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STAR can not detect this chimeric read Nico 8/29/16
Most reads are "un-aligned" Zhu Wenhan 8/29/16
Quick question about reads of unequal length Adrian Reich 8/29/16
Multi-sample 2-pass mapping clarification je...@encodedgenomics.com 8/29/16
STAR 2pass mode for de novo transcripts Marina Yurieva 8/29/16
multiple mapping with outFilterMultimapNmax 1 K. Zhang 8/29/16
Star 2Pass alignment (2.5.0c) bassu 8/26/16
STAR GeneCounts values do not sum up Daniel Gerlach 8/25/16
% of transcriptome covered Yasmin 8/25/16
STAR for miRNA praful aggarwal 8/24/16
STAR alignment Ehsan Hajiramezanali 8/24/16
SAM flags not working for TranscriptomeSAM quantification mode Claudia Scheckel 8/24/16
generateGenome fasta output Matthew Hill 8/22/16
STARlong on Pacbio data Fujun Qin 8/18/16
High % of reads mapped to multiple loci IH Lin 8/18/16
Aligning tRNA and tRNA halves using STAR carla zijlstra 8/18/16
high "% of reads mapped to multiple loci" or "% of reads unmapped: too short" Yiwei Niu 8/17/16
Commands to launch single and paired end data with star rnaFan 8/17/16
FATAL ERROR Varun Gupta 8/16/16
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