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Salt Formulas Working Group 8/28/17
Working Group for Salt Cloud 6/10/17
Announcing: Salt-Announce basepi 3/10/16
shut up the minion dmaziuk 12:31 PM
how to use "returner" with salt-state modules OR salt-runner Pratik Bandarkar 11:55 AM
cp.push_dir glob returns false (Windows), why? Ashish Sikarwar 11:14 AM
How do you guys store secrets? Stephen Wood 5:28 AM
Salt Stack internal Metrics Danny Lai 10/21/17
Internal Salt Metrics Danny Lai 10/21/17
Starter Salt questions Walter Kelt 10/20/17
Validating Pillars Thomas Güttler 10/20/17
Issues with 2017.7.x upgrades on both CentOS and Ubuntu? Wedge Shot 10/19/17
Salt states verification logic Bubunia Patra 10/19/17
AttributeError: 'bool' object has no attribute 'get' Derek Li 10/19/17
distributing Windows client software (firefox, chrome, etc.) Maximilian Sarta 10/18/17
Packages in the Ubuntu/Debian repo get updated without changing the version-numbers Malte Schmidt 10/18/17
Salt-minion for SUSE SLES 12 SP3 Simon Gao 10/18/17
cloud-init script with salt-cloud for OpenStack provider Pratik Bandarkar 10/16/17
Question about startup states/reactor ordering Amse Master 10/16/17
SaltStack 2017.7 on RHEL5 10/16/17
CFP open for FOSDEM and CfgMgmtCamp Mike Place 10/15/17
execution of custom module do not always checks the code Pratik Bandarkar 10/15/17
Deploy GCE instance with predefined disk size or already existent disk Andrey Kanevsky 10/13/17
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