Sequelize is an easy-to-use multi sql dialect object-relationship-mapper for node.js. It currently supports MySQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL.

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Return an association of manually defined join table Phill T 9/25/16
build instance with n:m associated object Ариэль Антонов 9/24/16
On RDS sequelize throws error on update query: ER_LOCK_WAIT_TIMEOUT: Lock wait timeout exceeded Shivani A 9/19/16
How can I make an inner join with a generated subQuery to the parent? ninjjshd 9/14/16
How force passing parameterize queries? Guy Korland 9/14/16
how could we implement clustering for mysql ? Vikash Sharma 9/13/16
very basic example using an existing mariadb table Mark Edwards 9/11/16
Virtual fields and promises Mark Lester 8/31/16
Get array of associations David Gray 8/27/16
MySQL 5.5 Full Text Search with Sequelize ^3.23.6 Darshan Deshmane 8/24/16
Returning nested object with hasMany relation Frederic Visticot 8/16/16
Requests can only be made in the LoggedIn state, not the LoggedIn state Kaj Lund 8/8/16
belongsto with foreign key on legacy table zoell2 8/4/16
How to unit test exception-path ? Tanmoy Pal 7/21/16
Is it possible to use index hints with Sequelize (MySQL dialect) ? Thomas Stjernegaard Jeppesen 6/6/16
levelup interface Mark Lester 6/2/16
Validaiton on transactions Rodrigo Araujo 5/31/16
Create Records With Associations Not Working Vishal Isharani 5/21/16
Sequelize GROUP BY aggregating only on main table instead of the complete joined table in a join Ketan Bhokray 5/20/16
sequelize.js consecutive many to many relationship 5/20/16
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