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Woodworking position announcement Jeremy A.Cox 1/18/18
Spring 18' Student Exhibition Volunteers Needed thom.l...@rrcc.edu 1/18/18
Spring 18' Schedules for FIW thom.l...@rrcc.edu 1/18/18
Advanced hand tool Techniques Steve Cayou 1/18/18
Woods for Electric Guitar Construction Jeff Zweygardt 1/17/18
Woodworking position Jeremy A.Cox 1/16/18
Precision Cabinet Shop Tour for FIW thom.l...@rrcc.edu 1/16/18
Spring 18' Austin Hardwoods Tour thom.l...@rrcc.edu 1/16/18
Woodworking lab John Orth 1/12/18
SPRING 2018 Earthen Home Build Project kwardw 1/7/18
Looking for the book "Understanding Wood Finishing" by Bob Flexner Steve Kroeker 12/27/17
Additional Spring Lutherie Lab thom.l...@rrcc.edu 12/22/17
Advanced Hand Tool Techniques Steve Cayou 12/20/17
Delta 10" table saw and Jet 10" band saw steve.wil...@gmail.com 12/17/17
photos from the show Summer Simpson 12/17/17
Vintage Antique Kennedy Machinist Tool Box - Chest for Precision Tools for Sale Peter Rudy 12/14/17
18" / 36" Drum sander and 3 1/8" random orbital Darr Furniture LLC 12/14/17
Potluck for the Show -- Please sign up! Summer Simpson 12/12/17
Free Ink Cartridges Neil 12/11/17
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