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[Feature request] System Tests with multiple browsers Pierre Hedkvist 1:17 PM
Contributing to Rails - a brief feedback Andreas Nordberg 12/14/17
Enhancement: improved ActiveModal::Errors enumeration Evan Prothro 12/12/17
Raise on missing translations (unify controllers and views) Kevin Sjöberg 12/9/17
[Feature proposal] Enumerable#group_by should take a second block to allow setting the value David Carlin 12/7/17
[Feature request] Automatically create GitHub release notes during release process Grey Baker 12/6/17
Support for connection pooling in Memcache Store Gabriel Sobrinho 12/4/17
[feature request] Merge custom html_options to input elements with errors M. Neumayr 12/1/17
[Feature proposal] Migrations-like actions Vitaliy Klachkov 11/29/17
[Feature Request] async option for after_commit ActiveRecord hook Chad Wilken 11/27/17
ActiveStorage - next steps and how to help? Halo 11/22/17
[Feature Request] Change screensize while running System Test Pierre Hedkvist 11/16/17
[Feature Request] initial value for ActiveSupport::Cache::MemCacheStore#increment and decrement Aero Astro 11/13/17
Feedback on PR (ActiveCable clients do not receive update about state of a subscription. #30042) w pp 11/3/17
Allow content_type and format options in integration test requests Vincent DeVendra 10/23/17
More `touch` option for belongs_to? Leonardo Wong 10/23/17
Change where module file goes for namespaced AR models Matt Wire 10/20/17
Allow to use rails style on queries with specific order Pablo Margreff 10/20/17
Add option to sort by an attribute before validation of has_many members with indexed errors André Hester 10/19/17
enum supporting i18n translation with "_text" suffix methods? Martin Hong 10/18/17
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