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Sliding window Georg Heiler 4/27/16
Got error when using LBFGS 4/20/16
Distance functions limited to Vector[Double]? Theodore Vasiloudis 4/12/16
Is it possible to rewrite the Breeze by decompiling the breeze.jar? Tom N 4/5/16
Densevector.rand with another PRNG Andrich van Wyk 3/29/16
Breeze Jobs Ryan R 3/15/16
Population Standard Deviation Eirik Rosvold Larsen 3/9/16
Filtering matrix with a bit vector doesn't work Daniel Korzekwa 3/7/16
Breeze 0.12 David Hall 3/5/16
iterate through densematrix with index Tamas Jambor 3/3/16
Char Poly via Souriau method Jerry 2/5/16
elementwise operator names David Hall 1/30/16
commons-math3 for ODE integration? Jake Timothy 1/25/16
Request for breeze release Daniel Korzekwa 1/14/16
Create DenseMatrix with more than two dimensions Fonso 1/14/16
Conflicting cross-version suffixes in: org.scalanlp:breeze-macros, org.scalanlp:breeze error 1/13/16
Breeze - Boolean Matrix Wei 12/26/15
breeze and intellij Luca Puggini 12/24/15
3 and 4 dimensional Tensors Alexander Ulanov 12/15/15
Matrix API (abstracting over dense and sparse matrices) Julian Michael 12/6/15
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