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Advanced Woodturning class Steve Maikell 12/9/16
Violin Construction and Scroll Carving Kyle Bollacker 12/9/16
Student Storage Deadline thom.l...@rrcc.edu 12/9/16
Need help with some resawing Darren Long 12/9/16
Need Help With A Small Job Zak Merten 12/9/16
Kitchen table commission Way 12/8/16
Maker space shop promotion Ralph Kolva 12/6/16
Ukulele Construction Course - FIW 176 Section 003 - There is still room in the class Travis Snyder 12/2/16
Still room in the Arts and Crafts class Ralph Kolva 12/2/16
Advanced Lutherie Lab for Spring 2017 Jim McMurdo 11/29/16
Winter Student Exhibition December 17th Jeremy A.Cox 11/29/16
Small Shelf Top Job Opportunity Ted Bruning 11/29/16
2016 FIW Winter Exhibition Flyer Summer Simpson 11/29/16
Misplaced Veneer Eric Evans 11/20/16
Quick Job Opportunity Daniel Hillman 11/19/16
Save the date: December 17th is the end-of-the-semester FIW show Summer Simpson 11/18/16
Timber Framing kwardw 11/17/16
Thanksgiving Holiday FIW Shop Schedule thom.l...@rrcc.edu 11/17/16
Looking for a painter to finish built-ins Daniel Hillman 11/16/16
Schwarz bought a SawStop - Read his reasoning (and why he changed his mind) Tim Ulmen 11/13/16
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