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STAR generated BAM file with cufflinks Aarthi Mohan 5/27/16
2Pass mapping with STAR: Why the 1 pass must be done separately for all samples? C.Anna 5/26/16
Problem with IGV --> F2R1 and F1R2 Baptiste 5/25/16
STAR should sjdbOverhang be the same for every sample in a differential analysis? Jonathan Sage 5/24/16
Mapping differences in paired-end vs unpaired reads Manishi 5/24/16
different result of STAR/STARlong when query RNA5S1.fa(121bp) Yugui Wang 5/24/16
building genome for saccharomyces cerevisiae Kieran Mace 5/23/16
Low mapping of total RNAseq and Mismatch in Unmapped.out.mate Vinu 5/20/16
dimension of read and exon dimension Mp 5/20/16
How to get all the reads termed to be multi mapped ? rvenkatr 5/20/16
Mapping long paired-end reads Babak A 5/20/16
Re: Using STAR to detect circular RNA from RNASeq library Alexander Dobin 5/20/16
Adding custom genes Yu 5/16/16
fatal error carob 5/16/16
STAR aligner mapping to transcriptome Alexander Czerny 5/16/16
STAR_2.5.1a :genome index taking long time Vinu 5/16/16
Too many % reads unmapped too short | 55.91% Sneh 5/16/16
Majority of reads belong to "N_noFeature" Zhen Shi 5/12/16
Quality of Fusions detected Anna Quaglieri 5/11/16
STAR 2-pass generated less uniquely mapped reads comparing to 1-pass Dadi Gao 5/10/16
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