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STAR misalignment due to deletion Zhenhua Wu 7/29/16
Segfault on custom transcriptome Vulliard Loan 7/29/16
new release: counting reads per gene Alexander Dobin 7/29/16
multimapping with STARlong Osnat Penn 7/29/16
Cannot generate working indices Drwhit 7/28/16
alignIntronMax 1 still reporting splicing reads? Varun Gupta 7/27/16
STAR RSEM command not working nal...@gmail.com 7/27/16
prefered script for generating genome index and running mapping for multible fastq files Farbod Emami 7/22/16
Disable soft-clipping Neelanjan Mukherjee 7/22/16
genomeGenerate error Hiro 7/22/16
Failed to generate index YongJin Lee 7/21/16
Compiling error Quanxin Zhou 7/21/16
--sjdbGTFtagExonParentGene Alex Chitsazan 7/21/16
Genome indexing stucks at "loading chunks from disk, packing SA..." Tetyana 7/21/16
How can STAR handle reads of length zero? franzi 7/15/16
Genome generate BUG: next index is smaller than previous, EXITING Zachary Burkett 7/15/16
Aligning tRNA and tRNA halves using STAR carla zijlstra 7/15/16
Star 2Pass alignment (2.5.0c) bassu 7/14/16
cufflinks run with STAR output gives 0 FPKM pm2016 7/13/16
Error while running STAR pm2016 7/12/16
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