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Denver Design Week July 15-21 Summer Simpson 6/27/17
FIW Advisory Committee report Jeremy A.Cox 6/26/17
Correction: FIW Program Update LM 6/26/17
FIW program Update: FIW Advisory Committee Meeting of June 22, 2017 LM 6/26/17
Cool video of cross sections of wood Michael Morris 6/24/17
Woodworking position Jeremy A.Cox 6/22/17
Correction to Open Shop Schedule thom.l...@rrcc.edu 6/17/17
Furniture making position Jeremy A.Cox 6/7/17
Wood/Plywood for sale George Takacs 6/5/17
Guitar Humidor dallasburnum 6/2/17
Job Opportunity with SNI Energy thom.l...@rrcc.edu 6/1/17
Job Opportunity with Sjotime Industries thom.l...@rrcc.edu 5/31/17
Free vintage radial arm remover Michael Morris 5/27/17
Helpful chart for vintage Stanley planes Ralph Kolva 5/25/17
WANTED: table saw Kathy S 5/24/17
Get inspired! unfund3dm3at 5/24/17
Hate sharpening your chisels? Shawn Inslee 5/21/17
FIW 170 Shawn Inslee 5/15/17
Does Anyone Need The Wood Finishing Book? Justin Davinroy 5/14/17
Summer and Fall schedule Jeremy A.Cox 5/10/17
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