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Lambdapod E-9 is out narkisr 4/1/14
Nemerle Konstantin NN 3/28/14
Help with Leisure? Anyone? Bill Burdick 3/11/14
Onward! -- Does Thought Crime Pay? narkisr 3/3/14
call for proposals Yardena 2/6/14
Quoting Hell in Scala Shlomi Fish 2/6/14
Live coding with Clojure and Emacs Daniel Szmulewicz 2/4/14
Functional Vectors, Maps, and Sets in Julia narkisr 2/3/14
Fwd: Reactive Systems: A conference in honor of David Harel, April 23-25 Yardena 1/19/14
Lisp's nested syntax Daniel Szmulewicz 1/15/14
Fwd: Videos from the Underscore meetup in December Tomer Gabel 1/13/14
Tim Ewald - Clojure: Programming with Hand Tools narkisr 1/8/14
Clojure Dojo next Thursday, Jan 16 Tzach 1/4/14
xkcd Haskell torkale 1/3/14
Clojure conj 2013 talks narkisr 12/31/13
Deconstructing Functional Programmin by Gilad Bracha (talk) narkisr 12/29/13
Fwd: R language - next week Shai Berger 12/10/13
Fwd: December Underscore meetup announced! Tomer Gabel 11/19/13
Underscore October meetup videos Tomer Gabel 11/14/13
CFP for Reversim Summit 2014 Ran 11/12/13
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