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[SpiceRub] Day 1 Gaurav Tamba 5:55 AM
[SpiceRub] Day 2 Gaurav Tamba 5/24/16
[ANN] mdarray-jCSV Version 0.6.0 Rodrigo Botafogo 5/24/16
Tensorflow project proposals deadline Sameer Deshmukh 5/24/16
Register on Code Curiosity Sameer Deshmukh 5/23/16
GSoC Project [Port Nmatrix to JRuby] [Prasun Anand -> Charles Nutter/ Francesco Strozzi/ Pjotr Prins/ John Woods/ Rodrigo Botafogo] Prasun Anand 5/22/16
[Categorical Support] Day 0 Lokesh Sharma 5/22/16
Re: tensorflow Sameer Deshmukh 5/20/16
Tensorflow Ruby wrapper update Sameer Deshmukh 5/17/16
Ruby netcdf wrapper Edmund H 5/15/16
GSoC project [Visualisation for BLAST results] [Hiten Chowdhary -> Yannick Wurm / Anurag Priyam] Hiten Chowdhary 5/12/16
[ANN] Talk selected for Red Dot Ruby Conf, Singapore Sameer Deshmukh 5/11/16
[ANN] daru v0.1.3 has been released Sameer Deshmukh 5/10/16
Submit your proposals for TensorFlow Ruby API Sameer Deshmukh 5/10/16
Cython-like language for Ruby Sameer Deshmukh 5/10/16
ANN: SciRuby-jp group for SciRuby users and developers in Japan Kenta Murata 5/10/16
Adding SymEngine to the gems list Rajith Vidanaarachchi 5/3/16
GSoC Project [Categorical Data Support] [Lokesh Sharma -> Sameer Deshmukh/Alexej Gossman] Lokesh Sharma 5/1/16
GSoC Idea [Categorical data support] Lokesh Sharma 4/29/16
Preview/evaluation: Reality integration in SciRuby ecosystems Victor Shepelev 4/28/16
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