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Announcing: Salt-Announce basepi 3/10/16
powershell training in hyderabad Info Cim 12/2/16
powershell training in hyderabad Info Cim 12/2/16
State 'postgres_user.present' was not found in SLS 'postgresql' Tom K. 12/2/16
Manage DNS records with salt-cloud Johan Jerräng 12/2/16
Salt 2016.11.0 Released MeggieBot 12/1/16
"salt-run jobs.lookup_jid 201612011110xxxxxx " not giving any output Manabhanjan Sahoo 12/1/16
can i execute multiple state formula on multiple minions at the same time sunil kumar 12/1/16
audit history Lorrin Nelson 11/30/16
Reactor system and error log : The function "state.apply" is running as PID XXXX and was started at 2016, Nov 30 12:18:22.432381 with jid xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sam Amara 11/30/16
Anyone got Salt master posting events to Elastic stack logstash? Paul Mulvihill 11/30/16
Tracking failed minion checkins Paul Mulvihill 11/30/16
RAET Transport NOT work under CentOS6 erdong 11/30/16
schedule jobs for nodegroups Johan Vermeulen 11/30/16
API timeouts Markus "Shorty" Uckelmann 11/30/16
How to assign Grains data into reactor.sls file Ranjithkumar T 11/29/16
native OS Python version and Salt mike r 11/29/16
2016.11.0 (Carbon) going live next week MeggieBot 11/29/16
Unable to cache error in salt-minion log file fxp 11/29/16
(new user) top file question Natxo Asenjo 11/29/16
How to config SVN backend? Tadas L 11/28/16
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