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Deconstructing FP Lior Schejter 12/5/16
A presentation about Kotlin Shai Berger 11/19/16
A new meetup about FP Shai Berger 11/3/16
Looking for artists to help with Leisure Bill Burdick 9/5/16
re2: modern regex syntax with a painless upgrade path SonOfLilit 9/2/16
Reversim summit narkisr 6/13/16
International summer school on metaprogramming Ohad 6/3/16
August Penguin CFP is open Shai Berger 5/25/16
How is Ur/web so efficient? Elazar Leibovich 5/13/16
Lambda Pod E10 narkisr 5/3/16
New Erlang/Elixir meetup: Handling millions of connections in Cowboy using Elixir Zvi 3/31/16
הודעת דרושים וגם הודעה על מפגש אלמ. בפוסט אחד! Amitai Burstein 3/20/16
Scalapeno 2016 Yardena 2/25/16
Two Programming Language Features I Came Up With Shlomi Fish 12/27/15
Fwd: Dark side of Haskell and Bright side of C++ - Discussion Yardena 8/12/15
A Haskell vs. C++ lecture Ori Bar 8/12/15
clojurescript tutorial meetups Daniel Slutsky 7/6/15
[אוף טופיק] מכללה אקדמית ת״א יפו Shai Berger 5/24/15
boot and holygrail -- Meetup this week! Daniel Slutsky 5/18/15
Groovy events victor 5/14/15
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