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Seafile FSCK showing SQL error : "Error exec query SELECT repo_id FROM Repo: no such table: Repo." Lewis CHAVAS 3/5/15
Ignored settings in /seafile-data/seafile.conf Lewis CHAVAS 3/5/15
How would or could I migrate existing directories into Seafile D D 3/5/15
Think about seafile... Denis Tsyuryupa 3/4/15
Discussion email notifications Никита Юрков 3/4/15
Advanced read only sync support with seafile terminal client 4.0.4 Denis D 3/3/15
seaf-cli problem after 2.x -> 4.x update 3/3/15
seafile.log too large Jimmy Girardet 3/2/15
Links in Seafile emails and Dynamic DNS D D 3/1/15
Gateway time-out when restoring library Andi M 3/1/15
Branding D D 2/27/15
Upload from Link Matthias Schmidl 2/26/15
providing pre-compiled statically built clients Nicolas Sebrecht 2/26/15
compatibility mapping about server/clients versions Nicolas Sebrecht 2/26/15
No email sent when adding external contact (seafile 4.0.4) Philippe Ney 2/25/15
Hiccup page after upgrading the server from 1.8.5 to 3.1.7 CentOS 6 2/24/15
Restore all files from trash | trash bin to huge -> can't open 2/24/15
Need some help in customizing with CSS D D 2/23/15
Seafile windows client behind proxy Paul 2/23/15
Cant log in with Android Client Александар Васиљевић 2/23/15
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