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Ldap server connection is aborted and closed, while it should unbind and close after #bind or #search Abhijit Chavan 6/22/17
Rails 5: NameError (undefined local variable or method `group_name_filter') Devver 4/19/17
How do you get a specific user's groups from their login Devver 4/19/17
connect via proxy Michel Epsztejn 3/15/17
Net::LDAP empty search result 1/26/17
Net::LDAP search issues Jared Whiklo 2/25/16
Ruby LDAP Search with correct AD credentials, message="No Such Object" David Pardy 11/23/15
Jackbox RC1 Challenge Lou Henry Alvarez 8/17/15
LDAP search some time really slow, some time really fast kengsreng tang 2/3/15
Mocking an LDAP connection trekr5 2/3/15
New maintainer/maintainers Kenneth Ortmann 10/7/14
Roadmap Matt Todd 10/7/14
RFC: Instrumentation Matt Todd 10/3/14
Help constructing a mail search that ignores case Jeffro 9/24/14
creating an ldap server Julien Ammous 9/24/14
Moving a user from one OU to another David Hahn 7/31/14
Accessing users from inside a security group Matt Davies 7/25/14
Trouble with ldap + sasl + gssapi + kerberos against Active Directory Server Hadmut Danisch 6/30/14
Net::LDAP maintainer and official hosts/sources Christian Höltje 5/29/14
TLS CA cert verification support Ken Coar 5/21/14
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