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Retrieving data with activerecord-postgis-adapter 3.0.0.beta2 & Rails 4.2.0 Anthony Goddard 3/2/15
activerecord-postgis-adapter v2 do not create separate schema in Rails 4 Сергей Вернидуб 2/16/15
activerecord-mysql2spatial-adapter returning nil for some geometry entries Dharshan Bharathur 11/27/14
About Area Jose Luis Torres 11/26/14
Need Help Importing a SHP file to a db table. Tom Cocca 11/13/14
RGeo Factories and contians? in geographic domain Pratuat Amatya 10/29/14
foreign key support SimonS 10/28/14
required 'rgeo-activerecord' but t.point still not recognized Chris Davaz 10/28/14
RGeo::Geos::CAPIPolygonImpl#intersects? true while intersection is nil Stuart Johnson 10/21/14
help with coordinate transformation needed. simon...@googlemail.com 10/19/14
coordinate-transformation simon...@googlemail.com 10/19/14
Calculate intersection of large circles Francesco Disperati 8/24/14
OS X: postgis columns coming back as String instead of RGeo::Geos datatype Denis Haskin 8/19/14
RGeo does not play well with Resque Sean Callan 8/8/14
RGeo/JRuby/Heroku ? SimonS 7/28/14
Deploying to Heroku Volkan Unsal 7/28/14
newbie question: How do I link to a postgis db if I am not using rails? Russell Fulton 7/19/14
The lonlat output is wrong in production Volkan Unsal 7/5/14
Converting Projected Shapefile into Lat Lng Brad Crawford 6/30/14
Record polygon from a KML file Brice Bene 6/7/14
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