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Archive of old messages Charles Nutter 10/30/13
The true meaning of the blocking: true option? Tiago Cardoso 3/17/16
How to turn an array of IO descriptors into an fd_set pointer Tiago Cardoso 11/26/15
passing strings to Go Michael Krisher 10/15/15
10.11 El Capitan and System Integrity Protection Kyle Crawford 9/11/15
How to define a FFI LIbrary using a file handle or actual binary code, and NOT a filename? Rogue Wave 9/9/15
Annoying error message on exit Destin Elam 8/22/15
How to (pointer).read_string given the offset in an ffi struct? cootcraig 8/21/15
Can't install ffi on windows 7 8/11/15
Unloading Windows DLLs 8/11/15
Wrapper for ddl driver for windows. How to create? Denis Savchuk 8/11/15
v1.9.8: require "ffi" fails in OS X 10.10.3 & 10.9.5 Chris Lasell 6/23/15
Callbacks wiki page: section about "GIL" seems junky David Grayson 1/23/15
Can't run Catherine Grizzell 12/28/14
Any way to use FFI on Ruby itself? Benjamin Fleischer 12/1/14
Finalizers defined via define_finalizer are a huge performance hit Asmod4n 10/16/14
cygwin problem: Could not open library 'libgeom.dll' Michael Jørgensen 8/25/14
FFI::StructLayout::CharArray in JRuby? Martin Ceronio 7/31/14
Trouble with callback causing segmentation faults Dominic Muller 7/29/14
failed to allocate a page error Stephen von Takach 7/22/14
Ffi 0.6.3 problem Gláuber Brennon 7/3/14
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