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mini jet lathe with everything you need albertobo...@gmail.com 2:35 PM
Student Perception of the FIW Advisory Committee Meeting, April 20, 2017 LM 4/23/17
FIW Student Meetings with RRCC President Michele Haney LM 4/22/17
Student Questionnaires David Costa 4/21/17
FIW Program Update LM 4/21/17
Anyone planning on going to Paint & Lacquer? David Costa 4/19/17
Student Questionnairre Jeremy A.Cox 4/19/17
Spring showcase announcement with spelling correction Jeremy A.Cox 4/18/17
Spring Student Exhibition at CS Woods Jeremy A.Cox 4/18/17
Still a few spots open for the Strip Built Watercraft class (aka canoe and SUP) Ralph Kolva 4/17/17
FIW Program Update #2 - Great News! David Costa 4/14/17
Questions about Lutherie class planing over the next year Jeremy A.Cox 4/14/17
Student Questions: Teaching Assistants, Open Shop Hours and other items LM 4/14/17
FIW Student Initiated Questionnaire__Please respond ASAP LM 4/13/17
FIW Student Questionnaire, etc. LM 4/13/17
Student FIW Update #1 David Costa 4/13/17
FIW Student Requests to RRCC Administration and RRCC FIW Department Lead LM 4/13/17
Wait lists has been expanded Jeremy A.Cox 4/12/17
How are the program changes affecting you? David Costa 4/12/17
Open Shop Hours for Easter Weekend and Development Day thom.l...@rrcc.edu 4/11/17
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