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Announcing: Salt-Announce basepi 3/10/16
Port-Forwarding with rinetd to change ports 4505 amd 4506 (to well-known ports 8080 and 8081) pro/con? Markus Kramer 2:52 AM
pkg.upgrade with --exclude=kernel* Michael Ward 6/26/16
Managing data-center specific setting David Cournapeau 6/26/16
Salt Bootstrap v2016.06.24 is live MeggieBot 6/25/16
After upgrade to 2016.3.1 Windows Updates no longer working BKeep 6/25/16
setup saltstack shima ranjbar 6/25/16
Orchestrater, runners and requisites Steve Hajducko 6/24/16
Change temporary directory (/tmp) on salt-minions 6/24/16
Jinji template mistake. Oleksandr Ianchevskyi 6/23/16
Minion Won't "pair" with Master Charlie Heselton 6/23/16
"Dynamic" Pillars (calling arbitrary Python functions in Pillars) Vitaly Isaev 6/23/16
orchestrate runner - batch multiple state apply across multiple groups of nodes. Goran Stankovski 6/23/16
I have salt state which picks pkg:version from pillar, what I am trying to do is paramaterize version variable from jenkins. Can anyone post some ideas how this is achievable Shobido 6/23/16
Pillar environment separation (yet again) Andrei Staicu 6/23/16
upgrade windows minions Greg MacDonald 6/22/16
Salt 2015.8.10 to 2016.3 PR 32288 regression M_Smith 6/22/16
how to get detailed state context on state failure during orchestration Travis Mehlinger 6/22/16
Whats the difference between grains.get var1:nestvar1 and salt['grains.get']('openstack:availability_zone') Tyler Bishop 6/22/16
Error trying to highstate new Oracle Linux 6 minions Jak Crow 6/22/16
newbie help!!!! 6/22/16
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