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How to pass command line input in Gatling using Scala script? pandya ronak 6/23/16
uses-library Alexis Agahi 5/14/16
sbt-android, formerly android-sdk-plugin, 1.6.0 released pfn 4/18/16
How Jack (Java Android Compiler Kit) will affect Scala developers Far Be 3/25/16
Need Help Setting Up Scala/ABT for Android. Ryan Murphy 3/24/16
Akka, Android, Proguard Nick Stanchenko 2/11/16
INTRODUCTION Suraj K Govathoti 1/12/16
Beginner-friendly FAQ for Scala on Android Simon Ochsenreither 11/30/15
How not to inlcude org.apache.http.legacy.jar with android-sbt-plugin David K. 11/29/15
protify, rapid layout and code prototyping for android pfn 11/8/15
iota - an IO Type for Android pfn 11/5/15
An annoying bug. Error:Execution failed for task ':compileDebugScala'. phil xian 11/5/15
proguard Can't write/read android support v4 (Duplicate zip entry) Brian Parma 10/29/15
android-sdk-plugin: Error: more than one library with package name... Far Be 10/8/15
android-sdk-plugin 1.5.0 released pfn 9/26/15
IntelliJ + Scala + Android + SBT or Gradle Mageswaran D 9/7/15
Packaging a wearable app Martynas Mickevičius 8/3/15
Disable libraryProject behavior for sbt test Taig 6/24/15
so libs not installed right (android-sdk-plugin) Yang Song 6/18/15
New library: "" %% "scala-conversions" % "1.0" pfn 6/17/15
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