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SalatDAO and collections in objects Pat Ferrel 3/15/17
Any plans to have salat available for Scala 2.12? Claudio Pacchiega 3/12/17
Salat - Marshalling issue Sri Manga Maddi 11/21/16
[ANN] Salat v1.10.0 is available. Noah Zucker 9/19/16
Salat package is changing from com.novus.salat._ to salat._ with v1.10.0 Noah Zucker 9/11/16
[ANN] Salat 1.9.10 available Noah Zucker 7/20/16
Nested case class /collection serialization 7/14/16
Serialization and nested classes 2/3/16
Which projects are using salat? chao chu 1/27/16
Can't make a standalone example work 1/26/16
java.lang.ClassCastException: com.mongodb.BasicDBList cannot be cast to scala.collection.immutable.List with a List inside a Map Miguel Angel Iglesias 7/8/15
Custom Type Hint Value Ludovic Chane 6/4/15
ANNOUNCEMENT: Salat to become stand-alone project June 15, 2015 Noah Zucker 5/20/15
Serializing Map[Not-String, _] Thom Goodsell 5/4/15
BasicDBList not transformed back to JValue during deserialization Shai D 3/13/15
Subdocument with type Any 12/15/14
CustomTransformer SerializedRepr as AnyRef Maciej Biłas 12/5/14
BigDecimal not getting converted to Double 11/25/14
MongoQuery announce Mike Limansky 11/22/14
Can't Get $elemMatch To Work With Projection In SalatDAO Neil Chaudhuri 10/21/14
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