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Setting Option to ".disabled = true" seems to be buggy, only works some of the time 8/11/15
How to add hyperlink or similar to a dropdown element? 8/11/15
Sorting results by query 8/10/15
cant get select2 to reload text of selection after page reloads 8/9/15
Link in option in select 4.0.0 8/9/15
Can you dynamically remove and re-add the select2 binding 8/6/15
How to make optgroup selectable 8/6/15
select2 basics is not working for me 8/6/15
Filter options based on email 8/6/15
How can I do to add subtext to an option? 8/6/15
New integration with ColdFusion/CFML 8/6/15
display the items that are already selected on select2 with multiple option 8/5/15
select2-4 remote data pre-select 8/4/15
Select2 tagging with prefilled tags and remote selection 8/4/15
unexpected behaviour of multiple select box 8/3/15
Decorating the default DataAdapter Benjy Weinberger 8/2/15
Hide selection programatically 7/31/15
cache: true not working in select2 4.0.0 Raam 7/31/15
Select2 open dropdown on focus text input Saeide Hatamikhah 7/31/15
Custom ordering of results Jonah Greenthal 7/30/15
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