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Bounds in BFGS Debasish Das 2/27/15
Breeze SparseVector size parameter Alex Zhicharevich 2/20/15
norm implicit resolution Andy Zelinski 2/16/15
Matlab repmat (or numpy tile) like functionality. Rakesh Chalasani 2/16/15
Bug? Operator precedence for element-wise operations Thomas Vacek 2/16/15
Constructor for vector creation from a range Antoine Bertout 2/16/15
Sparse LDL to Breeze/Netlib-java Debasish Das 2/14/15
How to use LBFGS.ApproximateHessian() xuepeng sun 2/11/15
Akka dependency in Breeze Debasish Das 2/2/15
Re: [scala-breeze] comparison to Theano martin.mauch 1/29/15
gaussian processes Matthew Pocock 1/28/15
Breeze 0.11-M0 released David Hall 1/21/15
Gone for the month of February David Hall 1/19/15
dposv in breeze Debasish Das 1/13/15
What is the most efficient way to concatenate multiple matrix in Breeze? Chen Rushan 1/13/15
Preconditioning LBFGS Oussama Berqi 1/10/15
DenseMatrix constructor fails Brian Schlining 1/7/15
pow.inPlace doesn't work Chen Rushan 1/6/15
SparseVector :* DenseVector returns DenseVector Devesh Parekh 1/5/15
comparison to Theano Matthew Pocock 1/3/15
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