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Hello, this group is about Redis issues and help requests. Feel free to ask questions about operations, schema design, bugs you found. To propose new features or core improvements please use redis-dev instead. Commercial messages are removed.

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Sentinel with rename command ( Redis 4.0.1 ) Kanako Nakai 6:13 PM
Counting using HyperLogLog 4:16 AM
Redis failover is not happening with Sentinel Roshan Pradeep 8/22/17
redishappy George Chilumbu 8/22/17
How to clear redis cache weekly once 8/21/17
Redis cluster with Sentinel Andy Beak 8/18/17
Why are multikey operations not supported on Redis cluster? Sidd S 8/17/17
Redis setWhenExhaustedAction in 2.1 cannot be found in 2.9 Irene Chai 8/16/17
Sentinel with 1 Master and 2 Slaves not Failing Over with error failover-abort-slave-timeout Shahzad, Mohammad (Produban) 8/15/17
Not all configs returned from CONFIG GET * are settable by config set. (Error in documentation?) AlexanderB 8/14/17
Memory Requirement Santos Das 8/13/17
Redis Geo Score to Lat/Lon William Davis 8/11/17
In Redis Cluster the slave was not promoted to master when the Redis Instance(master) was stopped manually. Akshay Salunke 8/10/17
ReJson Module performance compared to other json libraries ? sohi mankotia 8/10/17
Redis GEOADD showing wrong distance Abhijit Desai 8/10/17
Bulk data replication from Oracle to Redis Venkat 8/9/17
how does the scan command worked in redis-cluster zhangcong ZC 8/7/17
Is there way to add node to a Redis Cluster without manual intervention if the cluster enabled redis instance is started? Akshay Salunke 8/7/17
which is the best java client of redis? 蔡博 8/7/17
What happen when use both Cluster and Sentinel? Lumos Dang 8/4/17
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