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select2 AJAX search displaying drop down 6/4/14
Show/Hide OptGroup 5/30/14
Preload data & Ajax Support Carl Hussey 5/29/14
Put selected options to other container 5/29/14
Search is not working when each option contains multiple words Don Proshetsky 5/28/14
using select2 with knockout maku 5/26/14
cascaded drop-downs using select2 Randy Martin 5/24/14
Hide messages doesn't hide the border coudrak 5/23/14
4CH 1080P NVR ONLY USD28 doris.cantonk 5/18/14
Select2 on hidden element on Bootstrap3 Modal not displating properly 5/11/14
[ Announcement ] jquery-select2 component for MeteorJS 5/9/14
first example on should mention optgroup 5/9/14
formating the search result 5/9/14
Add the highlight method to the allowed methods 5/9/14
Customizing the drop down result Suriya Prakash . 5/9/14
How to set jquery select2 selector with the selected text instead of the selected id ? Jean-Claude Dauphin 5/6/14
[Einladung] Stornofreier Productlaunch am 6. Mai Dimitri Schneider 5/4/14
Select2 3.4.7 Released Kevin Brown 4/30/14
select2 allow multiple of the same items to be selected? Jason Liveston 4/29/14
Customising select2's dropdown 4/28/14
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