations Paul Tiseo 3/7/15
Syntax Error In Generated Alias Paul Tiseo 3/6/15
Mongo or Solr or any NoSQL John Carmichael 3/3/15
Inserting data with relations (Model.create()'s include field) Sveinn Fannar Kristjánsson 3/3/15
Sync To File Paul Tiseo 2/26/15
Loading Associations From File Paul Tiseo 2/26/15
Location based query 2/26/15
Removing primary key constraints for belongsToMany Ryan Poole 2/7/15
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