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The cake’s problem, dotty design and the approach to modularity. Alex Ivanov 5/22/15
Factors that prevent implicit conversions to be found Johannes Rudolph 5/22/15
Failure should probably extend Try[Nothing], as shown in first lecture of Principles of Reactive Programming Christoph Neijenhuis 5/15/15
Strange type error Toby 5/8/15
AbstractTraversable.headOption throws NoSuchElementException Rado Buranský 5/6/15
Scala 2.12.0-M1 is available Lukas Rytz 5/5/15
var vs def scalanewbie 5/3/15
updates on 2.12 release date? Zhu Tan 5/1/15
Compiler plugin for warning suppression Roman Janusz 4/20/15
Reviewing GSOC 2015 propositions adam kozuch 4/9/15
Learning Scala S Elini 4/6/15
Static code analysis tools/best practices Brian McDevitt 4/2/15
For all algorithm enthusiasts Algo- I 3/31/15
object.getClass is still an error in annotation Simon Schäfer 3/25/15
GSOC-2015 - Implement other backends for Scaladoc Kelum Deshapriya 3/23/15
Understanding Java 8 Lambdas and Streams - Part 1 - λ Calculus, λ Expressions, Syntactic Sugar, 1st Class Functions Philip Schwarz 3/22/15
Continue working on MongoDB dirver for Slick GSOC 2015 adam kozuch 3/22/15
scalac does not infer super types when implicit for super type exists. Jonathan Chayat 3/21/15
Unexpected productIterator order Simon Adameit 3/19/15
GSOC - Implement other backends for Scaladoc Milap Bhojak 3/19/15
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