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New Braunfels to Florida Les Hall 7/28/15
Egg Timers Les Hall 7/28/15
Organizing a quadcopter build day/night Christopher Hardee 7/28/15
Searching for "MSP 430" programming help Jeff Burns 7/27/15
FishGate: gnu_don Les Hall 7/27/15
Saturday at 10Bit Don Smeller 7/26/15
Reminder: Board Game Night @10BitWorks this Saturday, 7p to midnight zunkworks 7/24/15
Pi programming help tookys3 7/23/15
Raspberry Pi outside gnu_don 7/23/15
Fish Gate Les Hall 7/23/15
Tuesday / Wednesday at 10BitWorks Don Smeller 7/23/15
Les's Lab Notes Les Hall 7/22/15
Check Out The Central Texas BarCamp "Un-conference" Article by @sacurrent http://sacurrent.com/Blogs/archives/2015/07/22/check-out-the-central-texas-barcamp-un-conference zunkworks 7/22/15
Possible product for someone or 10bit Les Hall 7/21/15
Formlabs Form1+ tookys3 7/20/15
Saturday Jul 18 at 10Bit Don Smeller 7/20/15
Impromptu demos for this evening? zunkworks 7/20/15
10Bit weekly Drone/UAV/Quad Copter meetup discussion Christopher Hardee 7/20/15
Article in SA Current Don Smeller 7/19/15
3D Printed Prescripton Gogges Les Hall 7/17/15
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