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Bug in HashWithIndifferentAccess? Yves-Eric 9/1/15
About Directory location of strategy pattern in rails venu madhav chitta 8/30/15
more question abolut migrate index support. 郑伟 8/30/15
Make view and controller translation helpers consistent Derek Prior 8/30/15
Arguments to rails update rake task siva subrahmanyam 8/27/15
Ability to use different format mask regex while formatting currency in activesupport -> number_to_currency heloer Shireesh J 8/26/15
String Allocation and Memory Bloat in ActiveRecord Objects 8/26/15
Segmentation fault while running tests for latest Rails 4.2 Meghali 8/25/15
Ruby Dockerfile for ppc64le Meghali 8/25/15
Always set id from database when creating new record masa331 8/24/15
[ANN] Rails 4.2.4 and 4.1.13 have been released! Rafael Mendonça França 8/24/15
Feature suggestion: Use symbols internally with HashWithIndifferentAccess Leslie Hoare 8/24/15
feature suggestion for nested - nested attributes Benjamin Roth 8/21/15
Please fix the links in the Rails on github. Douglas Allen 8/17/15
Feature proposal: Use find_each/find_in_batches with pluck Paco Guzmán 8/16/15
[ANN] Rails 4.2.4.rc1 and 4.1.13.rc1 have been released! Rafael Mendonça França 8/14/15
Error pages are really just static assets. Why not make them part of the asset pipeline? 8/12/15
Nokogiri adds a lot of weight to ActionView 8/10/15
Integrate Parse Cloud with Rails 4 App Mansi Shah 8/9/15
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