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number of mismatches Olivier SAULNIER 11/26/15
Re: How would RNA-star deal with mixed samples? i.e. a sample that has both human and bacterial reads? Alexander Dobin 11/26/15
Mapping to transcriptome K. Zhang 11/25/15
Does STAR handlers interleaved FASTQ files..? Kirill Tsyganov 11/25/15
For read length=150 bp , Do you recommend to use STAR or STARlong? sanket 11/25/15
--outSAMmultNmax multiple alignment restriction Vladimir Presnyak 11/25/15
total stranded fusion Mp 11/25/15
Sorted SAM output Vladimir Presnyak 11/24/15
time for generating human genome with annotations Tiffany Ting Liu 11/24/15
Mapping multiple files to the same genome Osvaldo Zagordi 11/24/15
Alignment hangs on last created thread Nic Wheeler 11/23/15
Alignment scores different for +/- strands? B Moreland 11/23/15
install STAR:Parameters.cpp:227:37: error: 'parametersDefault' was not declared in this scope Kai Wu 11/23/15
Chimeric Reads in Log.final.out Felix Schlesinger 11/21/15
STAR-fusion with fastq-merging Yongsoo Kim 11/21/15
STAR_2.4.2a segfaults on "malformed" chromosome names Artyushin Ilja 11/20/15
Confusion about viewing STAR aligned reads in IGV Emilie Wilkie 11/20/15
Upgrading to STAR 2.5.0a from 2.4.0a sanket 11/19/15
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