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Stepper motor driver help john vanhoozer 10:57 AM
New to San Antonio Nick W 7/28/16
LED Quandry - NeoPixels or DotStars jwc1410 7/27/16
Pokemon Go Humor Les Hall 7/25/16
Etching stainless steel via electroplating Craig 7/25/16
Our NE Outpost Member News Randy Ohman 7/22/16
Spare 3d printer Craig 7/20/16
Ancient relative of ours Skull Randy Ohman 7/18/16
Inmoov re-vamp/re-build/ old disposal tookys3 7/18/16
Seeking: UV / black light Sacha De'Angeli 7/17/16
Pokemon GO - script for rare poke notification Ryan Beltran 7/17/16
New Programmable Thermostat tookys3 7/17/16
Sat. jewelry Randy Ohman 7/15/16
Renegade PG Ball Les Hall 7/14/16
Renegade Dodecahedron Controller Les Hall 7/14/16
Pokemon Go - Gym/Stop @ 10bit? Ryan Beltran 7/14/16
Fighting Poverty with 3D Skills Les Hall 7/12/16
Java Class #2 (July 6) Tomorrow at 7 PM - 9 PM at space Greg Bluntzer 7/12/16
Etching stainless steel with plaster of paris Jonas Rullo 7/9/16
Will laser cutter be available this week? mike perez 7/8/16
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