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A lot of unmapped reads Mehmet Ahsen 12:43 PM
Multi-sample 2-pass mapping clarification je...@encodedgenomics.com 12:42 PM
WARNING: Target '0' exists in MultiFASTA but not alignment (SAM/BAM) file. kjarc...@gmail.com 9:57 AM
phtread error while creating thread # 11, error code: 11 ERA 9:52 AM
Aligning highly diverged reads to one ref. genome Grant 9:45 AM
Segmentation fault for different input with a same genome taochu...@gmail.com 9:24 AM
Aligning mate pairs where one read is very short (10bp) bj...@cornell.edu 6/22/17
Re: Many unmapped reads in STAR, classified as "too short"? Alexander Dobin 6/22/17
ASE (allele specific expression) using STAR Bishwa Kiran 6/21/17
Converting Chimeric.out.sam to Bam Ron 6/20/17
excessive run time for particular fastq orangutan sequences Sol Katzman 6/19/17
Alignment to diploid genome using STAR Bishwa Kiran 6/19/17
Question about optimum parameters Zoe Ward 6/19/17
Not enough SAM attributes in AlignedToTranscriptome.bam Bishwa Kiran 6/19/17
Parent child relationship to use with GFF data. Are alignment to transcripts on exon or transcripts? Bishwa Kiran 6/19/17
read maps outside of reference boundary Daniel Núñez 6/18/17
Deletion treated as Intron naresh prodduturi 6/15/17
genomeGenerate fail with de novo transcriptome assembly Noah Simons 6/14/17
STAR with fasta files Zoe Ward 6/14/17
output read in --outReadsUnmapped if the mate is unmapped Bishwa Kiran 6/14/17
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