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--genomeLoad problem Uosaki Hideki 9:21 PM
twopassmode Basic vs manual filtering Vineela Gangalapudi 3:02 PM
Multi-mapped reads caused by single-base duplication Xinl 2:59 PM
CircRNA false positives? Zoe Ward 2:58 PM
RNAseq Shuksi 2:49 PM
STAR - high number of reads mapped to multiple loci Vempalli Fazulur 2:40 PM
STAR with Cufflinks sul...@purdue.edu 5:58 AM
Sequential alignment + --outReadsUnmapped Varun Gupta 4/16/18
quality string length is not equal to sequence length, fix your fastq file rsklav 4/16/18
Running STAR without a .gtf annotation Joseph Mudd 4/16/18
Expected Outcomes from Mouse RNA-Seq Experiment Robert Chen 4/16/18
STAR indexing Shuksi 4/9/18
NCBI's GFF file: how to get gene counts with STAR Alexey Kozlenkov 4/9/18
Missed alignments STAR vs Bowtie2 Nel 4/9/18
Problem with lists of multiple fastq.gz files as input Barry Bismuth 4/8/18
STAR misplaces junction start Dries De Maeyer 4/7/18
The SJ.out.tab information from STAR -align alva james 4/7/18
STAR "freezes" while processing multiple files Alexandra Kitz 4/5/18
Did I sequence mostly DNA? jbo...@tgen.org 4/4/18
Poor sample quality, or STAR issue? daheeba...@gmail.com 4/3/18
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