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Hello, this group is about Redis issues and help requests. Feel free to ask questions about operations, schema design, bugs you found. To propose new features or core improvements please use redis-dev instead. Commercial messages are removed.

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Caching Oracle database with Redis 5/8/18
redis sentinel cannot failover in CONFIG command is renamed Tuco 5/8/18
Redis Sentinel Master syncing Tedley Meralus 5/7/18
What will be the expected performance boost if I migrate code from Lua script to a C Redis Module? hamid alaei 5/7/18
Redis throughput depends on number of connections, is my understanding correct? Pritam Kadam 5/6/18
redis crashes while executing SAVE command Vandan Joshi 5/5/18
Redis logfile problem. Shen Longxing 5/5/18
LUA - How to predeclare keys when key is calculated inside LUA script? Victor Efimov 5/4/18
small key cost long running time Romber Li 5/4/18
Wrong preprocessor name in zmalloc.c Krzysztof Filipek 5/4/18
using redis for tree data structure Matan Levy 5/3/18
Usage of package "lua" Sateesh Reddy Gaddam 5/2/18
New forked Redis variant Josiah Carlson 5/2/18
'config set' returns 'unknown command' Eugenia Shraiman 4/26/18
syslog Redis logs ends up in common /var/log/messages file Uday Joshi 4/25/18
redisAeAttach(aeEventLoop, redisAsyncContext): what if context is disconnected? Zongheng Yang 4/25/18
Redis cluster - access via load balancer Walter Heestermans 4/24/18
redis-sentinel master-to-slave resurrection is failing in kubernetes statefulset Chris Hiestand 4/23/18
redis reboots faster with "appendonly.aof" instead of "dump.rdb" Gajendra Kumar 4/23/18
Pub/Sub in Redis cluster rorofei 4/22/18
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