mailing list or forum for the London QS group and beyond, a community of people tracking an activity or aspect of their lives, health, productivity etc, using various technologies to capture and analyse their data, spot patterns and change behaviour. Regular meetups:

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Heart Rate Variability monitors Adriana Lukas 9/27/16
20% discount for Hacking Happiness event 13-15 November Adriana Lukas 11/6/14
Multiple datasets for diabetes and mood tracking Adriana Lukas 5/2/14
London QS survey! Adriana Lukas 1/25/14
SH Working Group meeting 25th April Adriana Lukas 5/19/13
Free workshop on Interfaces for Diabetes Self-Care B. A. Price 11/15/17
London Area: Workshop on QS Business Models on 22 November 15:30-17:00 in Camden B. A. Price 11/6/17
QS App Stores B. A. Price 8/8/17
Event RE 'Creative Action In Response To Our City’s Air Pollution Crisis' Stephen Fortune 1/26/17
Moroccan Cyber Security Camp 2017 CFP Rachid OUBAOUG 1/4/17
Data sets Ken Snyder 12/31/16
Introducing Hippo, a new happiness tracking app calling for testers. Website: 9/20/16
Red Hat health hackahton - $150,000 in prizes Joanna Dionis 7/26/16
New Withings Scale Ken Snyder 6/8/16
Video on Noah Levine | Inspirational meditation guru Ken Snyder 5/27/16
What Comes After the Quantified Self? A VINAYA discussion Ken Snyder 5/20/16
Fwd: Bio-Hackathon CUTEC paul_tanner 3/23/16
Looking for Clue menstrual cycle tracker users Niels bischoff 3/22/16
Talk about privacy implications of health data collection Adriana Lukas 3/4/16
Tech article about privacy for fitness trackers paul_tanner 2/11/16
Omnifolio - Non-Profit Psychometric Profiling neilb 2/11/16
BodPod - special rates for QS'ers? Judita M 1/23/16
Fwd: See our latest innovation before the world does Ken Snyder 1/6/16
Wearables Library? Judita M 12/22/15
Internet of Things: Health & Social Care Technology incubator Colin Hayhurst 12/21/15
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