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Announcing: Salt-Announce basepi 3/18/15
Salt 2015.5.1 Released basepi 5:31 PM
jinja builtin not available Akilesh K 12:14 PM behind proxy David Karlsen 11:47 AM
Running multiple Salt States at a time on same Minion Abul Barakath 9:05 AM only executes first command on Windows Dirk Heinrichs 1:09 AM
Generate report based on output Bantu Banerji 5/31/15
Disk partitioning management Martin Nitram 5/31/15
New to salt and looking for some guidance on best practices for workflows Brandon Kearns 5/31/15
How can I find out what a salt-master proccess is doing with 110 %CPU and above 300:00.00 TIME ? Markus Kramer 5/31/15
Issue with sending event to master Mohamed Lrhazi 5/30/15
A nudge for outstanding winrepo pull requests Terence Kent 5/30/15
[ERROR ] <urlopen error [Errno 113] No route to host> hanrong zhou 5/29/15
Openstack + Heat + Salt(-cloud) 5/29/15
"Last time seen" - when was the last contact between minion and master? Markus Kramer 5/29/15
win_repo: Providing dynamic data at install time Dirk Heinrichs 5/29/15
replace a word with fqdn Sneha Haldar 5/29/15
Setting Windows HostName with Salt-Cloud Cedric Thesnieres 5/29/15
Salt minion unable to process pkg.installed (CentOS 6) Brett Glasson 5/28/15
wheels.delete_dict not working through api Rohit Sood 5/28/15
Quick way to find results of last state.highstate run on targetted minions Rajul Vora 5/28/15
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