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name and email can be faked for git commits fmehl 6/12/17
SCM-Manager 1.54 Sebastian Sdorra 6/6/17
Impacts whem accessing Bare repositories from outside (of SCM-Manager) 5/24/17
regex pattern for scm-message-regex-plugin Mahdi Razavi 5/22/17
SCM-Manager 1.53 Sebastian Sdorra 5/17/17
Configuration mail plugin - help Martin Chalot 5/17/17
SCMManager behind HTTPS proxy - Links "Commits" and "Source" on Repo page misses "https" prefix Marco Jakobs 5/10/17
SCM-Manager 1.52 Sebastian Sdorra 5/10/17
Cannot run mvn scmp:... KbJ 5/9/17
HTTP Error: 413 (FULL head) Alfred Söderdahl 5/7/17
scm-activity-plugin 4/26/17
Passwords in SCM-manager abandurkin 4/20/17
Introduction to create development environment for the scm manager Dan Steffen 4/13/17
Subversion repository format problems with Jenkins Daniel Mohni 3/14/17
scm-activity-plugin 3/7/17
Calling GoCD with Webhook Kai Paysen 2/28/17
JIRA-Plugin doesn't work! 2/24/17
proxying with a preexisting tomcat Thomas Mohr 2/22/17
SCM-Manager 1.51 Sebastian Sdorra 2/9/17
SVN path-based READ permission Ilsa Loving 12/1/16
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