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circular RNA Varun Gupta 3/3/15
genomeGenerate memory leak Brendan 3/2/15
run STAR for PE with unequal amount of reads Lea Shallev 3/2/15
Stringent splice junction mapping jessic...@gmail.com 3/1/15
include chimeric reads into the main Aligned.out.sam file mbourgey 2/27/15
Automatic 2-Pass segmentation fault craigc...@gmail.com 2/26/15
parameters for getting rRNA reads aligned (for QC) XiaoYu Liu 2/26/15
Why did reads map to introns when I set RemoveNoncanonicalUnannotated? Sirian 2/26/15
EXITING becaues of BUG: different annotation status for the same junction while collapsing junctions Jerry Xiong 2/26/15
STAR output for downstream applications xbarvazx 2/26/15
Adding custom sequence to existing index Dietmar Rieder 2/25/15
outFileNamePre x_STARtmp was not removed Leo Gu 2/25/15
strand specific control of novel splice junction discovery Sol Katzman 2/25/15
Incompatibility between --outSAMattributes --outSAMtype BAM SortedByCoordinate and --quantMode? Alexander Stoddard 2/25/15
Need recommendations for mouse sequence/annotation files to use for building index. kows...@gmail.com 2/25/15
Default Number of mismatches permitted JC Grenier 2/20/15
segmentation error while running in genomegenerate mode xlo...@uic.edu 2/20/15
A compatibility issue when using RNA-Star alignment out as INPUT for cufflinks John Wu 2/19/15
EXITING: FATAL INPUT ERROR: unrecoginzed parameter name "–-runThreadN" in input "Command-Line-Initia Wei Guo 2/19/15
After running the STAR, I did not find the sam file Wei Guo 2/19/15
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