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[ERROR] Thumbnails = "file"? Dan Askme 4/16/15
Add files to the seafile server via drag and drop without "uploading" them Goagali 4/14/15
Seafile clien't won't sync TheExoduser 4/14/15
Different networks.... Mark 4/14/15
Russian translation Михаил Поликашев 4/13/15
OSX 10.6.8 and Seafile 2.1.5 WebDAV Finder = write doesn't work. Mr. Slim 4/10/15
Compatibility : server 3.1.7 and clients from 4.0 and 4.1 branch CentOS 6 4/8/15
Seafile without mod_fastcgi (Apache 2.4), possible? TheExoduser 4/6/15
OSX client seem flooding a lot unnecessary traffic liyi Meng 4/4/15
high number of processes seaf-server after update to 4.0.1 (Linux Server) Nuri Altintas 4/3/15
Howto install seafile server on Mac OSX Mavericks Server Alexander Backendorf 4/2/15
RasPi 2 support? 'Page unavailable' seafile 3/31/15
Wrong password for server linux x64 4.1.1 client mac os X 4.1.3 Nicholas Ustinov 3/31/15
Share link life KBKBKB 3/31/15
Seafile seafile-ignore.txt not working as expected Glenn B. Jakobsen 3/28/15
4.1.1 seems to be missing a SHARE icon on the sidebar... TJ Stroker 3/28/15
Seafile disk-space much higher then library-size Danny de Kr. 3/27/15
Seafile 4.1.1 WEBDAV problem (Ubuntu x32) Vladimir Pash 3/27/15
Seafile and http sync TJ Stroker 3/26/15
Unable to set up Seafile WebDAV server Alexander Samuilov 3/25/15
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