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Announcing: Salt-Announce basepi 3/18/15
Debian package 2015.5.2 ETA? Jakub Pinkas 8:43 AM
Can we set password to run salt command? pankaj ghadge 6:16 AM
Minion did not return [Not connected] Zachary Mance 6/30/15
Invoking command on single minion Konrad Cichocki 6/30/15
Updating salt-minion from 2014.1.13 to 2015.5.0 on Debian jessie fails Starchy Grant 6/30/15
What happened to the Ubuntu SaltStack PPA? Cory Wright 6/30/15
Jinja Debugging? Kit Plummer 6/30/15
error handling in complex orchestration __gotcha 6/30/15
Calling salt from a different host (e.g., CI server) ? Jeff Vincent 6/30/15
man pages salt : 2015.5.2 on RHEL / Centos 6/30/15
tracking salt-cloud jobs thru jobid 6/30/15
Running local (and not remote) file through Jinja Marc Baudoin 6/30/15
GPG renderer and salt pillar decryption Michael E 6/29/15
duplicated minion names reported by salt-key Jin M. 6/29/15
Reactor not executing -- cmd_async() takes at least 3 arguments (2 given) Michael E 6/29/15
salt-api authentication trouble - 401 Unauthorized No permission -- see authorization schemes Urs Rau 6/29/15
location custom master_job_cache Jakub Pinkas 6/29/15
Some help needed using salt.mine for haproxy template Paul Reinking 6/28/15
"failhard: True" only broken for me/test.check_pillar? Florian Ermisch 6/28/15
Install of Salt-minion on Debian 7.8 fails with: Depends: python-zmq (>= 13.1.0) but 2.2.0-1 is to be installed Traiano Welcome 6/28/15
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