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Free resin and latex casting techniques demonstration Jeremy A.Cox 10/19/17
Fall Party thom.l...@rrcc.edu 10/17/17
Blog topic: Loius Fry on "The Business of Handmade Furniture" Ralph Kolva 10/15/17
Campus will be closed this Tuesday! Jeremy A.Cox 10/13/17
Rocky Mountain Natural Building Conference, Golden, CO, Nov 3-5 Cheryl Corsiglia 10/12/17
Lie-Nielson Hand Tool Event thom.l...@rrcc.edu 10/12/17
bandsaw purchase perhaps kwardw 10/2/17
Lie Neilson hand tool event Alexander Moore 9/26/17
Paddle Day is Still On! thom.l...@rrcc.edu 9/21/17
Grow your furniture - with fungus! Michael Morris 9/21/17
Shop Foreman Job Opportunity thom.l...@rrcc.edu 9/20/17
Shop space available Jeremy A.Cox 9/15/17
Glen L Stiletto Boat Kit , Blueprints , CHEAP kwardw 9/12/17
Misc jobs Darr Furniture LLC 9/8/17
Bandsaw for sale Kyle Kwiatkowski 9/7/17
Woodworking position available Jeremy A.Cox 9/7/17
Labor Day Shop Closing thom.l...@rrcc.edu 8/29/17
Advanced Laser??? andy lesuer 8/25/17
Exciting opportunity for a luthier Jeremy A.Cox 8/25/17
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