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OK to use reflection in scala repo JUnit test? Performant Data LLC 10/1/15
can't see JIRA issues list Performant Data LLC 9/29/15
possible compiler bug 9/26/15
Help: `ant docs` with 2.11.x branch works for you? Janek 9/25/15
Macros adding to the implicit scope Miles Sabin 9/25/15
2.12.0-M3 planned for October 5 Lukas Rytz 9/22/15
Compiling molecule project with scalac2.12.0-M2 Koen Daenen 9/18/15
Scala 2.11.7: AssertionError in compilation Martin Studer 9/17/15
Idents and Selections Matan S 9/16/15
ILoop addThunk & adding imports pingel 9/11/15
Enumeration withName Kornel Kiełczewski 9/4/15
scala's StringBuilder and -XX:+OptimizeStringConcat Simon Ochsenreither 9/2/15
Sealed trait with same parameter naming causing non exhaustive match Alix B 9/1/15
Status update: compiling traits to Java 8 interfaces with default methods Adriaan Moors 8/27/15
[libs] Binary tree collection Cory Klein 8/27/15
Using a field from another compiler phase peetswee 8/25/15
Scala 2.12.0-M2, lambdas, and MiMa Sébastien Doeraene aka sjrd 8/21/15
BackendPlugin Eugene Burmako 8/5/15
Priority Queue - update priority? Tim Vergenz 8/3/15
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