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rgkit with tournament management 3/20/14
rgkit v0.3.6 released WhiteHalmos 1/4/14
Trouble getting rgkit to run on mac donderper 1/4/14
Upcoming matches: exploitable? 1/4/14
Suggestion: only 3 live bots 12/15/13
How to put my code as public in the game web page 12/14/13
Return of idle bots 12/10/13
Picking up the torch WhiteHalmos 12/8/13
Re: [robot-game] Digest for - 4 Messages in 2 Topics Johannes Falke 12/6/13
Showing dead bots 12/6/13
All games show up as loses, and match info is deleted treacheroust 12/4/13
bug: internal server error when posting 750 lines bot gwillem 11/28/13
server timeout mechanics gwillem 11/26/13
Can someone please explain exactly how to use the kit? With all the little details 11/26/13
robots attack diagonally 11/26/13
rename suicide to self-destruct? 11/25/13
Some bug fixes Brandon Hsiao 11/25/13
bug?: In approx. half of my games, my robot does not move. In the other half, it unexplainedly prints. Stuart Guertin 11/25/13
Any other AI coding games like this? 11/24/13
RSVP Amsterdam Python Meetup @ 4th December gwillem 11/24/13
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