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How to find out if select2 control requires a refresh? 12/5/16
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Invoke a function when result does't found 11/28/16
Disable option in multiple select. Needs fix or improvements. 11/27/16
Duplicate input fields in latest version of Select2? j inch 11/26/16
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Initialize multiple selections in select2 11/22/16
select2 v4.0.3 ajax data 11/21/16
My First select2 try 11/20/16
select2 duplicate my page content hamid reza Yazdani 11/17/16
please add this new option 11/17/16
Getting the selected option value 11/16/16
rails+select2+multiple Цибарт Сергей 11/16/16
select2 not filtering data and not binding results to ddl select3 11/11/16
getting error when trying to use ajax with select2 select3 11/10/16
SASS for materializecss 11/7/16
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