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[GSOC2018][5 August 2018][GRPlot-GR] Functioning Library and Subplots Pranav Garg 8/5/18
Mentor's summit selection Sameer Deshmukh 8/2/18
[GSOC2018][31 July 2018][GRPlot-GR] Work update Pranav Garg 8/2/18
Reminder: Submit proposals for rubyconf, USA Sameer Deshmukh 7/31/18
[GSOC2018][RubyPlot-GR] [30-07-2018] further progress on subplots Pranav Garg 7/30/18
[GSOC 2018][RubyPlot-GR][25 July 2018] Began code documentation, wrote further specs and figured out way to implement subplots Pranav Garg 7/25/18
Re: [GSOC 2018][RubyPlot-GR][21 July 2018] Added Candlestick Plot, Extensive color list and Hex-string-Symbol Compatibility for all the plots Sameer Deshmukh 7/24/18
[GSoC] Prakriti Gupta | Advance Features in daru-view Prakriti Gupta 7/24/18
[GSOC2018] [Rubyplot GR] [17-07-2018] Better Bar plots and Stacked plot graphs Pranav Garg 7/19/18
[GSOC2018][RubyPlot-GR][11-07-2018] Working Bar Graph and Bug Fixes Pranav Garg 7/11/18
[GSOC 2018][RubyPlot GR][07-072018] Pranav Garg 7/7/18
Writing specs for new features Sameer Deshmukh 7/3/18
Recent meeting with Pranav Sameer Deshmukh 7/3/18
[GSOC2018][RubyPlot-GR][2-07-2018] Worked on Bar Pranav Garg 7/3/18
[GSOC] Rohit Ner Rohit Ner 7/2/18
[GSOC2018][RubyPlot-GR][25-06-2018] Worked on Scatter plot and better quality code Pranav Garg 7/1/18
Scripting Layer API Pranav Garg 7/1/18
[GSOC2018][RubyPlotGR][26-06-2018]Shifted plotting to a different Class Pranav Garg 6/27/18
Re: [GSOC2018][RubyPlot-GR][22-6-2018]Further work on prototype scripting layer Pranav Garg 6/22/18
[GSOC2018][RubyPlot-GR][21--6-2018]Worked on the Prototype Scripting Layer Pranav Garg 6/21/18
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