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Fine Woodworking Canoe Picnic thom.l...@rrcc.edu 10:32 AM
Austin Tour thom.l...@rrcc.edu 8/23/16
FIW Class Schedule & Open Shop Schedule thom.l...@rrcc.edu 8/23/16
closing/selling shop Larry Chaney 8/23/16
Guitar Setup and repair and Veneering and Marquetry still have openings Jeremy A.Cox 8/20/16
Quantity of Poplar and Oak Well Seasoned Paul Ryan 8/19/16
Electric Guitar Class - Fall 2016 - FIW 131 Travis Snyder 8/19/16
Koostik equipment for sale Neil 8/17/16
Job opening embear 8/16/16
Chinese Puzzle Box Presentation srot...@comcast.net 8/11/16
Cedar strip canoe and SUP paddle day! Ralph Kolva 8/10/16
Students: Your May photos are ready!! Buff Brewster 8/5/16
Violin Construction Kyle Bollacker 8/4/16
Fall Lutherie Lab Jim McMurdo 8/4/16
Shellac Trade Dick Dailey 8/4/16
CNC Laser with Andy andrew Lesuer 8/4/16
Fall Electric Guitar Build Matt Osminer 8/4/16
Students - Aug. 5 deadline for Fall Semester! Buff Brewster 8/3/16
Inlay Techniques with Andy andrew Lesuer 8/3/16
Now Hiring Student Employees/Woirk Study thom.l...@rrcc.edu 8/3/16
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