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Select2 4.0.0 RC 2 Kevin Brown 10/2/15
Select2 4.0 Duplicate Tags Natalia Sudiono 10/1/15
How to display a select2 drop-down list that is already open (expanded) by default Don Proshetsky 10/1/15
select2 - get all option values from input filed 9/30/15
Adding "Select All Button" to Multiple Selection Dropdown Eric Lee 9/28/15
Select2 4.0 remote call support 9/28/15
Problem selecting option by value Tiago Farinon 9/25/15
set custom data to select2 oh0815 9/24/15
select2 noresult catch the input 9/23/15
How to replace select2 data array after initialization? 9/22/15
Hiding gray "[]" around search in a multi-select box - Safari; works fine on Firefox/Chrome E.L. Cropredy 9/22/15
select2 tags not working with json url single select Jeff B. 9/22/15
multiple select box w/ placeholder selects blank item upon selection Peter Weil 9/21/15
using select2 with knockout maku 9/21/15
How to manipulate width in media queries? 9/16/15
Songwriting Services for $19.99 LegitHits The Songwriter 9/15/15
v4, Maintaining Search Term 9/15/15
Implementing "Infinite Scroll with Remote Data" + "Drag and Drop Sorting" Heron Yang 9/12/15
Setting Option to ".disabled = true" seems to be buggy, only works some of the time 9/9/15
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