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Welcome to the Sailfish users group.  Sailfish is a software package for rapid k-mer based inference of transcript abundances from RNA-seq data.  See (or short URL for downloads and citation information. This Sailfish users group provides a forum beyond bug reports (which can be filed directly on the GitHub issues page for Sailfish).

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Sailfish / Salmon User Feedback Survey Carl_Kingsford 3/27/17
read mapping to multiple species Silpa Suthram 11/29/17
Understanding lib_format_counts.json Juanlu Trincado 11/17/17
problem with stranded single-end library with alignment-based method Hien To 11/10/17
running salmon on 3' end rna-seq data? Brian Haas 11/8/17
A question about lib_format_counts.json Nancy Dong 10/19/17
Salmon PacBio Anne Ndungu 9/21/17
Can we use Gencode Fasta with Salmon? philge philip 9/8/17
Counting Virus TPM using Salmon Benjy Jek Yang Tan 8/14/17
How to interpret Salmon outputs - lowly expressed contigs? Chrissie Madden 7/25/17
Salmon with single-end read: setting mean and std of insert length if distribution is not normal dmr210 7/19/17
library type warning Rob 7/12/17
Indels and Alignment-based mode John Ma 6/29/17
the fatal error: failed to allocate 16 groups YIXIN LI 5/25/17
systematic bias on transcripts's length using Salmon ? 5/19/17
Salmon index error Devinder Kaur 5/9/17
For quantification: How long should the input sequences be? Lina Faller 5/2/17
Strange gene quantification Eugene Bolotin 5/1/17
Identical transcripts in fasta file dmr210 4/27/17
Install issues Eugene Bolotin 4/22/17
Does Salmon run time scale linearly with transcriptome size? James Lloyd 2/21/17
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