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Override method AttachBody._positionDropdown 6/15/16
What are the equivalents to formatInputTooShort & formatResult in version 4.0? 6/14/16
Possible to activate list on hover? 6/14/16
.net C# + Ajax 6/10/16
input field (tagging enabled) doesn't allow more than 2 or 3 characters in IE Lisa 6/9/16
Issues with Select2 once published 6/9/16
Appending new selections after pre-populating with Ajax. 6/7/16
Select 2 with two side boxes. 6/6/16
How do use ajax url with a url like this, foo/:foo_id/boo 6/6/16
select2 is not updated after disable of selected option 6/6/16
What is the equivalent of nextSearchTerm in select2 v4? 6/3/16
uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'select2' of null 6/3/16
Display reflects the actual order of the values -- Can this be disabled? 6/3/16
ОТНОСНО ЦЕНИ ЕЛ.ЕНЕРГИЯ Любомир Христов 5/30/16
Space as wildard 5/29/16
Change MaximumSelected text from "You can only select 2 items" to something else 5/28/16
HELLO Evelyn Bipin Basu 5/27/16
Pre-defined Ajax Select (v4) Jeff Conklin 5/26/16
Sergio, your password was successfully reset LinkedIn Security 5/20/16
search dropdown not showing when embedded in dialog window... 5/19/16
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