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Vectors sometimes act like columns, sometimes like rows Adam Dingle 12/5/16
Covariance Matrix of Seq[DenseVector[Double]] wrong? Chinmay Nerurkar 11/28/16
IntelliJ doesn't infer type of a simple matrix multiplication 11/23/16
elementwise multiplication of 2 matrices? 11/15/16
Breeze, netlib-java, BLAS, and Vector Instructions (SSE, AVX, etc) Jongse Park 11/2/16
Gaussian elimination 11/2/16
Strange R^2 when fitting a linear model Raphael Roth 10/20/16
Excel GoalSeek nilskp 10/20/16
Counter2 to DenseMatrix conversion Vinayak Pathak 10/7/16
Persisting SparseVectors to disk Victor Para 9/19/16
Variance Covariance Matrix in logistic regression lazyLearner 9/12/16
Element-wise addition operator Zizheng Tai 8/29/16
breeze plot would compile inside eclipse Bruce Ho 8/28/16
breeze-viz Madabhattula Rajesh Kumar 8/26/16
Logistic regression with lbfgs? Woosang Lee 8/14/16
Nonlinear solver in breeze jie liu 8/2/16
WeibullDistribution example Gregg Sirrine 7/28/16
Got error when using LBFGS 7/28/16
Is the vector representation a must when defining a DiffFunction? jie liu 7/18/16
Specialization for short and byte Alan Effrig 7/9/16
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