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[GSOC2018][RubyPlotGR][26-06-2018]Shifted plotting to a different Class Pranav Garg 6/27/18
Re: [GSOC2018][RubyPlot-GR][22-6-2018]Further work on prototype scripting layer Pranav Garg 6/22/18
[GSOC2018][RubyPlot-GR][21--6-2018]Worked on the Prototype Scripting Layer Pranav Garg 6/21/18
Pre-talk prep Sameer Deshmukh 6/20/18
GSOC2018][RubyPlot-GR][20-6-2018]xReworked the function classes and added display function Pranav Garg 6/19/18
[GSOC2018][RubyPlot-GR][18-6-2018]Created the Bar graph Functionality based on our discussion yesterday Pranav Garg 6/19/18
Google talk Sameer Deshmukh 6/18/18
Re: GSOC2018 - Rubyplot 2018-6-15 Working on Bar Charts Arafat Khan 6/18/18
[GSOC2018][GRPlot][18-6-2018] Created first working prototype of the scripting Layer Pranav Garg 6/18/18
GRruby Pranav Garg 6/14/18
Using discourse for daily updates. Sameer Deshmukh 6/14/18
Update Sameer Deshmukh 6/14/18
Daru wrapper over apache arrow Sameer Deshmukh 6/11/18
[GSOC] Pranav Garg Pranav Garg 6/10/18
Re: GSoC Progress Report Sameer Deshmukh 6/5/18
DeccanRubyConf 2018: Student Scholarship (in India) Shekhar Prasad Rajak 5/27/18
[GSOC] NetworkX.rb Discussion Thread Nilay Pochhi 5/25/18
Language independent numpy Sameer Deshmukh 5/24/18
Re: Regarding use of GR Framework in Ruby Plotting Library Prasun Anand 5/17/18
Rubyplot Pranav Garg 5/16/18
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