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An error while installing STAR on cygwin kinna...@gmail.com 8:50 AM
Aligning tRNA and tRNA halves using STAR carla zijlstra 6/30/16
building genome for saccharomyces cerevisiae Kieran Mace 6/29/16
Chromosome Length Different from Fasta File Used in Genome Generate RM 6/29/16
Will it make difference when mapping the illumina reads to the artificial supercontigs? liuhui 6/20/16
STAR version Ryan Thompson 6/20/16
Mapping only one end of paired end reads Lisle Mose 6/19/16
STAR/cuffdiff- BAM record error: found spliced alignment without XS attribute Aditya Saxena 6/17/16
STAR Poorly Mapping Paired Input Reads, but works fine when input separately Caleb Bostwick 6/17/16
SAM flags not working for TranscriptomeSAM quantification mode Claudia Scheckel 6/17/16
STAR 2.5.2a hanging on gzipped input Margherita 6/17/16
Cufflinks Segmentation Fault with STAR generated sortedByCoord.bam Aditya Saxena 6/16/16
Disagreement FastQC read length and Average input read length Koen K 6/16/16
core dumped happened when when mapping against transcriptome. Yugui Wang 6/16/16
Uniquely mapped read, but not primary alignment? Alex Ng 6/15/16
How to get all the reads termed to be multi mapped ? rvenkatr 6/15/16
paired end reads: alignment with mostly unmapped reads Amina Echchiki 6/15/16
STAR crashing on small fasta file of simulated reads.... Nick Schurch 6/10/16
Running out of memory when sorting .bam file Mike 6/10/16
The SJ.out.tab information from STAR -align alva james 6/8/16
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