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STAR misalignment due to deletion Zhenhua Wu 10/19/16
AS and soft clipping Swati 10/19/16
Is STAR deterministic? Alex Chitsazan 10/19/16
GFF file format with empty gene count table Amir F 10/18/16
STAR ubam input Daniel Joseph McGoldrick 10/18/16
is STAR deterministic? Anna Esteve 10/18/16
Error: Segmentation fault (core dumped) during alignment to custom HBV genome huilei xu 10/18/16
Problem with generating index 严锋 10/18/16
struggling with high % of reads unmapped: too short rz...@ucdavis.edu 10/18/16
Segmentation fault: 11 problem Yuande Tan 10/18/16
Increase in unmapped short reads with alignEndsType paramter Rosannah Cameron 10/18/16
mapping only reads that are at or near 100% to genome database Justin Baumann 10/18/16
Facing issues with STAR + Cuffmerge sivasubramani selvanayagam 10/14/16
invalid fastq files? Andrew Jaffe 10/14/16
Proposal: --alignEndsType Extend3pOfRead2 Tom Schwarzl 10/14/16
GeneCounts result has less number of genes? Abdul Kadir Mukarram 10/14/16
Best Input for multiline files Mikhail Olferiev 10/7/16
Paired end (total) overlap matt....@gladstone.ucsf.edu 10/7/16
STUCK on building the Genome Index Aref 10/4/16
gencode annotation and align to transcriptome K. Zhang 10/4/16
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