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Found on the Web: MDL Zork sourcecode Magnus Olsson 1:34 AM
XTads needs (pre)beta testers Rune Berg 2/10/18
T-zero (Text adventure) Nathan Glasser 2/3/18
( Instructor Solutions Manual ) Fox and McDonald's Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, 9th Edition by Philip J. Pritchard, John W. Mitchell mark rain 12/23/17
ZIL Coding - Start Here! Happy MAC XL 12/18/17
ZIL Lives Happy MAC XL 12/11/17
"Understanding" indexed text 12/9/17
ZIL Facebook Group Happy MAC XL 11/30/17
ZIL Interpreter Program Technical Manual Happy MAC XL 11/30/17
ZIL Code Manual Happy MAC XL 11/30/17
Worth the effort 11/29/17
Uploads - What is wrong with Easynews 11/10/17
Last week of IFComp 11/8/17
Interactive fiction for a non-native speaker Emkei 10/12/17
Twinge - (Facebook Messenger/iOS/Android) Petr Škorňok 9/21/17
PAWS is back, new version 2.1! (Roger Plowman’s "Python Adventure Writing System") Matthias Hormann 9/20/17
SOLUTIONS MANUAL Probability, Statistics, and Random Processes for Electrical Engineers 3rd E by A. Leon-Garcia 9/3/17
ZIL - Talking to Actors Happy MAC XL 7/1/17
ZIL - Learning Happy MAC XL 7/1/17
zedit.z5? C.P.Briscoe-Smith 6/15/17
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