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FATAL ERROR in reads input: short read sequence line: 0 Komal Rathi 3:48 PM
Error: quality string length is not equal to sequence length Komal Rathi 3:46 PM
With --quantMode GeneCounts, I could not get ReadsPerGene.out.tab file with single end data. Jieqiong Qu 8:54 AM
Soft Clipping Infrequently Done When Split Read is More Appropriate Dario Strbenac 9/25/16
Using End-to-end alignment results in zero chimeric alignments? Katherine Pillman 9/23/16
indexing a modified S. cerevisiae genome with STAR 2.5.1a Assa Yeroslaviz 9/23/16
Segmentation Fault when Mapping to Human chrX Only (Tried different --genomeSAindexNbases values) Dadi Gao 9/23/16
Dealing with non-strand specific reads xin long 9/21/16
Ferret Genome Rebeca 9/21/16
could I build STAR index using NCBI gff annotation xiangyu...@gmail.com 9/21/16
Does Aligned.toTranscriptome.out.bam need to be sorted for RSEM input? Ning Li 9/21/16
Segmentation Fault Komal Rathi 9/21/16
"Killed: 9" message when trying to run STAR Krithika B 9/20/16
Aligning RNA-seq from plants Biogeek 9/20/16
Interpreting the Log.final.out file - % of reads unmapped: too short? Alex Chitsazan 9/20/16
Adding custom genes Yu 9/14/16
"cannot insert junctions on the fly because of strand GstrandBit problem DE 9/14/16
alignment on google instance fails - no clear error message? Franziska 9/14/16
failed building genome index with gffs annotation file zhusih...@gmail.com 9/14/16
Aligning tRNA and tRNA halves using STAR carla zijlstra 9/14/16
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