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Hello, this group is about Redis issues and help requests. Feel free to ask questions about operations, schema design, bugs you found. To propose new features or core improvements please use redis-dev instead. Commercial messages are removed.

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Redis Pattern matching within keys Anushri Mishra 2/21/18
How can I issue the set auth-pass in Redis Sentinel without the password showing up in the Redis Sentinel console Brendan Furey 2/21/18
Downloading a Redis Backup file from my server to my laptop 2/20/18
End of Maintenance: hiredis & Co. Jan-Erik Rediger 2/20/18
How to handle multiple updates at once using watch feature which is limited or other way? 2/20/18
Array Ronald Wiplinger 2/20/18
Slave of HAProxy? Jean-Michel Hiver 2/20/18
redis freezes completely, seemingly at random and without a trace Michel Benevento 2/20/18
Lua script keys that depend on db state Ryan Rosenbaum 2/19/18
Redis mixed RDB+AOF George Chilumbu 2/17/18
Import Existing Cluster Dataset to a New Cluster Kevin Johnson 2/16/18
Redis - TTL update on every access Vs requery after expiry Birender Rawat 2/14/18
[MODULE ERROR] How to unload module that exports data type eburgos 2/14/18
Restrict a node to be slave only in sentinel mode? House Lee 2/12/18
Imminent Redis Streams RDB format change? Nick Farrell 2/12/18
HA in Redis when one node crashes Akshat Tandon 2/12/18
Azure Redis reliability regarding data loss 2/11/18
MGET Performance Issue Chris Stanaway 2/10/18
Usage monitor command cause use-memory decrease to 400M from 150G in redis-server 4.0.1. liu tired 2/10/18
Redis 4.0 partial synchronization not working George Chilumbu 2/9/18
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