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Is there a good overall tutorial and initial guide? Denis Haskin 11/29/17
rgeo - moving Proj4 to a separate gem Tee Parham 11/28/17
Finding the point in a polyline that is closest to an arbitrary point A Daryl Wilding-McBride 10/9/17
Mismatch in rgeo spatial distance vis-a-vis reality srs...@gmail.com 8/1/17
can't get RGeo::Geos.supported? to be true stephen deese 7/29/17
Rails Geo Oracle bernard....@gmail.com 7/13/17
Geo Distance vs ST_DistanceSphere Barrett Clark 6/1/17
Moving a geoPoint Christopher Würtz 5/24/17
NoMethodError: undefined method `set_rgeo_factory_for_column' Anuj 4/24/17
Area calculation is invalid Stenver Jerkku 4/15/17
How do I get the distance between multipolygon and point? How do I check if point is inside multipolygon? Stenver Jerkku 4/14/17
activerecord-postgis-adapter default value piet...@gmail.com 3/22/17
Find all points within a polygon Seth Siegler 1/27/17
basic factory & point manipulation questions Ivar Vasara 1/6/17
Can't create polygon from unclosed set of points Yarin Kessler 12/20/16
RGeo Factories and contians? in geographic domain Pratuat Amatya 11/11/16
Install RGeo with PROJ4 support on Windows? John McCarty 11/3/16
Rgeo to unknown data type... Darrell Sommerlatt 10/31/16
Simple Mercator Factory Project/Unproject Myles Boone 3/20/16
Distance calculations are off compared to google maps Nathan Samson 3/3/16
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