This list is for discussion of the Bundler ruby gem, which helps developers manage their gem dependencies.
Documentation is available at, and the source code is at
If you're having trouble with Bundler, please read the ISSUES document for troubleshooting help.

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Is there a way to prevent authentication against a source inside an excluded group? Chris Knowles 6/30/16
Suggest how to add runtime dependencies when doing "bundle gem" Quest 6/10/16
"Could not spawn process for application" - Phusion Passenger or Bundler issue? PhillyMost 6/9/16
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Running Local Gems Without a Github Repository? Jon 5/1/16
Illegal environment variable name for gem repo mirror setting Jack C 4/22/16
Ruby Version as Resolution Dependency Richard Schneeman 3/24/16
Reporting "Pathological" Gemfiles Brian Buchalter 3/22/16
How to measure a Rubygems mirror? Erick Guan 3/17/16
How does the website do syntax highlighting? Dave Hein 3/13/16
bundler help test fails osx Uladzislau Shablinski 3/12/16
How to tell Bundler to NOT use any --pre version? Mario Zaizar 3/1/16
Best practice for grouping non-essential Gems Paul Menzel 2/1/16
`bundle exec` without using gems' binaries Reto Kaiser 1/30/16
Question on bundle dots and length of Rails 5 bundle runs Al Snow 1/18/16
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