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Java 7 Simon Stewart 5/20/15
Does Selenium IDE subverts the Firefox Plugin security ? OSUserNYC 5/19/15
Microsoft Visual Studio version update Jim Evans 5/18/15
Keep browser vendor specific code in Selenium? Or ask vendors host it separately? Seva Lo 5/18/15
One suggestion for ById() method of WebDriver Sudhansu Sekhar panda 5/9/15
Propose API Change - driver.switchTo().activeElement() to driver.findElement( David Burns 5/5/15
New Ruby gem owners Jari Bakken 5/4/15
Changes to getText and isDisplayed for Shadow DOM Mark Charsley 5/3/15
Python Bindings Test Cleanup joshin4colours 5/1/15
Fwd: Docker Selenium Maintainers Matthew Smith 4/30/15
Vote to cut off native events support in latest Firefox versions Alexei Barantsev 4/12/15
Build check enabled on PRs ato 4/2/15
Firefox native events: what has higher priority -- profile or capabilities? Alexei Barantsev 4/2/15
A general way to expose browser-vendor-specific commands in WebDriver client Java bindings Shuotao Gao 4/1/15
docs commit bit for DJ Davison Luke Inman-Semerau 3/31/15
Stepping down as maintainer Jari Bakken 3/26/15
Java client proposal: Include TakesScreenshot, JavascriptExecutor, HasCapabilities in WebDriver interface Seva Lo 3/22/15
selenium-ci Github user ato 3/21/15
Steps to make GitHub the Source of Truth Simon Stewart 3/17/15
Bug migration Simon Stewart 3/16/15
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