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AJAX Request on Select2 Change 6/28/17
how to set background color when input search is on focus 6/27/17
select2 id property in Select2 4.0.3 Jean-Claude Dauphin 6/26/17
Sergio, your password was successfully reset LinkedIn Security 6/24/17
Multiple versions of jquery 6/22/17
Cant get multiple select boxes to work. Brian Patterson 6/18/17
How to display a search icon ? 6/16/17
How to get removed value of select2 box 6/14/17
Problem with select2-removing event archie 6/13/17
Using   in the title/tooltip for ajax responses 6/13/17
I want to set token like this "beforeSend: function(xhr) {xhr.setRequestHeader("Authorization"}" 6/8/17
Alternatives 5/30/17
Cannot select the nested child on Select 5/26/17
ngChange is not working with select2 Md Haaris 5/26/17
Select2- remove first match highlight 5/25/17
{TAB} button breaking control. Would like it to act as {ENTER} Ronnie Tanner 5/21/17
how disabled a option via programatically? 5/10/17
Feature proposal: Operators (such as "and" / "or") between tags, for multiple options select 5/10/17
Set visible options with another dropdown via data-attribute 5/7/17
Select2 on mobile 5/4/17
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