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Bug selection on mobile Samsung Browser 5 with loaded remote data 9/1/17
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ANITA ANITA 8/28/17
I'm desesperating for this or other scrip like this to work 8/25/17
Select 2 Not Working on my Website Brad 8/24/17
select2 attribute size doesn't work 8/22/17
Tab does not work Tanuj Nayanam 8/11/17
How to adjust (max-height) on a specific Selec2 dropdown? j inch 8/11/17
More than one time divs are getting appended based on the row count in Oracle Apex Tabular form Mahesh Mullapudi 7/30/17
How does the select2 jQuery plugin closes when we click outside. Vallinayagam Thirumalai Murugan 7/28/17
JAWS accessibility for select2 7/26/17
Dropdown does not detect tapping the screen in Android devices. 7/22/17
Tell me about yourself Competent Instituto de Idiomas 7/19/17
aurelia select2 load remote data not loading 7/18/17
Change sorting from ASCII alphabetical ordering 7/17/17
How to override cached data from remote data source on select2? 7/17/17
Barr Thomas 7/13/17
Select2 4+ Multiple Select POSTing as string as oppose to an array 7/12/17
Is there a way to trigger an API call when a new tag is added 7/10/17
AJAX Request on Select2 Change 6/28/17
how to set background color when input search is on focus 6/27/17
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