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STARlong: adjusting for variable length transcripts zeynep 2:35 PM
Output Multimapped reads Nikelle Petrillo 12:17 PM
problem indexing viral genome James Weger 12/11/17
Indexing genome reference with STAR Erena Edae 12/11/17
STAR 2.5.3 Empty SAM/BAM output (Number of input reads | 0) Mazdak Salavati 12/11/17
gzip: stdout: Bad file descriptor gzip issue Jack Yen 12/11/17
SNPs during alignment? Roman Hillje 12/11/17
comparing 2 pass approaches: multiple sample vs per sample shao 12/6/17
Typo in Mapping RNA-seq Reads with STAR (Curr Protoc Bioinformatics - 2016) ? Erwan SCAON 12/4/17
the problem of Mus_musculus.GRCm38.dna.primary_assembly.fa kenny...@gmail.com 12/3/17
ERROR_00201: unknown file format: the read ID should start with @ or > Pepinos 12/3/17
TranscriptomeSAM and multi-mapping Marianna Pauletto 12/3/17
Aligning to multiple reference genomes Muad Abd El Hay 12/3/17
Mapping reads to sequence with high homology Benjy Jek Yang Tan 11/29/17
GeneCounts result has less number of genes? Abdul Kadir Mukarram 11/28/17
Segmentation fault (core dumped) in the alignment step Vasilis Lenis 11/28/17
exons with same transcirpt_id Grant 11/27/17
Splice junctions from GTF and GFF3 format not working during indexing dan8...@gmail.com 11/27/17
Very low processing in 2pass and "drop in unique hits" / "increase in multi mappings" Urs Lahrmann 11/27/17
Dual RNA-Seq Kamil 11/21/17
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