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Some tickets fixed + suggested improvements for SIP-14 Viktor Klang 1/29/13
Strange behaviour of """strings""" in :power mode of scala REPL 2.10.0 Bjorn Regnell 1/6/13
SIP-15 and multi-field value classes Jeremy Bell 1/3/13
Featuring SIPs in #ThisWeekInScala Christopher Cundill 12/18/12
SIP-14B: jsr166e updates Viktor Klang 12/14/12
[SIP 18] New SIP: Modularizing language features Martin 12/12/12
Job Opportunity. Exciting fast growing start-up! Luis Sanchis 12/6/12
Removing an unused implicit parameter from scala.concurrent.promise Jason Zaugg 11/14/12
SIP-11 too broken to ship as-is, IMO Rex Kerr 11/12/12
SIP-14, Futures, Try, Either and Option Daniel Sobral 11/6/12
Sip proposal: Boolean pattern matching expressions Johannes Rudolph 11/1/12
subscribe Dean Wampler 10/31/12
SIP 15: How to unsigned integer values Heiko Seeberger 10/28/12
Naming elements of tuple parameters to defs Meglio 10/26/12
Idea regarding method name julius 9/22/12
Idea regarding method name julius 9/21/12
SIP-15 Value class encoding breaks reflection, structural types Jason Zaugg 9/19/12
Scala Job Opportunity Luis Sanchis 9/6/12
Code of Conduct Follow up: Josh Suereth 8/31/12
Scala Future and Typed execution context Sadache 8/26/12
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