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having trouble on the use of SVD single value decomposition comand Jean-Rassaire Fouefack 7/13/17
Breeze v0.13 David Hall 7/12/17
Breeze-Viz: saving to SVG Hugo Ferreira 6/29/17
Automatic differentiation Matthew Pearce 6/27/17
Breeze-Viz: plotting domain of timestamp Hugo Ferreira 6/22/17
Efficient Vector multiplication in Java UNM 6/6/17
Breeze.optimizer MAJID SHAIK 6/5/17
LBFGS with constraints Joo Lee 4/24/17
Rank Revealing QR decomposition: obtaining rank Hugo Ferreira 3/1/17
Help in the new year? David Hall 1/8/17
Logo Win Winner 1/3/17
Breeze, netlib-java, BLAS, and Vector Instructions (SSE, AVX, etc) Jongse Park 1/3/17
DiffFunction with custom Type Alex Minnaar 1/2/17
Vectors sometimes act like columns, sometimes like rows Adam Dingle 12/5/16
Covariance Matrix of Seq[DenseVector[Double]] wrong? Chinmay Nerurkar 11/28/16
IntelliJ doesn't infer type of a simple matrix multiplication 11/23/16
elementwise multiplication of 2 matrices? 11/15/16
Gaussian elimination 11/2/16
Strange R^2 when fitting a linear model Raphael Roth 10/20/16
Excel GoalSeek nilskp 10/20/16
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