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[SIP 19] New SIP: Implicit Source Locations Philipp Haller 8/10/15
SIP-?? annotated import SIP submission. Ruslan Shevchenko 4/25/15
[SIP-E] scala.Enum for Scala 2.11 Simon Ochsenreither 4/25/15
Any interest in a Type Disjunction (Union Types) SIP? Benjamin Jackman 12/2/14
Proposed enhancements to SIP-14 for Scala 2.12 Viktor Klang 9/26/14
Blended Java/Scala Enums Michael Slinn 9/21/14
Named and implicit arguments Hanns Holger Rutz 9/17/14
SIP-24: Simplified simple form interpolation Som Snytt 7/11/14
SIP-42: Literal-based Singleton types George Leontiev 6/25/14
SIP : Implicit argument type parameters Mikaël Mayer 5/12/14
[SIP-21] Suggestions for improving SIP-21 - Spores Jim Powers 3/19/14
SIP11: Parametrized interpolators? Nick Stanchenko 3/19/14
Fwd: New SIP-24, backticks in string interpolation Kevin Wright 2/18/14
Futures in 2.10.1 - a proposal Philipp Haller 2/8/14
SIP: Comprehensive Comprehensions Chris Hodapp 1/4/14
experimental support for single abstract methods (to be sipped) Adriaan Moors 10/4/13
ExecutionContext preparation Rich Dougherty 6/28/13
Naming in Futures - SIP-14, Futures, Try, Either and Option Reuben Doetsch 4/22/13
logging and moving goodness from Akka Sam Halliday 4/18/13
type macros John Sullivan 2/26/13
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