RESTing with Symfony

Follow-up to:, based on @joostfarla's idea and maintained by @couac.

Let's discuss the state of REST with Symfony, and try to make things better for everyone!

This group is made for:

* developers who build APIs, need advices or have questions about the existing libraries/bundles;
* developers who want to contribute to the Symfony ecosystem, on topics related to REST;
* people who have questions about REST in general, or in the PHP/Symfony context;
* everyone.

Don't forget to introduce yourself first so that we know who is who :-)


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Introduce yourself William Durand 8/18/16
Immediate Interview:- Java Developer With Telecom Domain // Colorado Springs CO Swami A 1/23/17
CORS, Angular, NelmioCORSBundle and LexikJWTAuthentication: 400 due to OPTIONS Request Ulrich Lichtenegger 1/6/16
Don't Patch Like An Idiot with Symfony Jérémiah Valérie 3/2/15
Bundle for rapid development of RESTful APIs on top of FOSRestBundle Marc Juchli 12/2/14
View classes Ramon Kleiss 12/1/14
FOSRestBundle & JMSSerializer: Getting UUID packed in a BINARY(16) field from MySQL José Luis Gallego 11/5/14
How to structure/separate one application to be used in various applications Hugo Henrique 11/3/14
Plural vs singular, etc. Stan Lemon 10/29/14
Serializing a new format... Stan Lemon 10/28/14
Introducing Myself Jewel Huq 10/28/14
Defining an Api Layer as a Service? Using a Factory? Ulrich Lichtenegger 10/22/14
PATCH Support Stan Lemon 10/16/14
SonataAdmin and FOSRest 9/17/14
Introducing a HAL Client Thomas R. 9/12/14
Appropriate response for registering a customer via REST API Vivek Gounder 9/6/14
REST edition + angular.js example? Lukas Kahwe Smith 9/3/14
Promoting FOSRestBundle for the DX Hackdays Javier Eguiluz 8/22/14
Support both application/hal+json and application/json Marcus Fulbright 8/19/14
multipart/form-data and FormType validation Malachi Soord 8/18/14
JMSSerializer and Hateoas performances 8/18/14
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