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Hello, this group is about Redis issues and help requests. Feel free to ask questions about operations, schema design, bugs you found. To propose new features or core improvements please use redis-dev instead. Commercial messages are removed.

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Python, Qt based redis GUI Tiago Coutinho 3/18/17
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Redis proxies for Redis clusters ? George L 3/15/17
Unable to change number of open files for redis-server process Itai Ganot 3/15/17
Redis and M2 SSD drives marc perkel 3/15/17
redis timer Santos Das 3/13/17
Disable redis-sentinel auto-discovery of old slaves George Chilumbu 3/9/17
redis service on redhat ? Curtis Newton 3/9/17
Update redis hash periodically Blake 3/8/17
pending commands rename Moses Nakamura 3/8/17
Memory Fragmentation Rama Rao 3/7/17
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