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select2 v4 - Programmatic set value with ajax option 9/23/16
what is the standard(ISO639-1, IETF BCP47, another) select2 use to define the name of language files 9/22/16
Datatable+Select2 : How to sort the list of tags using another field than the label ? Steph80 9/15/16
Select2.js : how to set default value in multiselect dropdown 9/15/16
intial selection without adapter? 9/6/16
Having an option not in the list. 9/4/16
inherit the original select box options elements css classes 8/29/16
Force dropdown below 8/23/16
Upgrading to V4 8/19/16
Converting regular select box with onchange Amy Davis 8/17/16
  added to page after debug Paul Farmer 8/17/16
Want select2 not to select first option by default 8/17/16
Trying to have a callback executed when all select2 elements are fully loaded/populated justin hyland 8/16/16
Weird behaviour on IE11 for searchbar 8/14/16
Select2 search box misplace 8/13/16
Set value on multiple select2 controls 8/11/16
Call for Maintainers Kevin Brown 8/10/16
custom data adapter - clear previously loaded options Saša Marjančić 8/5/16
select2 multi columns 8/5/16
I can't select results with blank ids or an id of 0! 8/5/16
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