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Alignment with BAM file as input Jose Fernandez Navarro 9:15 AM
filtering of SJs for 2nd pass Tommy Carstensen 8:51 AM
EXITING because of FATAL ERROR: Read1 and Read2 are not consistent, reached the end of the one..... Stephen Chapman 10/19/17
STAR 2-pass mapping with multiple conditions Samuel Zimmerman 10/17/17
bamRemoveDuplicates Olivia Fong 10/13/17
Output filtering Roman Hillje 10/13/17
Paired end stranded wiggle/bedgraph output Jake Freimer 10/13/17
run rna-star with a parameter file Assa Yeroslaviz 10/13/17
Misalignment of a paired-end read, while correctly aligned with single-read Saeed Omidi 10/10/17
STAR log file vs. samtools flagstats j...@pieriandx.com 10/6/17
Clarification for 2pass per sample vs multi sample for transcriptome Patrick Tran Van 10/4/17
regarding to the mismatches read percentage Zhang Xinlian 10/4/17
Annotations in genome index Josie Paris 10/4/17
counting reads in the introns using paired end strand specific data Varun Gupta 10/4/17
Segmentation fault using genome index built using Ensemble but not UCSC files Koen K 10/2/17
differing numbers of unmapped reads Nikelle Petrillo 10/2/17
I also get segmentation fault on bacterial genome Luciano Brocchieri 9/29/17
problems installing and compiling STAR: make STARforMacStatic Stephen Chapman 9/27/17
Segmentation fault (core dumped) - during mapping with bacterial genome justin joseph jeyakani 9/25/17
RPM values computed in wig output differs from ReadsPerGene.tab Jean-Philippe Villemin 9/22/17
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