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Formation Test Ruby on Rails Lyon Laurent Buffevant 10/23/15
RubyDay - Turin - 13 Nov Leandro Guida 10/15/15
Discount Angular Remote Conf Michael Baudino 9/22/15
High-tech US Firm seeking RoR Programmer Gian Paolo Bernardo 8/24/15
About yesterday's meetup Franck Verrot 8/10/15
Grenoble.rb, le retour Camille Appert 7/11/15
Fwd: [Golang-Lyon] Avenir de Golang Lyon Franck Verrot 7/6/15
[ANN] About Holycorn, the Ruby Foreign Data Wrapper for PostgreSQL Franck Verrot 6/22/15
Recherche développeur Ruby On Rails Naveco France 5/7/15
CRM basés sur Rails ? Marc MICHEL 5/7/15
cafe Arthur Neves 5/4/15
Rulu Damien MATHIEU 5/1/15
[ANN] JRubyConf.EU + eurucamp + EuRuKo Call for Proposals Bodo Tasche 4/21/15
RubyConf Portugal Michael Baudino 4/16/15
Codeur recrute un lead dev Serge Roukine 4/16/15
Baruco / Full Stack Fest call for speakers ending May 2 Camille Appert 4/15/15
GC, Segfault, Youpi Florian Dutey 3/30/15
Shared office spaces Arthur Neves 3/25/15
comparatif ruby/python/php Marc MICHEL 3/17/15
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