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Welcome to the Sailfish users group.  Sailfish is a software package for rapid k-mer based inference of transcript abundances from RNA-seq data.  See (or short URL for downloads and citation information. This Sailfish users group provides a forum beyond bug reports (which can be filed directly on the GitHub issues page for Sailfish).

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RE: present/absent calls based on sailfish/salmon quantification Chakri 9/19/16
lib_format_counts.json Daniel Hyduke 9/19/16
Bimodal TPMs Daniel Hyduke 9/12/16
salmon 0.7.0 crashes in alignment mode Chi Zhang 9/9/16
salmon 0.7.0 crashes in alignment based mode Rob 8/19/16
No transcript names in output Chakri 8/19/16
Mapping Rate: 0% Carlos Guzman 8/17/16
effective gene length and TPM values in Salmon's output files Tzachi 8/3/16
nan values in quant files Tzachi 7/21/16
Re: [Sailfish Users Group msg. 453] Re: unmapped reads in Salmon Vasisht Tadigotla 6/22/16
Question on bootstrap segmentation fault and output LiveNKicking 6/21/16
Nested Transcripts and Salmon transcript estimates Daniel Gaston 6/16/16
cannot find -lstdc++ error on CentOS 7 when installing salmon-0.6.0 mccormack 6/16/16
Salmon stuck on large transcriptomes Vasisht Tadigotla 6/16/16
Abundance estimates - equal noise for all expression bins. N Vi 6/15/16
unmapped reads in Salmon Vasisht Tadigotla 6/8/16
salmon/rapclust - output equivalence classes RobL 6/8/16
boost::math::digamma<long double>(long double): Evaluation of function at pole -nan Exception Daniel Gaston 5/31/16
Bootstraps Claire 5/21/16
How to combine multiple paired fastq files for quant James Lloyd 5/19/16
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