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Re: Weekend meeting Arafat Khan 10/11/18
Journal of Open Source Software (JOSS) and Sciruby Pjotr Prins 10/6/18
Re: Repository Integration Proof of Construct for Scatter Plot Sameer Deshmukh 9/27/18
Tightly coupling Ruby and R Rodrigo Botafogo 9/26/18
Rubyplot progress update Sameer Deshmukh 9/26/18
Request example code about multi-backend rubyplot Sameer Deshmukh 9/26/18
Stepping down as a maintainer of SciRuby/daru Victor Shepelev 9/11/18
Need your help in making Ruby awesome for visualization! Sameer Deshmukh 9/10/18
rubyplot roadmap Sameer Deshmukh 8/26/18
Possible collaboration between sciruby and red-data-tools for visualization in Ruby Sameer Deshmukh 8/26/18
Re: Selection in RubyConf Sameer Deshmukh 8/25/18
rubyplot integration with XND Sameer Deshmukh 8/25/18
Please tell me the status of pgtgrly/GRruby-extension Kazuma Furuhashi 8/22/18
Plures: a new approach to making a strong linear algebra library for Ruby Sameer Deshmukh 8/15/18
GSoC code submission call Shekhar Prasad Rajak 8/14/18
Minutes of final GSOC meeting Sameer Deshmukh 8/13/18
[GSOC2018][5 August 2018][GRPlot-GR] Functioning Library and Subplots Pranav Garg 8/5/18
Mentor's summit selection Sameer Deshmukh 8/2/18
[GSOC2018][31 July 2018][GRPlot-GR] Work update Pranav Garg 8/2/18
Reminder: Submit proposals for rubyconf, USA Sameer Deshmukh 7/31/18
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