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Reads should be mapped to two genes but mapped to one instead using STAR. Jin Li 8/17/17
MMPs and mismatches Parastou Kohvaei 8/16/17
sjdbOverhang and twopassMode usage Gil S 8/16/17
how to go from --quantMode GeneCounts to DESeq2 Nikelle Petrillo 8/16/17
What is the conventional value of `--outFilterMismatchNmax`? Jin Li 8/15/17
RNA STAR: Mapping in bacteria generates long "introns" from end to end of chromosome oliveros9 8/9/17
Using STARlong for Oxford Nanopore DRS reads.... Nick Schurch 8/9/17
incompatibility --outFilterType and --outSAMorder Julien Roux 8/9/17
how to get gene symbols instead of gene_id / transcript_id? julian 8/8/17
The second expected alignment for a sequence is missing Parastou Kohvaei 8/8/17
Would 2-pass lower mapped rRNA%? Zeran Li 8/7/17
STAR for miRNA praful aggarwal 8/7/17
High percentage of multi-mapping reads Fangfang 8/7/17
GstrandBit problem Zeran Li 8/2/17
Output in transcript coordinates Louis Gevirtzman 8/1/17
could I build STAR index using NCBI gff annotation xiangyu...@gmail.com 8/1/17
read counts with gff file Grant 7/31/17
ASE (allele specific expression) using STAR Bishwa Kiran 7/31/17
Maximum sane threshold for --winAnchorMultimapNmax Parastou Kohvaei 7/31/17
EXITING because of FATAL ERROR: number of bytes expected from the BAM bin does not agree with the ac kevin.pan 7/28/17
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