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Selenium Developers list is to foster discussion of the development of Selenium itself.

If you need help with your tests or have questions understanding Selenium please ask on the Users mailing list:!forum/selenium-users

If you have a reproducible bug, please log a new issue and provide everything that is necessary for someone else to reproduce the bug (please read ):

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Proposal to give Corey Goldberg a commit-bit Alex Rodionov 4/10/18
Re: [selenium-users] Re: AllInOneJava Krishnan Mahadevan 3/25/18
Request for help: ImmutableMap Exception Mike Frank 3/24/18
Compiling the project and getting started Moaad Amer 3/9/18
PhantomJS development halted and project to be archived David Burns 3/7/18
Code of Conduct for Repos/IRC David Burns 2/6/18
Converting openscript code to selenium code. SAMRIDHI KHANNA 1/8/18
Enable Public Wiki for the Docs Repo Harry King 1/8/18
Make docs repo the official docs Simon Stewart 1/8/18
Click when we need to key down? Alex Rodionov 12/19/17
Selenium CI User Diego Fernando Molina 12/19/17
Problem to display the File upload Dialog after click <input type='file'> in Selenium c# internet Explorer Visual studio 2017 Omar Martinez 12/6/17
selenium-webdriver and WebdriverIO Christian Bromann 11/25/17
Invoking the Maven-install task Krishnan Mahadevan 11/24/17
Upgrade of JRuby Alex Rodionov 11/19/17
buck build error leo 11/19/17
htmlunit-driver 2.28 released 11/11/17
geckodriver 0.19.1 released Andreas Tolfsen 10/31/17
Re: [selenium-users] Looking for solution: NoClassDefFoundError Krishnan Mahadevan 10/15/17
Trace log from geckodriver Andreas Tolfsen 10/13/17
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