This list is for discussion of the Bundler ruby gem, which helps developers manage their gem dependencies.
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If you're having trouble with Bundler, please read the ISSUES document for troubleshooting help.

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Bundler Monthly Update - March 2014 Xavier Shay 3/28/14
Bundler won't install git repository gems without git being installed purvezdesai 2/24/14
Bundler Monthly Update - February 2014 Xavier Shay 2/20/14
How to add a private gem in deployment mode? Michael Franzl 1/24/14
Bundler Monthly Update - January 2014 Xavier Shay 1/21/14
bundle update for gem with git source does not fetch new git ref if it is cached Stefan Wrobel 1/21/14
A second Gemfile and lock? I.e. Gemfile.local, Gemfile.lock.local? Danimal 1/15/14
Bundler Monthly Update - December Xavier Shay 12/22/13
Why is bundle downloading all the previous versions of gems? Ollie Glass 12/19/13
Automatically run 'bundle install' if a gem binary crashes because gems are missing Nathan Broadbent 12/12/13
Aplpha suffixes in versions byrnejb 12/10/13
SSL certs included in bundler Frederick Cheung 12/6/13
Error with gemspec and bundle install (only works the first time with uncommenting and running bundle install gradually) Kosmas Chatzimichalis 12/2/13
trouble with native libraries when using --local --path Thorsten von Eicken 11/26/13
Bundle install error "uninitialized constant Gem::Security::Policies" Krishnan Kannan 11/23/13
setting http-proxy variables for bundler during a capistrano deploy vanderkerkoff 11/21/13
Bundler Monthly Update - November Xavier Shay 11/18/13
BUNDLE INSTALL ISSUE Krishna Gundala 11/5/13
Bundler Monthly Update - October Xavier Shay 10/17/13
Bundler installation problem Alberto Ligabue 10/17/13
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