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A few hand tools for sale David Costa 9/23/16
Pipe clamps/ bar clamps/ f clamps kevin black 9/21/16
Job opening at Pivot Door company Colorado Springs jason.mccloskey 9/20/16
Hardwood lumber for sale Larry Chaney 9/18/16
Hand Tools for Sale! Donny Parker 9/15/16
In need of a Lathe Duplicator Louma Levin-Harris 9/15/16
Japanese hand planes for sale uppe...@gmail.com 9/15/16
New Woodworking Position unfund3dm3at 9/13/16
Inlay question Andrew Darr 9/12/16
Woodworking Position Jeremy A.Cox 9/12/16
Old Dewalt Radial Arm Saw Free Craigslist Stuff Jeff Zweygardt 9/11/16
japanese hand planes for sale uppe...@gmail.com 9/9/16
When loading outside the wood shop please use your hazard lights Jeremy A.Cox 9/9/16
Breakfast King prior to Austin Hardwoods tour 0630 10Sept16 Z.D. Buckallew 9/8/16
Thinking about adding plastic to your project? Matt Osminer 9/7/16
Fw: CherryArts Festival at Stanley: Sep 16-18! unfund3dm3at 9/6/16
Sale... Brian Jackson 9/1/16
Multi function station - Easy Tim Ulmen 8/31/16
Artist lecture Thursday the 8th Jeremy A.Cox 8/30/16
Campus will be closed this weekend Jeremy A.Cox 8/30/16
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