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Hello, this group is about Redis issues and help requests. Feel free to ask questions about operations, schema design, bugs you found. To propose new features or core improvements please use redis-dev instead. Commercial messages are removed.

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Redis module: please speed up RedisModule_Call(ctx, "PUBLISH", ...) Zongheng Yang 1/22/18
a question about __ziplistDelete function in ziplist.c 秦超 1/20/18
pprof + "redis-server --loadmodule ./build/" Zongheng Yang 1/19/18
Redis Module: 'info commandstats' does not show custom module commands, but 'monitor' does Zongheng Yang 1/18/18
How to feed Set operations represented as symbols to CLI/pyredis? Tharmalingam Viswanathan 1/18/18
Redisearch: Unknown Command FT.CREATE Tharmalingam Viswanathan 1/18/18
A couple questions about streams. George Leontiev 1/16/18
We changed our application to do the same thing with fewer Redis commands and Redis barfed ... any idea why? Nicholas Williams 1/15/18
hash-max-zipmap-entries AcidZombie24 1/15/18
Can a redis cluster be setup on a mac in a docker container in a way where my host machine can communicate with it? 1/13/18
redis-cluster Master Slave Santos Das 1/12/18
Redis 4.0.6 crashed by signal: 11 Qian Chen 1/12/18
Redis failover is not happening with Sentinel Roshan Pradeep 1/11/18
How to choose a good value for tcp-backlog in redis.conf? hh90 1/8/18
What is the best way connect Redis and HDFS JUNHEE PARK 1/8/18
KPTI impact JJ 1/8/18
redis-sentinel is unable to reconfigure the re-booted redis server instance as a slave Michal Conos 1/5/18
Redis persist all data in memory to disk? If Redis is restarted, it loads that data from disk to memory? reginaldo rideaki 1/5/18
redis sentinel log lines 1/2/18
redis-cluster on kubernetes to be used externally Mohammad Ali Safari 1/1/18
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