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⭐ Clique e Descomplique 4/11/17
Style select2 search 4/11/17
Issue where used loading remote data Денис Дядюн 4/10/17
could someone answer this please 4/9/17
My First select2 try 4/9/17
select2 other options are not working with DataAdapter Swarnendu Mukherjee 4/7/17
onKeypress get select2 (mutliselect dropdown ) value. Ashok Kumar Attluri 4/6/17
Select highlighted value when pressing TAB key Luis Martín 4/6/17
Predefined Tags 4/6/17
Close or not open select on clear. 4/5/17
Select2 4.0.3 migrating from 3.4.0, templateResult query and escapeMarkup params ? 3/31/17
Selec2t from Listbox. 3/28/17
Select2 unit tests frank reeves 3/17/17
Issue with AJAX, language and noresults 3/15/17
select2 v4 - Programmatic set value with ajax option 3/15/17
Can't make select2 work with a simple array 3/13/17
Edit tag once added from dropdown 3/10/17
Default selection based on text 3/9/17
Trouble with data structure for lables in version 4.0.3 3/8/17
Reading option attribute Eddie Shipman 3/2/17
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