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Breeze slower with netlib than without it Ivan Nikolaev 10/4/15
fatal error: eig (square NaN matrix) takes all CPU power Daniel Korzekwa 9/28/15
java.lang.AbstractMethodError: breeze.linalg.DenseMatrix$.apply$mDc$sp(Lscala/collection/Seq;Lbreeze Daniel Korzekwa 9/18/15
Redefining Breeze's basic vector operations to perform replication (like in R) Martin Studer 9/18/15
Proposed solution for a squared distance matrix + merge request Daniel Korzekwa 9/11/15
Fwd: [breeze] a < b (gives matrix of 1/0 instead of true/false) (#444) David Hall 9/11/15
Sorry, we can't support row ranges with step sizes other than 1 Daniel Korzekwa 9/8/15
gpus: jcuda vs opencl/javacl David Hall 9/7/15
HashCode is not working in CSCMatrix & DenseMatrix Vinod KC 9/2/15
Outer Addition? Max 9/2/15
breeze(netlib) overtakes my disk space (jniloader9085474522955594794netlib-native_ref-win-x86_64.dl) Daniel Korzekwa 8/28/15
filter operation on broadcasted rows Daniel Korzekwa 8/27/15
Breeze slower with netlib than without it, vector array operations are faster than matrix Ivan Nikolaev 8/21/15
request for moderators David Hall 8/20/15
element wise division Michael Kahane 8/14/15
Change in (relevant if you use read/writeUInt64) ktakagaki 8/13/15
slice of vector immutable/mutable? Daniel Korzekwa 8/7/15
what cause the exceed spark.akka.frameSize? 8/5/15
List of "corporate contributors" David Hall 7/31/15
Slow saving of scala file with breeze intense code Daniel Korzekwa 7/28/15
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