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Hello, this group is about Redis issues and help requests. Feel free to ask questions about operations, schema design, bugs you found. To propose new features or core improvements please use redis-dev instead. Commercial messages are removed.

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Redis CLUSTER NODES format change in 4.0 Salvatore Sanfilippo 8/2/17
Logs missing RSCL Mumbai 8/2/17
Problems with performance - Watchdog Teresa F B 8/1/17
Redis memory footprint in a empty instance has increased up to 3MB in Redis 4, why? David Torres 8/1/17
Counting using HyperLogLog 7/31/17
Unable to change number of open files for redis-server process Itai Ganot 7/30/17
[release] Redis 3.2.10 is out Salvatore Sanfilippo 7/28/17
Redis Meetup in Bangalore - Thursday, 3rd August Sripathi Krishnan 7/27/17
Redis 4.0 GA is out! Salvatore Sanfilippo 7/27/17
Are all CONFIG SET operations idempotent and safe to call repeatedly? AlexanderB 7/26/17
Current epoch & config epoch Liuyi Wang 7/26/17
How to configure RDB + AOF combined backups Matthew Rathbone 7/26/17
New Redis Cluster William Davis 7/26/17
importing to db1 Roshan Shetty 7/25/17
redis-sentinel master-to-slave resurrection is failing in kubernetes statefulset Chris Hiestand 7/25/17
Question about slave failover and sentinel failover Liuyi Wang 7/25/17
Redis 3.2.9 - Redis aborting for OUT OF MEMORY osh 7/24/17
[Announce] Build your Redis 4.0 modules in JavaScript with Cthulhu Marco Cecconi 7/24/17
[release] Redis 4.0.1 is out Salvatore Sanfilippo 7/24/17
Adding redis snapshot to another instance 7/23/17
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