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Welcome to the Sailfish users group.  Sailfish is a software package for rapid k-mer based inference of transcript abundances from RNA-seq data.  See (or short URL for downloads and citation information. This Sailfish users group provides a forum beyond bug reports (which can be filed directly on the GitHub issues page for Sailfish).

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Bootstraps Claire 5/21/16
How to combine multiple paired fastq files for quant James Lloyd 5/19/16
Salmon and differential splice / exon usage? Jonathan Manning 5/15/16
Salmon: v.low strandness reported wrt genomic alignment w/ RSeQC Jonathan Manning 5/12/16
expression for sense and antisense strands Serkan Erdin 5/10/16
nan values in quant files Tzachi 5/2/16
Problems with Salmon Installation shaun webb 4/28/16
Salmon hangs on computers without internet access Gavin Wilson 4/27/16
Are 40-50M PE 100bp reads valid to perform differential expression analysis at transcript level? Peng 4/24/16
Estimating Transcript Abundance with Salmon Mauricio Losilla 4/14/16
Mapping rate for salmon using different k and coverage Nick Bernstein 4/13/16
Sailfish expression value Pedamallu Chandra Sekhar 3/31/16
Errors when compiling SalmonUtils.cpp.o Christopher Tabone 3/21/16
Pros and cons of increasing the default kmer size in Salmon James Lloyd 3/21/16
Column number issue Wasbi James Lloyd 3/10/16
Salmon Crash Gavin Wilson 3/8/16
Sorry was looking for the Sailfish for 3D printers Montague Flange 3/3/16
salmon: alignment group queue pool has been exhausted Joel Parker 3/3/16
Salmon to quantify PacBio IsoSeq reads Keyur 2/29/16
RapMap installation error ying chen 2/29/16
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