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Flash bug or feature? Garry Shutler 12:37 AM
Add prepend_methods to ActiveSupport::Concern Philippe Van Eerdenbrugghe 5/26/15
Cache: Add ability to use Proc as 'expires_in' key Alexey Vokhmin 5/26/15
Feature request: keep current_locale when sending email with ActiveJob William Lee 5/25/15
Migration::CheckPending does not respect Rails.application.paths['db/migrate'] Sam Pierson 5/24/15
redirect(...)-inspired routing of static files Eliot Sykes 5/22/15
Suggestions for Rails Enums -- detailed writeup Justin Gordon 5/21/15
Schema.rb table and column order vesan 5/20/15
schema.rb Kevin Deisz 5/18/15
Feature: Use self-replying exceptions in ActiveSupport::Rescuable.rescue_from Arnaud Rouyer 5/15/15
[enhancement] number_to_human_size helper to support 'unit' option Mahesh Baheti 5/15/15
write code for csv ravishankar mishra 5/14/15
update_columns doesn't support an empty hash Michael Mahemoff 5/7/15
Would "rails generate config" be a useful feature? Kyle Rippey 5/7/15
has_and_belongs_to_many and nested attributes Roque Pinel 5/6/15
Schema dump support for multiple schemas Stenver Jerkku 5/6/15
rails 4.2.1 : dynamic table_name Oto Iashvili 5/4/15
ActionCable repo? Need contributors/reviewers? Steven Talcott Smith 5/2/15
ActiveRecord::ProtectedModel Yannis Kolovos 5/1/15
Forking and CoW are killing my machine when running GC Thomas Kalmus 4/30/15
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