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Setup sbt to submit assignment Richard Kuo 5/5/18
Connection to Coursera failed. Ying Wu 4/18/17
Play Meetup Robert Kohlenberger 11/1/12
Hint for wk 6 homework (Anagrams) Robert Kohlenberger 10/26/12
Fwd: Found some interesting Scala code :) Nagappan Alagappan 10/18/12
Fwd: Diagram of Eric's solution for ex. 3 Nagappan Alagappan 10/4/12
forall and exists Richard Kuo 10/3/12
Introduction Pankaj Gupta 9/29/12
spray-json not found Nagappan Alagappan 9/27/12
Study group meeting tomorrow 9/27/12
@tailrec annotation 9/24/12
Scala using IntelliJ IDEA 9/21/12