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Segmentation Fault when using Genome generated using -sjdbInsertSave All Komal Rathi 2/16/18
number of total read count by samtool flagstat not equal to total read in star report chaiwat 2/14/18
--outSAMmapqUnique retrospectively praful aggarwal 2/14/18
single end sequencing (51 bp), problem with having too many reads to short to map Charlotte Choi 2/14/18
kernel dynamic memory not freed after STAR run Ivan Molineris 2/14/18
Trouble installing STAR on MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 sheffiel...@gmail.com 2/14/18
small RNA alignment Ron 2/13/18
STAR version 2.5.4a says "STAR_2.5.3a_modified" for STAR --version Mike 2/9/18
Is STAR deterministic? Alex Chitsazan 2/8/18
An error when installing STAR on Mint Motti 2/8/18
Long reads question Zoe Ward 2/8/18
Non-canonical SJ have no strand information Stefanos Bamopoulos 2/5/18
Converting (existing) genomic alignments to transcriptome coordinates Rob Patro 2/5/18
Genome Index Compatibility Yunjiang Qiu 2/5/18
Detecting different SJ when using R1 only versus R1 & R2 njoye26 2/5/18
Help understanding STAR algorithm sent...@gmail.com 2/5/18
Solution: check that you have permission to write this file Jack Yen 2/5/18
2-pass mapping with re-generated genome Lidia de los Rios 1/30/18
Segmentation fault (core dumped) deepakrish...@gmail.com 1/29/18
--SJRemoveDuplicatesType - arguably a missing option from STAR ??? Malcolm Cook 1/29/18
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