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Announcing: Salt-Announce basepi 9/29/15
weird whitespace problem getting data out of nssm on Windows Barry Laffoy 10:28 AM
Job Change basepi 9:37 AM
Salt 2015.8.5 - cannot 'salt-call -l debug' - Exception socket.error: error(9, 'Bad file descriptor') 8:17 AM
How to use the win_service module in a state? Fredrik Averpil 6:42 AM
Automatically use latest Win Repo git repository Paul Mulvihill 6:15 AM
Salt with docker or jails Ari Maniatis 3:59 AM
Minion state config dependent on other minion's tasks 3:34 AM
Import top.sls data into jinja or import pillar data into top.sls Benoît L. 3:28 AM
Store Pillars in DB, not YAML Thomas Güttler 2/8/16
Examples of managing Windows services with states? Fredrik Averpil 2/8/16
Problem with file.managed JRB 2/8/16
Salt 2015.8.5 Released basepi 2/8/16
smart pillars Cédric BRINER 2/8/16
blockdev.formatted on entire device is not working Daniel Hafner 2/8/16
How to Manage the OS new releases in map.jinja like file? pankaj ghadge 2/8/16
Best approach to use chocolatey in a salt state? Fredrik Averpil 2/8/16
Debugging States from a non-master Location Kevin 2/8/16
Overstate missing from documentation Fredrik Averpil 2/7/16
Ensuring permissions of non-managed file John Hicks 2/5/16
Iterating over a list of targetted minions Matt 2/5/16
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