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Welcome! András Belicza 10/15/10
Sc2gears on mac won't open Luke Hanna 2/27/15
How to find replays with longest message/chat log? Maciej Pisula 2/10/15
Real time stats tracking (can sc2gears be used for this?) Richard Baxter 7/24/14
Can't open Sc2Gears AdrenalineKickZ 7/15/14
Custom map support Victor ABC 6/27/14
What does Delete successfully auto-saved replays does, exactly? Termo 6/25/14
Program won't open David Lin 6/17/14
Importing replays manually to sc2 gear Tanja84dk 6/16/14
avast problem 2/19/14
Sc2 gears fails to check Authorization key Camel 1/16/14
Calculate Spending Quotient (SQ) for each game Edvin Olofsson 12/24/13
Problem with the search filter TheThordus 10/15/13
Annoying problem Geoffrey De Vylder 10/15/13
Is there a way to extract action logs from multiple replays? Ahmad Shono 10/10/13
This application requires a Java Runetime Enviromnent 1.7.0 10/5/13
Bug in multireplay analyser Андрей Пальчевский 9/22/13
Error: Bnet Profile links not Valid Frank Cz 9/9/13
Android/iOS compatibility Erufailon 9/3/13
java.nio.BufferUnderflowException 8/28/13
Bug in replay analyser Bananenbaum 8/2/13
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