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Is it possible to contribute? Giovanni 4/17/15
Student looking to contribute to ScalaNLP Rohit Shinde 4/13/15
Is there any way to compute the distance matrix of given Vectors? farzad nozarian 4/9/15
Breeze 0.11.2 David Hall 3/27/15
DiffFunction vs CachedDiffFunction Debasish Das 3/26/15
MultivariateGaussian.sample performance issue Antony Courtney 3/25/15
Convergence criteria a la carte martin.mauch 3/23/15
Where is breeze.plot ? Stéphane Laurent 3/22/15
ScalaDays SF David Hall 3/17/15
Bounds in BFGS Debasish Das 3/16/15
matrix vector multiply Debasish Das 3/15/15
n00b question: Finding docs / type for DenseMatrix.tabulate Antony Courtney 3/11/15
snapshot builds Debasish Das 3/11/15
Quick Question - How to fix the seed in randomDouble Manoj Kumar 3/11/15
new "Numpy for Java" library David Hall 3/1/15
Breeze SparseVector size parameter Alex Zhicharevich 2/20/15
norm implicit resolution Andy Zelinski 2/16/15
Matlab repmat (or numpy tile) like functionality. Rakesh Chalasani 2/16/15
Bug? Operator precedence for element-wise operations Thomas Vacek 2/16/15
Constructor for vector creation from a range Antoine Bertout 2/16/15
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