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Running scala-library in the IDE Simon Schäfer 7/10/14
Download page redesign François Garillot 7/9/14
Scala Multiple version support : recent developments in a nightly ! François Garillot 7/9/14
2.11 build broken? Simon Schäfer 7/8/14
ToolBox, OSGi and classloading Simon Schäfer 7/8/14
ScalaTest Plugin Build for 4.0-M2 Eclipse Luna Chee Seng Chua 7/7/14
dropping 2.10 builds for Lithium release (4.0) Iulian Dragoș 7/3/14
Can't import 2.10 build into eclipse (without errors) Pouria Mellati 7/2/14
InvalidStackFrameException After Calling Method via ObjectReference#invokeMethod Simon Sprankel 6/30/14
Help redesigning the download page Iulian Dragos 6/27/14
How to build Scala IDE master using Scala 2.10.4? Jerzy Müller 6/27/14
Macro support in scala-ide. Artem Nikiforov 6/25/14
Purpose of nsc.Reporter/xsbti.Reporter Simon Schäfer 6/16/14
OSGi, class loading and class building Simon Schäfer 6/14/14
Scala IDE 4.0.0-M2 staged Luc Bourlier 6/5/14
Scala Nature not added for imported Maven project Chee Seng Chua 6/5/14
Building ScalaTest Plugin for Luna Chee Seng Chua 6/5/14
second milestone for Scala-IDE 4.0.0 Luc Bourlier 6/4/14
Reverting the decision to set manifest files on gitignore Simon Schäfer 6/3/14
Scala debug question Jatin Puri 6/2/14
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