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Flank: Run your Robotium tests in parallel using Firebase Test Lab Renas Reda 5/1/17
Robotium 5.6.0 is released! Renas Reda 6/27/16
Robotium Recorder for Android Studio is here! Renas Reda 12/25/14
Not able to run adb shell commands from robotium test script Vivek Kumar 10/31/16
Open a new activity with parametrs 9/3/16
Activity is not killed on giving solo.finishOpenedActivities() swathij.4575 swathij.4575 swathi j Swathi Jayaraman 9/3/16
Couple second pause when an assert statement fails on device Taryn Dickson 9/1/16
An error occurred while collecting items to be installed 8/29/16
Is there a way to pass command line arguments to ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2 ???? 7/28/16
How to include junit4 in Robotium? Kuzhali Velmurugan 7/21/16
Can not get the correct activity Xiang'ao Fu 6/23/16
Current Activity - More than one possibility. Guilherme Júlio 6/22/16
Not able to execute second method in same test case deepti 6/22/16
Robotium integrate tests with server Rafaela Azevedo 5/25/16
Any support for code coverage with Android Studio and Robotium? Iceman 5/24/16
Handling Device Location Popup Arun Kumar G 5/24/16
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How to access the Web View if whole webpage comes under one webview Malju Malachi 5/3/16
RecyclerView 5/1/16
takeScreenshot cant catch the items which are shown after click a spinner Xie Xiao 4/27/16
So strange! Why the list size is 2? Xie Xiao 4/20/16
Assert pictures in Robotium. 4/19/16
Testing of screen layout Vladimir 4/1/16
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