This list is for discussion of the Bundler ruby gem, which helps developers manage their gem dependencies.
Documentation is available at, and the source code is at
If you're having trouble with Bundler, please read the ISSUES document for troubleshooting help.

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Bundler and Docker install as non-root Pier-Olivier Thibault 6/28/15
Upgrade to Jruby1.7.20.1 beaks my project build Sathwik B P 6/26/15
Ruby Bundler Error openssl.bundle Venkat Visvanathan 6/7/15
openssl.bundle error Venkat Visvanathan 6/7/15
Could not find rake-10.3.2.gem for installation Michael Franzl 6/6/15
why rails new failed with ssl related problem, somebody told me it is cause by bundler, so how to solve the problem? mnz hz 5/15/15
Using :path and gems for the same package Linus Gasser 5/15/15
package :path as gem Linus Gasser 5/14/15
what does the exclamation mark (!) mean in Gemfile.lock Byo Fuel 5/13/15
certificate error in bundle install (ruby 1.9.3, msysgit 1.9.5 preview20150319, windows 7) Ed Blachman 4/30/15
Google Summer of Code - Introduction Prashant Baisla 3/25/15
GSOC 2015 : Maintain Bundler: a very popular and widely-used open source project Abhishek Kumar 3/22/15
Google summer of code - Bundler Index Felipe Tanus 3/10/15
`bundle package --all` with git repositories Nathaniel Talbott 2/2/15
Bundling gems for drop-in apps Chason Choate 1/19/15
Bundler installing development dependencies from installed gems 1/14/15
how to load new installed gems after server started in development mode Jeremy Li 1/5/15
Programmatically check if gem in bundle? Jared Beck 12/16/14
gems not getting built on git project build Anthony Biacco 12/3/14
is bundler 1.7 backward compatible with 1.0.2? Jordi Massaguer 11/14/14
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