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Selenium Developers list is to foster discussion of the development of Selenium itself.

If you need help with your tests or have questions understanding Selenium please ask on the Users mailing list:!forum/selenium-users

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Re: [selenium-users] Virus detected when trying to download Selenium Sever 2.47.1 Krishnan Mahadevan 8/26/15
Redirect Google Code Docs to Github Docs? 8/24/15
committers coming to selenium conf Luke Inman-Semerau 8/7/15
What protocol do browsers use to accept automation requests? Dan Dascalescu 8/6/15
Clarification on Error response format in WebDriver spec Nick Abalov 7/31/15
The idea to create selenium driver for Windows/MacOSX application Simon He 7/30/15
Support for custom driver commands in Selenium (Java) Server Seva Lo 7/30/15
JUnit 4 test names Ahmed Ashour 7/30/15
Can Selenium support the Content-Security-Policy header? Daniel Shearer 7/20/15
Need help in adding a file to selenium jar Anand Jayaram 7/14/15
HtmlUnitDriver and Alert Ahmed Ashour 7/14/15
Student Project Simon Mulser 7/12/15
Create a Session from WebDriver.js Sam Uong 7/10/15
WebDriver implementation for native Windows Phone Store Apps and Windows Desktop apps - how to submit for inclusion to "Third Party Drivers, Bindings, and Plugins" list at Nick Abalov 6/28/15
Changes to getText and isDisplayed for Shadow DOM Mark Charsley 6/18/15
Satement of diffinative browser support Kendall Schmidt 6/17/15
Collaborator status for myself Daniel Davison 6/16/15
Will SafariDriver be affected by upcoming changes from Apple? David 6/10/15
Java 7 Simon Stewart 6/9/15
ruby maintainers Luke Inman-Semerau 6/9/15
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