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Announcing: Salt-Announce basepi 3/10/16
minion defaults to saltenv base Brian Glogower 8:26 PM
Defaults for pillar data .. avoid ugly "if" Thomas Güttler 7:48 PM
External/python pillar tops Gergely Czuczy 5:03 PM
Job cache on the master contains only partial job result information Szymon Juraszczyk 5:11 AM
Logic analog to Ansible (register output) Johann Kappacher 12:13 AM
Issues running minion as another user -> State.apply running as PID James Young 8/22/16
rename windows minion from master Jeremy Larose 8/22/16
An example with the file_tree ext_pillar Andrew Melo 8/22/16
Need guidelines in salt structure organisation Plup 8/20/16
Using a password protected Windows Software Repository Paul A 8/20/16
Reducing duplication of pillar data hashi 8/19/16
Schedule using more complex rules - fx every 2nd tuesday in a month 8/19/16
Can no longer install Salt on RedHat Enterprise 7.2 ??? moop-moop 8/18/16
any command to start and stop GCE instance using saltcloud? 8/18/16
Salt Product Lifecycle & Supported Operating Systems MeggieBot 8/18/16
Beginner Salt Questions Keith Miller 8/18/16
"salt-formulas" org on GitHub? Loren Gordon 8/18/16
Configuring salt with salt Oly 8/18/16
Multiple SQS queues Jens Rantil 8/18/16
Detecting when the server is up after a reboot Szymon Juraszczyk 8/18/16
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