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Addition of 'deep_assoc` method to Hash in core_ext 4/17/15
Using accepts_nested_attributes_for with assign_attributes means immediate saving of associated model Jason Barnabe 4/17/15
Support for nested parameters in button_to params option James Coleman 4/15/15
In the need for separating data migration from schema migration Augustin Riedinger 4/15/15
Controller generator improvement Anthon Mur 4/13/15
ActiveRecord::Store typecasting & default values Gaurish Sharma 4/10/15
Fallback image for Rail's video_tag Aaron Cordovez 4/6/15
Web Framework Comparison Benchmarks Darren Daly 4/5/15
ActionController::Parameters need to be symbolized when working with keyword arguments Philipp Preß 4/1/15
options_for_select with hash printercu 4/1/15
Rails 5 roadmap? Jason FB 4/1/15
STEP argument for rake db:migrate Michael Mahemoff 3/30/15
.html_safe is ambiguous and should be renamed Magne 3/29/15
Proposed functionality in strong parameters to transform an attribute into nested_attributes format Austin Story 3/26/15
Official support for ActiveSupport::Duration w/o core extensions Steve Jorgensen 3/22/15
Stripping "_id" in titleize Carol Dawson 3/21/15
"rails generate model" Attribute Type Enforcement Harry Grillo 3/21/15
[ANN] Rails 4.2.1 and 4.1.10 have been released! Rafael Mendonça França 3/19/15
Rails coding convention for cloud. Pradeep S 3/17/15
Fixtures: Delete ALL fixtures before load any 3/12/15
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