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BasicDBList not transformed back to JValue during deserialization 3/13/15
Subdocument with type Any Ryan Proud 12/15/14
CustomTransformer SerializedRepr as AnyRef Maciej Biłas 12/5/14
BigDecimal not getting converted to Double Ryan Proud 11/25/14
MongoQuery announce Mike Limansky 11/22/14
Can't Get $elemMatch To Work With Projection In SalatDAO Neil Chaudhuri 10/21/14
Error with asDBObject Pablo Mincz 9/3/14
SalatDAO and Replica Sets Vignesh Raghuraman 9/2/14
java.lang.ClassCastException: com.mongodb.BasicDBList cannot be cast to scala.collection.immutable.List with a List inside a Map Miguel Angel Iglesias 7/31/14
ScalaDoc for Salat Chenye Zhu 7/21/14
objectid is changing after inserting into database Marcin Szekalski 6/29/14
Partial Model Population by DAO Neil Chaudhuri 6/12/14
Sorting an Array within a Document Neil Chaudhuri 6/7/14
custom field serialization and life cycle hooks Hadar Rottenberg 5/28/14
Problem with registerCaseObjectOverride - updates getting overwritten with an unwanted _typeHint Jonny Cavell 5/20/14
Using Salatdao without Case Classes Anurag Laddha 5/12/14
Insert with unique indexes, Salat + Casbah zaid emeish 5/5/14
Salat 1.9.8-SNAPSHOT now supports Scala 2.11 rktoomey 4/23/14
Best practices for updates erich oliphant 4/22/14
Boxing/Unboxing issue Eric Treworgy 4/11/14
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