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A Class Mercedes, no engine Yossi 11:39 AM
Aluminium purchase Gavin 11:07 AM
PCs at the space Jim Pugh 10:36 AM
Filter coffee.. Richard Francis 10:33 AM
Hardware Hacking Tuesday 25th April Richard Ibbotson 10:03 AM
Weight scales? Luke Barnard 9:54 AM
Adventures in milling (I made a thing) Gavin 8:05 AM
Thank you.. Richard Francis 6:29 AM
One of our Ryobi's is missing Ian Petrie 6:24 AM
The printer's USB cable has gone walk about Andrew Jacobs 6:06 AM
Free acrylic! Lorelai Halls 4/24/17
Re: [RDG-Hack] Stuff to Buy - printer? Tara Martel 4/24/17
Measuring device power usage presentation proposal mikethebee 4/24/17
Introducing 3D Thursdays at rLab Tony Short 4/24/17
Thoughts on this New Opensource Laser Cutter from Just Add Sharks Old Raft 4/24/17
RE: [RDG-Hack] Re: What should we buy? 3D printer Richard Ibbotson 4/24/17
Hello and Open Source Circular Economy Days Reading Linkup Erica 4/23/17
Exploding sucker Ian Petrie 4/23/17
WhatToBuy: Wheel Chair Lift mikethebee 4/23/17
Any Computer Fans Left? Alexander Ross 4/23/17
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