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4th of July Open Shop Hours thom.l...@rrcc.edu 6/30/16
Jointer for sale Kyle Kwiatkowski 6/29/16
Router Mortise Jig Making this weekend! unfund3dm3at 6/29/16
Tools for sale Kyle Kwiatkowski 6/24/16
Job Opportunity andrew Lesuer 6/22/16
Bandsaw for Sale - Laguna SUV 14" Shawn Smith 6/15/16
It's never too late to go to summer camp! This time you can teach woodworking. Jeremy A.Cox 6/14/16
Open House unfund3dm3at 6/13/16
Woodworker Moving, selling tools Dick Dailey 6/12/16
Looking for a few good Students Jim McMurdo 6/12/16
Woodworking position in Apen Jeremy A.Cox 6/8/16
One weekend Wooden Hand Plane Construction! unfund3dm3at 6/7/16
FIW Shop Schedule Summer 16' thom.l...@rrcc.edu 6/7/16
CNC Laser summer 2016 andrew Lesuer 6/3/16
2 tools for sale Kyle Kwiatkowski 6/1/16
Drill setup Tim Ulmen 5/31/16
Pin end spiral cut scroll saw blade? Dick Dailey 5/26/16
New position at Sjotime Industries Jeremy A.Cox 5/23/16
Interesting video about the influence of the cap iron on a cut Allen Jeter 5/23/16
Reminder Student Storage Deadline thom.l...@rrcc.edu 5/16/16
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