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Welcome to the Sailfish users group.  Sailfish is a software package for rapid k-mer based inference of transcript abundances from RNA-seq data.  See (or short URL for downloads and citation information. This Sailfish users group provides a forum beyond bug reports (which can be filed directly on the GitHub issues page for Sailfish).

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Salmon v0.3.0 compile error Babak A 5/1/15
statically linked salmon version Ido Tamir 4/8/15
differential expression analysis downstream of sailfish Alina Garbuzov 3/17/15
Salmon output Philip Jonsson 3/13/15
Salmon Testing2 Jonathan Keats 2/25/15
Sailfish for genomic level quantification Steven Hill 2/23/15
Sailfish equivalent to bowtie options -v and -all Sebastian Boegel 2/19/15
Starting to Test Salmon Jonathan Keats 2/19/15
Make error building sailfish 0.6.3 from source Srihari Radhakrishnan 2/14/15
combining unpaired and paired reads John Stanton-Geddes 2/4/15
Updates to Salmon Rob 1/18/15
Where is the link to Salmon? ying chen 1/16/15
sailfish assignment logic Shawn Driscoll 12/22/14
Salmon Rob 12/17/14
salmon VS sailfish Runxuan zhang 12/17/14
salmon questions Runxuan zhang 12/17/14
Different kmer size caused variable total_reads in reads.count_info Runxuan zhang 12/9/14
Indexing problem, cant generate index Eugene Bolotin 12/8/14
Why Sailfish gives unexpected performance in the strand specific library Azim 12/4/14
problems with the sailfish quant command 赵路 11/29/14
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