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Re: Open Source History: Why Did Linux Succeed? Nomen Nescio 5/12/15
Info Haribol 4/2/14
The Black Plague L. R. Fast 4/1/14
Should President Suck Me Off mind his own business and leave Russia alone? Harvey M. 3/30/14
Democrat extortion Nazi's Henry Waxman & Janet Schaaf-Gunter want control of San Pedro tank farm. BRN Report 9/13/13
California Gov. Brown says he will suck off other men in public restrooms. Too_Many_Tools 9/4/13
Deadly Kenyan Crash, 40+ killed, no Obama wasn't one of them unfortunately. Chimps 9/4/13
More anti-Obama sentiment, Burma violence: Rioters burn Muslim homes and shops Dave Reichman 9/3/13
A black dog-killer might have gotten away with it if she hadn't posted this Nancy Pelosi Animal Kindness Club 9/3/13
Loser democrat sex pervert Bob Filner will resign over sexual harassment scandal Alex Boozer 9/3/13
Obama Caught Faking Oil Lease Obama Tells Military To Fire On American Citizens 3/18/13
LOL...So Obama was into blowing old gay white men's meat whistles eh? LOL...LOL...LOL! Anonymous 10/8/12
Linux Software Engineers needed. Building new Linux teams at Synaptics jbaterna 10/20/08
Try this correction package from the M$ antonio de marca 9/29/08
Why Online Games are So Fun 10/20/07
Add money to your Paypal account with OPRAH e"25G NSI 8/16/06
STOP what you’re doing - It doesn’t work! Y3LB npcp...@email.adr 7/29/06
ssssss 2/16/06
Tux Paint 0.9.15 released William Kendrick 11/29/05
SVLUG Sep 7th meeting: Kyle Rankin, "Knoppix Technical Talk" William Kendrick 9/5/05
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