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Scala 2.12.1 is out! Seth Tisue 3:45 PM
immutabe.Seq with constant time append 6:49 AM
Compiler warnings on discarded expressions? Adam Warski 6:47 AM
Using fsc in Scala IDE & Visual studio code 12/6/16
Lifting (in the mathematical sense) functions 12/5/16
Abstracting over copy method? Oliver Ruebenacker 12/3/16
ConstructingParser: Could not load valid XML document from File Harit Himanshu 12/2/16
Why sbt fetching for SNAPSHOT version Sri Manga Maddi 11/30/16
Translations of Scala documentation Анастасия Маркина 11/30/16
NPE in compiler - is this one known? Andrew Gaydenko 11/26/16
Type check failure in generic return types with function parameters 11/24/16
scala 2.12.0 and 2.11.8 issue? Class name contains illegal character '.' in descriptor in class file Kostas kougios 11/22/16
scala.concurrent.Await#ready versus #await? Kevin Meredith 11/22/16
Play framework + Slick, use trait for any tables and use Inject() dbConfig for this trait, how fix? Anatoliy Evladov 11/22/16
Ensure type parameters are of the same type (not bind to AnyVal) Hugo Ferreira 11/22/16
Compiler crash with 2.12.0 and 2.11.8 Jacques Lemieux 11/21/16
Type refinements work differently for inner classes than type members? Julian Michael 11/18/16
kinesis - scala - Sql 11/18/16
HBase TimeoutIOException sahil wadhwa 11/18/16
explaining monads to lispers using scala example Jim Newton 11/18/16
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