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Free text tag lost when selecting other options marklar 11/6/16
Placeholder while loading results 11/6/16
select2 v4.0.3: prevent that the ajax call is send when adding a value in searchbox test 10/25/16
Problem with JAWS screen reader 10/24/16
Easy way to make it look like multiple selection box, but single ? 10/18/16
complex types is not binding Agah Özer 10/17/16
Unsorted multiple select 10/17/16
Override method AttachBody._positionDropdown 10/14/16
Problems showing characters like ñ Ñ u Ú ... Manuel Cuya Roldán 10/13/16
Always get 'No results found' with ajax option 10/12/16
Change Placeholder text on open (event) 10/7/16
Select highlighted value when pressing TAB key Luis Martín 10/5/16
select2:unselect event firing order Rick Goodrow 10/4/16
Show all results, even after search typing James Colvard 10/4/16
select 2 with dspace 10/4/16
Unable to show a placeholder 10/3/16
Select2 is not working suddenly Sandeep Prasad 10/2/16
options are not getting populating 9/30/16
HTML <optgroup disabled="disabled"> doesn't disable the group's <options> in the widget John Pisello 9/29/16
Select2 4.0.3 unable to fill other select2 fields using ajax call 9/25/16
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