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Segmentation fault (big genome index) Jose Fernandez Navarro 12/2/16
invalid fastq files? Andrew Jaffe 11/29/16
One question about Counting number of reads per gene zhaofei 11/28/16
rDNA pseudogene problem קטי אדלר 11/28/16
Mapping only one end of paired end reads Lisle Mose 11/28/16
Could not start STAR aligment due to fatal error : EXITING because of FATAL ERROR: could not create newton...@gmail.com 11/28/16
Unaligned BAM as input? Anna Quaglieri 11/24/16
annotated and unaanoted splice sites Varun Gupta 11/23/16
segmentation fault for bacterial genome sanchez cavani 11/22/16
StringTie, not cufflinks: --outSAMattributes XS without --outSAMstrandField intronMotif matt....@gladstone.ucsf.edu 11/22/16
occasional low mapping rate hans-herma...@mdc-berlin.de 11/21/16
Using STAR to get the "raw count" from an aligned againt transcript file Osama Hamzah 11/21/16
Segmentation fault - STARlong Etai Jacob 11/21/16
Problems in generating STAR index from Gencode v11 Mus musculus long noncoding RNA Amanda Freire De Assis Riccardi 11/17/16
Star Fusion error with FusionMap Test data ninn...@gmail.com 11/17/16
Aligning 3 fastq files from the same sample Osama Hamzah 11/17/16
Zipped FastQ Files Anthony Colombo 11/17/16
Alignment stuck at "....started mapping". Issue with .gff? Joseph Mudd 11/17/16
Star running problem with --sjdbOverhang Amol Ghodke 11/17/16
No gene counts using GFF with --quantMode GeneCounts option Tim Knutsen 11/10/16
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