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GSoC 2017: Creating the fastest math libraries for Ruby by using the GPU through OpenCL and ArrayFire. Prasun Anand 4/9/17
Final Proposal Submissions Sameer Deshmukh 4/3/17
Re: Queries John Woods 4/1/17
Last minute GSoC2017 idea: Tensor methods for NMatrix Alexej Gossmann 4/1/17
Daru | Priority preference list of Importers & Exporters Athitya Kumar 3/30/17
GSoC'17 discussion : Make Daru more ready for integration with modern Web framework Shekhar Prasad Rajak 3/30/17
GSoC 2017 Pjotr Prins 3/29/17
ML library for bridging Ruby and other langauge. Ankit 3/29/17
Interfacing NMatrix with OpenCL Prasun Anand 3/26/17
Google Summer of Code John Woods 3/26/17
Not able to get plot from Nyaplot Shekhar Prasad Rajak 3/25/17
Fwd: Re: Google Summer Kenta Murata 3/24/17
GSoC 2017 - Make Daru more ready for integration with modern Web framework Ananyo Maiti 3/23/17
Students should start submitting proposals for GSOC Sameer Deshmukh 3/21/17
GSOC 2017 Praveen Yadav 3/20/17
Developing Machine Learning libraries for ruby Praveen Yadav 3/19/17
Potential ideas for GSOC 2017 Sameer Deshmukh 3/15/17
Re: understanding the code issue#420 John Woods 3/12/17
GSoC 2017 | Interested in integrating project Daru with web framework (Rails / Sinatra) Athitya Kumar 3/12/17
Function in C API needs proper declaration #477 Nakul Vaidya 3/12/17
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