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Multi-level option group (optgroup) Mohamed Taraman 1/13/16
Referencing JS functions using data attributes 1/12/16
Dependent drop-down using Select2 (with MetroUI CSS) is not working as expected. 1/2/16
Close programmatically after selection? 12/30/15
How to set Pre-selected value 12/30/15
select2-selection size problem Julien F. 12/29/15
access preload data Carlos Chavez 12/27/15
Is it possible to make the text partially bold in select2? 12/25/15
selectOnClose for keyboard selections only Jonah Greenthal 12/19/15
Conheçam o App Pousada  Agencia Digital Mobile Virtues 12/17/15
internal server error 12/15/15
Limit number of tags per line to 1? (I want an empty line to be created after each selected tag). 12/13/15
change maximumSelectionLength value 12/12/15
Select2 documentation 12/12/15
Select2 data from database Björn C 12/11/15
json and multiple select 12/11/15
Tagging with AJAX and Multiple=false in select2 Anton B. 12/10/15
Help - After upgradde from 3.52 to 4.01, matcher does not work the same Don Proshetsky 12/9/15
Cannot set pre-selected data upon load (multiple select) 12/4/15
select2 4.x inheritance or a statement CSS class for first SPAN Игорь Брежнев 12/2/15
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