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How would RNA-star deal with mixed samples? i.e. a sample that has both human and bacterial reads? bob-loblaw 11:54 AM
Strange CIGAR string with --quantMode TranscriptomeSAM and --quantTranscriptomeBan Singleend Rob Patro 4/24/15
Segmentation fault on first-pass mapping from BAM files Leonor Palmeira 4/24/15
2.4.1a Alexander Dobin 4/23/15
Segmentation fault (core dumped) Carina Jønck 4/23/15
2-pass mapping with re-generated genome or not? XiaoYu Liu 4/23/15
How is the Chimeric.out.junction when two of the paired end mates are chimeric? Jun Cheng 4/23/15
Fail to detect known fusion transcript with STAR chimeric alignment Ming Su 4/21/15
STAR-Fusion for finding fusion transcripts in cancer transcriptomes Brian Haas 4/14/15
STAR: command not found Angelo 4/14/15
STAR two step mode Mp 4/14/15
Chimeric Junction Output and gFuse Fusion Detection bruce moran 4/13/15
compile STAR on centOS 5 Steve Qin 4/13/15
Memory issue (maybe cache problem?) Carina Jønck 4/13/15
STAR 2.4.0k Missing SA and index file in GenomeForPass2 Carina Jønck 4/9/15
Filtering reads by quality score John Blischak 4/8/15
Partially mapped reads using STAR Stuti Agrawal 4/7/15
strand specific control of novel splice junction discovery Sol Katzman 4/7/15
STAR missing a mapping with fewer mismatches; prefers multiple mismatches and larger fragment? James Blachly 4/4/15
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