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reads spanning two exons Mike 11:46 AM
STAR aligner bam output processing for downstream tools like htseq-count Komal Rathi 11:43 AM
Using STAR to quantify known and novel isoform expression levels per sample kelregan 11:32 AM
STAR: CIGAR operations and comparison with Bowtie2 bam output. Mike 8:31 AM
OutSJfilter* OverhangMin and CountTotalMin Assa Yeroslaviz 10/8/15
STAR segmentation fault (--genomeSAindexNbases not reassigning?) Anna Sappington 10/6/15
new release: counting reads per gene Alexander Dobin 10/6/15
STAR alignment killed: 9 Olivia Estevez 10/6/15
Star 2 Pass not mapping an intron inclusion event Besse Cummings 10/6/15
--quantmode GeneCounts multi-mapped and strand information praful aggarwal 10/6/15
empty SJ.out.tab Mike 10/6/15
v0.5.0 STAR-Fusion Pre-Release Brian Haas 10/5/15
STAR 2.4.2a: 2nd Pass mapping is extremly slow Anil Kesarwani 10/5/15
General syntax question / feature request Marc Hoeppner 10/4/15
Error while mapping single end reads (Mouse genome) Ron 10/1/15
mapping problem - many mismatches Piotr Gawroński 10/1/15
problem with ribosomal RNA mapping Anze Bozic 9/29/15
"terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::out_of_range'" when indexing a Genome rubi 9/27/15
outSAMstrandField intronMotif Felix Schlesinger 9/25/15
using STAR+Cufflinks for transcript assembly turns unstranded RNA-seq to stranded? Runxuan zhang 9/25/15
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