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Hello, this group is about Redis issues and help requests. Feel free to ask questions about operations, schema design, bugs you found. To propose new features or core improvements please use redis-dev instead. Commercial messages are removed.

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go-clients, can it persist structs? Gitted 4/24/16
Redis server not responding 4/24/16
Hash VS Strings performane - Expert advice needed :) Guillaume Luccisano 4/23/16
Redis3.x , JedisPool Client , Read time out Tony Liu 4/20/16
Is redis cluster fault tolerance with no replication possible ? 4/20/16
Redis cluster fail with no apparent node seen in failed state Lax kota 4/19/16
Redis CPU frequently shoot up to 95% and restarted. 4/18/16
make test asking for password Dennis Charles 4/17/16
Cluster Fault Tolerance Jayakrishna B H 4/17/16
Jedis SocketTimeoutException to Redis Shawn Clark 4/17/16
someone working on geoclustering? gregory grey 4/16/16
Bounded sorted set Adityanarayan Vaidya 4/15/16
Installing Redis as a Service Fails on my Windows Machine Chris Tamlyn 4/15/16
sized of infrastructure for Redis Cluster Eduardo Diaz 4/14/16
redis pipeline response order Adityanarayan Vaidya 4/13/16
Redis service is frequently shutting down what could be the issue Chaitanya Elluri 4/13/16
Does redis cluster support pipeline mechanism? 4/13/16
ZINTERBYSCORE numkeys key min max [key min max] [WITHSCORE MIN | MAX | SUM] plugin 4/11/16
Increment hash key (not values) George Chilumbu 4/11/16
Redis with IPsec, sentinels do not promote slave when IPsec is flushed Rob 4/11/16
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