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Welcome to the Sailfish users group.  Sailfish is a software package for rapid k-mer based inference of transcript abundances from RNA-seq data.  See (or short URL for downloads and citation information. This Sailfish users group provides a forum beyond bug reports (which can be filed directly on the GitHub issues page for Sailfish).

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How to Normalize Salmon TPM output? Nick Bernstein 10/8/15
Single gene novel isoform quantification kelregan 10/7/15
Salmon - Is it possible to get output in bigWig/TDF format? Erik Zhivkopljas 10/1/15
Sailfish quant returning Boost exceptions Robert Zinna 9/25/15
running salmon in deterministic way jfliu1 9/15/15
Sailfish v0.7.4 gene level summary Zhenhua Wu 9/9/15
Running Salmon v0.4.2 for the first time Rutendo Sigauke 7/17/15
Artifact due to multi-reads aligned to 3'UTR? Jason L 7/11/15
Everything is zero except TPM Malay Basu 7/11/15
Salmon NumReads quantification among isoforms Pedro Blecua 6/30/15
Salmon - is there any way to induce output to enable a pileup for read depth across transcripts Matthew Hockin 6/10/15
salmon 0.4.0 core dump for genes Ido Tamir 6/8/15
Salmon and DESeq2 Matthew Hockin 6/2/15
Tuning Sailfish Performance vs Salmon Billy Lau 6/2/15
How much single end vs. paired end reads have influence on reliable estimation of transcripts expression levels using Sailfish ? Azim 6/1/15
TPM/FPKM/ReadCount falls off a cliff Matthew Hockin 5/22/15
Salmon: (raw) count of reads per gene Dan 5/13/15
Where is the link to Salmon? ying chen 5/7/15
relocation error Salmon v0.3.0 Peter Venhuizen 5/5/15
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