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Announcing: Salt-Announce basepi 3/18/15
getting salt mine to report eth0 IP addresses for minions in a specific role with 2015.2 version UnlimitedMoops 1:33 AM
how do i place a unique id for each minion in a file? UnlimitedMoops 1:02 AM
Custom state and module = KeyError Peter L 3/28/15
using mysql returners Stephan Looney 3/28/15
Key Formats used in Master / Minions 3/28/15
api wheel access - 401 Unauthorized Hober Smith 3/28/15
File path for s3fs in standalone minions. 3/27/15
Duplicate sls in multi-environment while using include 3/27/15
Adding travis to a salt formula Alfredo Palhares 3/27/15
install package open-vm-tools only if the native one is not installed Cédric Briner 3/27/15
Unable to unpack tomcat tar CalgarySaltUser 3/27/15
retrieving filename as variable for file template Pierre Lerouge 3/26/15
New formula: circus-formula Ross Perkins 3/26/15
salt-api deb Christian McHugh 3/26/15
Type Hinting in Saltstack Joseph Lorenzini 3/26/15
How to Import Salt Client API on Windows? Carolyn Van Slyck 3/26/15
Is "service.running watch file" suitable to distribute the service binaries? Markus Kramer 3/25/15
2014.7.3 expected release? todd 3/25/15
RE: [salt-users] Windows Clusters Stephan Looney 3/25/15
tls.create_self_signed_cert misses subjectKeyIdentifier (let bacula-fd fail) Christian Michel 3/25/15
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