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backport postgres cast-to-text fix (8c34d10) from master to next minor release? Sergio Rabiela 10/2/15
update_attributes save only if columns changed? Sean Teeling 10/2/15
ActiveRecord connection pool management Michael Vigilante 10/1/15
Proposal: Multiple Validation Contexts Nam Chu Hoai 9/30/15
Adding Model#model_name Jeremy Friesen 9/30/15
RFC: Remove support for "% style"(printf style) prepared statement from ActiveRecord 9/27/15
Support nativ json datatype for mysql 9/26/15
postgres_fdw support? Peter Dudek 9/22/15
ActiveSupport::HashWithIndifferentAccess integer 9/21/15
Class list helper for HTML tags Philippe Hässig 9/21/15
Question about length of ActionDispatch::Routing::Mapper class file George Mendoza 9/21/15
reset association cache for polymorphism Oto Iashvili 9/20/15
Ruby on Rails Contribution Chirag Aggarwal 9/18/15
Adding current locale to default caching key Anthon Mur 9/15/15
Errors inside custom setters Kevin Deisz 9/10/15
callbacks: *_save as syntactic sugar for *_create and *_update Charles Rudolph 9/10/15
more question abolut migrate index support. 郑伟 9/7/15
Arguments to rails update rake task siva subrahmanyam 9/5/15
Authentication Token vs Bearer token Yordis Prieto 9/3/15
Rails translation helper could include interpolation keys in case of a missing translation Nicolas Blanco 9/2/15
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