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Selenium Developers list is to foster discussion of the development of Selenium itself.

If you need help with your tests or have questions understanding Selenium please ask on the Users mailing list:!forum/selenium-users

If you have a reproducible bug, please log a new issue and provide everything that is necessary for someone else to reproduce the bug (please read ):

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Does Selenium v3.0.1 RemoteWebDriver (ie grid) work with MicorsoftEdge driver? Kendall Schmidt 12/6/16
unable to access '': The requested URL returned error: 403 Mark Charsley 11/17/16
Switching between online/offline Mark Charsley 10/28/16
Clarification on setting capability "marionette" Kendall Schmidt 10/24/16
3.0 Simon Stewart 10/24/16
Re: [selenium-developers] Abridged summary of - 8 updates in 1 topic alko 10/19/16
Refactoring Jenkins build and resolving issues alko 10/18/16
Selenium 3.0 Released Simon Stewart 10/13/16
commit bit for Doug Simmons (mach6) Luke Inman-Semerau 10/3/16
Publishing selenium on Homebrew, DockerHub ... François-Xavier Gentilhomme 9/27/16
[js] Support for custom path for the geckodriver executable Ray Tung 9/25/16
W3C spec status Allan Lewis 9/17/16
new Selenium IDE maintainer - Peter Kehl Luke Inman-Semerau 9/9/16
Why is new Selenium doc on html and not rst Tarun K 7/28/16
What is expected behavior for native/non-intermediary webdrivers after initiating selenium process ends? じょいすじょん 7/19/16
Best place to post issues/bugs agains latest Jenkins builds? じょいすじょん 7/19/16
Java API docs are down Tarun K 7/13/16
Selenium 3.0.0beta1 じょいすじょん 7/11/16
Status of safaridriver Etienne Le Sueur 7/8/16
Breaking changes in Firefox 47.0 (webdriver) Sundara Jeyamanoharan 6/21/16
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