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Selenium Developers list is to foster discussion of the development of Selenium itself.

If you need help with your tests or have questions understanding Selenium please ask on the Users mailing list:!forum/selenium-users

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Stepping down as maintainer jarib 3/26/15
Java client proposal: Include TakesScreenshot, JavascriptExecutor, HasCapabilities in WebDriver interface Seva Lo 3/22/15
selenium-ci Github user ato 3/21/15
Steps to make GitHub the Source of Truth Simon Stewart 3/17/15
Bug migration Simon Stewart 3/16/15
Website not updating? Patrick Lightbody 3/15/15
GitHub two-factor authentication Simon Stewart 3/13/15
Switching the canonical source repo ato 3/12/15
Updating SleniumHQ Documentation for Parallel Testing Reference James Crocker 3/9/15
Firefox addon signing policy and it's affect on Selenium IDE David Burns 3/4/15
WebDriver video/audio element interface Andriy Prystupa 3/2/15
webdriver on GCE(hadoop) fails to connect Giovanni Grasso 3/2/15
Removing Presto-OperaDriver support ato 2/28/15
Can you set break points in IE browsers for java script actions mohammed elkomy 2/23/15
Why is there no "ElementsLocatedBy" ExpectedConditions method that returns a Boolean? 2/10/15
Regarding EventFiringWebDriver and Actions Integration Krishnan Mahadevan 2/10/15
Compatibility with Java 8 mohammed elkomy 2/4/15
JSONWP Element/Elements asymmetrical result handling Eric Millin 2/3/15
Vote to cut off native events support in latest Firefox versions Alexei Barantsev 1/31/15
A CurrentFrame property in the IWebDriver interface in .NET Selenium bindings Dean Gurvitz 1/21/15
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