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SVN path-based READ permission Ilsa Loving 12/1/16
Difficulties getting SCM Manager to run using SSL and a different port Caleb M 11/30/16
How to refresh repositories.xml after a project folder rename/delete? GeoChris Dev 11/30/16
SCM-Manager 1.50 Sebastian Sdorra 11/24/16
Jenkins trigger for selected Mercurial branch Morten Laursen 11/23/16
scm-manager.err log Jørgen Staun Hansen 11/23/16
Pre-commit hook Paul Colclough 11/17/16
git config denyNonFastForwards 11/16/16
fork and pull request Lizeth Sirpa 11/11/16 Cannot find any provider supporting AES/CTR/PKCS5PADDING j.taylor 10/21/16
Alphabetical Sorting of Projects? Paul 10/19/16
ProxyPass kind of working... Paul 10/19/16
Import form URL not enabled Gabriele Guaglianone 10/19/16
Access repository properties by normal users Jim Klo 10/18/16
Is it possible to create plugins for custom password validation or login-lock? Younghwan Song 10/18/16
SCM-Manager/Jetty deliver static html pages after authentication Michael Augustin 10/18/16
Client Eduardo Nakamatu 10/4/16
Export user and groups from UberSVN to SCM-Manager Charlie Piks 9/27/16
Path Write Protection Plugin Issues Sakshi Sood 9/7/16
Invalid username Ferran Puig 9/7/16
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