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Exclude Scala with android-sdk-plugin Fede Fernandez 5/4/15
Macroid 2.0.0-M4 released Nick Stanchenko 4/27/15
Android Studio + Scala: works :) Markus Marvell 4/26/15
Library projects? Jim Fulton 4/21/15
Initial setup of android-sdk-plugin with IntelliJ IDEA Eugene 4/17/15
Scala on Android: Preparing the environment Fede Fdez 4/16/15
How to speed up dex? Graham Pople 4/2/15
Library for automating (de)serialization to a Bundle of case classes David Pérez 3/23/15
Dexopt fails with "LinearAlloc exceeded" for deep interface hierarchies David Pérez 3/6/15
Could not initialize class org.robolectric.shadows.ShadowSQLiteConnection David Pérez 2/19/15
Akka TCP on Android Husrev Özayman 2/2/15
Robolectric test problems Krzysztof Pecyna 1/31/15
Translate Bubble - An open sourced app developed with Scala on Android Raúl Raja Martínez 1/30/15
How to create an AAR file with android-sdk-plugin? David Pérez 1/22/15
Singing my app for the store alessio crestani 1/7/15
Launching Robolectric JUnit tests from SBT David Pérez 12/29/14
Scala compile time alessio crestani 12/23/14
Has anyone seen this? Scala instance of a custom widget is breaking. Nolan 12/23/14
Differences between Build.scala and Build.sbt alessio crestani 12/17/14
Can't get hello world working Michael Gao 12/17/14
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