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Announcing: Salt-Announce basepi 3/10/16
Survey on Software Architectures Mert Ozkaya 10/21/16
salt development environment - shell tests failing William Cannon 10/21/16
GitFS with multiple branches Patrick Vinas 10/21/16
confusion: why do I see a state.apply in active jobs? 10/20/16
lighttpd-formula for saltstack-formulas' Niels Abspoel 10/20/16
escaping within jinja template for crontab entries using `date \\\"+%Y_%m_%d-%H_%M\"`' Joachim Grubelnik 10/20/16
Multiple environments and master_tops (foreman) kiemlicz 10/19/16
2016.3.4 Tagging Soon MeggieBot 10/19/16
orchestration Tyler Couto 10/19/16
Git and pip install doesn't install the configuration files. Rajvi Dhimar 10/18/16
file.managed py template Andrei Staicu 10/18/16
How to set file perms recursively except on certain files? fxp 10/18/16
Best monitoring software to work with salt Ari Maniatis 10/18/16
Limit reactions to percentage of hosts Tyler Couto 10/14/16
create a minion-side api using salt engine ? bruno binet 10/14/16
Salt Pillar Encryption Question Bryan Murphy 10/14/16
Post to slack when minions go down or come back online rvdd 10/14/16
check existence of VPC route table with boto vpc Tim Dunphy 10/13/16
Orchestrate runner and (Jinja) variables Jörg K. 10/13/16
How to Add Elasticsearch configuration on Salt stack effectively Justin Jeyaseelan 10/13/16
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