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Closing the ScalaSyd GoogleGroup Jed Wesley-Smith 9/11/13
[JOB] Senior Developers (4) for Packetloop based in Sydney (Big Data Processing) Michael Baker 9/10/13
Scala jobs at Twitter etorreborre 6/20/13
Talks for next month Jed Wesley-Smith 5/12/13
Domain-specific names talk slides posted Tony Sloane 4/10/13
Talk slot still open for next week. Jed Wesley-Smith 4/3/13
LambdaJam Program Jed Wesley-Smith 3/28/13
YOW! Lambda Jam / Introduction to Clojure Training / YOW! Night March Craig Smith 3/12/13
slides and code from my talk Jed Wesley-Smith 2/13/13
Slides from my ScalaSyd talk on String Interpolation Tony Sloane 2/13/13
Are You More Productive In Scala? - A Short Survey Graham Lea 2/12/13
Scaling Scala Charles O'Farrell 2/2/13
ScalaSyd Feb 13 Call for Speakers! Jed Wesley-Smith 1/21/13
LambdaJam CFP Jed Wesley-Smith 1/20/13
Conferences? Lachlan Deck 12/20/12
Reader Monad - DI without the gymnastics Jed Wesley-Smith 12/12/12
Phantom Types Slides Arnold deVos 12/12/12
Odersky Online FP/scala course Arnold deVos 11/29/12
Graham's Guide to Learning Scala Graham Lea 11/22/12
topic for #10? Arnold deVos 11/20/12
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