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Inductions for 3D printer and laser cutter Sam Lloyd 10:48 AM
Sewing Machine Workshop Tara Martel 7:24 AM
Engineering emergency - bent leadscrew - fixable? Alex Gibson 7:05 AM
Project - To Make a 3D Lily for exhibition at Reading Museum - deadline Oct 3 2017 Celia Hemken 6:00 AM
Laser Etching Slate Costers Stephen Cornes 4:28 AM
Dymaxion Map Icosahedron Stephen Cornes 4:23 AM
New Toy Andrew Jacobs 3:56 AM
Asking about Sunday 24th 10am-1pm mikethebee 3:46 AM
Podcast Ep142 Posted mikethebee 3:38 AM
Rlab Reprap 3d printer faulty? Mark Robson 2:58 AM
I left my phone charger plugged into the side of table Matt Ion 9/20/17
Floor cable covers to borrow Rachel Goater 9/20/17
Fwd: September thank you and upcoming Repair Cafes Stuart Ward 9/20/17
Board Stupid II Gavin 9/20/17
The Great Downstairs Thread Arthur 9/20/17
Make a tool rack for Rlab! Arthur 9/19/17
Router (Networking type) Oliver Williams 9/19/17
New joiners - safety tour 9/18/17
We should sort this Gavin 9/18/17
Board Stupid II Episode 1 Video? Chris Bingham 9/18/17
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