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breeze plot would compile inside eclipse Bruce Ho 8/28/16
breeze-viz Madabhattula Rajesh Kumar 8/26/16
Logistic regression with lbfgs? Woosang Lee 8/14/16
Nonlinear solver in breeze jie liu 8/2/16
WeibullDistribution example Gregg Sirrine 7/28/16
Got error when using LBFGS 7/28/16
Is the vector representation a must when defining a DiffFunction? jie liu 7/18/16
Specialization for short and byte Alan Effrig 7/9/16
Calculating Covariance Matrix Sebastian Stabinger 7/5/16
Numerical problem? absalom_hicks 7/4/16
scaladoc not building absalom_hicks 7/3/16
java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0 when summing up 5 dense matrices Daniel Korzekwa 6/28/16
Problem slicing and indexing DenseMatrix and DenseVector absalom_hicks 6/18/16
New versioning scheme for breeze snapshots David Hall 6/17/16
Looking for Senior Developers at Semantic Machines David Hall 6/13/16
Logo Lucas Hiele 6/10/16
Saving/loading matrix from binary file Daniel Korzekwa 5/7/16
Sliding window Georg Heiler 4/27/16
Distance functions limited to Vector[Double]? Theodore Vasiloudis 4/12/16
Is it possible to rewrite the Breeze by decompiling the breeze.jar? Tom N 4/5/16
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