mailing list or forum for the London QS group and beyond, a community of people tracking an activity or aspect of their lives, health, productivity etc, using various technologies to capture and analyse their data, spot patterns and change behaviour. Regular meetups:

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20% discount for Hacking Happiness event 13-15 November Adriana Lukas 11/6/14
Multiple datasets for diabetes and mood tracking Adriana Lukas 5/2/14
Heart Rate Variability monitors Adriana Lukas 4/8/14
London QS survey! Adriana Lukas 1/25/14
SH Working Group meeting 25th April Adriana Lukas 5/19/13
March Videos Ken Snyder 5/19/15
Jolyon Nicks talk on his nutrition strategy is ready Ken Snyder 5/11/15
Dirk Trossen's talk on tracking life through his mobile Ken Snyder 5/10/15
Ian Clements talk on Health Tracking Ken Snyder 5/10/15
Request for volunteers: Our latest experiment examining dietary supplements David Greenwood 2/10/15
Input on a habit hacking idea sam.pattuzzi 2/3/15
The Beginner’s Guide to Biohacking (and the top 7 hacks from the Bulletproof Biohacker Conference!) Ken Snyder 12/17/14
Cambridge Quantified Self Rasmus Petersen 12/12/14
blood biomarker tracking Adriana Lukas 12/10/14
Smartwatches: Paid-for Research Matt D 12/2/14
November talks are up Ken Snyder 12/1/14
QS London Videos Ken Snyder 11/24/14
QS and type-1 diabetes research UK Adriana Lukas 11/18/14
Talented Android developer needed to port successful iOS Health app SnoreLab Adriana Lukas 11/17/14
Wearable Technology That Feels Like Skin Adriana Lukas 10/12/14
Share (snippets of) self-tracked data for initial data aggregator testing? Rasmus Petersen 9/24/14
Wearable technology picnic Aug 29th. Maybe one in London too? Evangelia B 8/7/14
Re: [Self-hacking] Digest for - 1 update in 1 topic Anu Patel 8/1/14
Hacking SpO2? Ken Snyder 7/31/14
Bioniq Health Compares Features And The Quality Of Health Trackers Adriana Lukas 7/15/14
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