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Why is the ++: method not right associative? Dean Schulze 3:50 AM
Idiomatic scala rest client example Joao Da Silva 2/12/16
Documentation in debian package Gaurav Jain 2/12/16
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Prospective projects for GSoC 2016 Abhishek Kumar 2/8/16
Macro for inlining Function1 arguments Alexandru Nedelcu 2/8/16
Reading from File Fails Alex Kozlov 2/5/16
I can't get FunSuite to work, what am I missing: error while loading Suite, Scala signature Suite has wrong version Dana Murad 2/5/16
why does scala not infer the type here? Dennis Haupt 2/5/16
Permission to use Scala logo in presentation Joel Martin 2/4/16
local method names Dennis Haupt 2/4/16
Impicit function can't be injected David Stibbe 2/4/16
Type inference with fold Meeraj Kunnumpurath 2/3/16
Cannot specialize a Scala method with specializable trait as return type Tongfei Chen 2/3/16
no main class detected archsky 2/3/16
"ExceptionBlob" Russ P. 2/3/16
[2.10] running futures in a for loop l.a.derks 2/3/16
Does tailrec mean mutable state in the stack frame? Jonathan Jackson 2/2/16
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