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Can websites change blocking lists? Peter Benkel 7/18/17
RequestPolicy and Dashlane Extension David Bisson 3/9/16
Domain on white list still partially blocked; cannot change status Salmo 10/21/15
Plans for add on to mobile version of Firefox? Scott Reed 8/23/15
What is panel.html? Matthias 8/18/15
Disabled Stephen Schmidt 5/18/15
1.0 vs stable? wildcard whitelists chrcoluk 10/31/14
Request Policy 1.0.0b7 and FF Nightly, Unable to manage Policies Crash N Burn 9/10/14
Is RequestPolicy dead? Dave 9/10/14
Top Page Overlay, for "Allow, Deny" missing "More" Crash N Burn 9/10/14
How easy would it be to return to the stable v0.5 if I have an issue with the 1.0 beta? David Cobb 7/15/14
BUG: Firefox Health Report blocked 61473 7/3/14 review stars Mirar H 7/3/14
certificated MASTERFREEZE MOHAMAD 6/27/14
Is it possible to allow all requests to a protocol? David Cobb 6/26/14
handling of mixed destinations Christoph Groth 4/19/14
Blocks keefox communication with keepass Stephan 3/24/14
not working well with firefox 27 Mr. Nice 2/14/14
RP and usability Thomas Müller 2/5/14
Bookmarklets Hugh Hyatt 1/8/14
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