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select2 tokenSeparators change delimiters Robin 7/28/16
I need to add "Add new item" option in Select2 7/28/16
Chrome browser 7/25/16
select2 display not updating label text but value is changing 7/23/16
Select Option through Jquery Michael Her 7/19/16
Keys events propagation 7/19/16
Hide All Tags from Database and only return search results Sinna 7/18/16
need help finding an event to use Carl Hussey 7/15/16
disable the auto sorting of tags in case of multiple select box Rezwanul Haque 7/12/16
select2 permanantly open 7/11/16
Incorrect drop-down positioning - obscures half of the select control (the non-drop-down bit) Simon Lobo-Morell 6/29/16
Change field displayed in returned list results 6/21/16
how to enter value into search box? 6/17/16
Select2 MVC Amr Ibn El Ahrache 6/17/16
Firing an event when dropdown is rendered 6/17/16
select2 how to select default value in dropdown when reintialize select2 6/16/16
Select2 Multiple Sorting 6/16/16
How load data via ajax and select by id on initialization/on demand? 6/16/16
Single dropdown alignment problem 6/15/16
Override method AttachBody._positionDropdown 6/15/16
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