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Balsa wood strip/dowel Derek Scuffell 5:34 AM
Shapeoko revival thread Gavin 3:55 AM
Mouser RN2483 Order Richard Ibbotson 7/27/17
Rotating Chair Project Progress Karl Sainz Martinez 7/27/17
Podcast EP135 Posted mikethebee 7/27/17
Plywood in the small room downstairs Ian Petrie 7/27/17
Vinyl cutter with registration sensor Simon Green 7/26/17
PROJECT: Amplifier Gavin 7/26/17
Check out the items in this thread Ian Petrie 7/26/17
Project Storage Space Ian Petrie 7/26/17
Laser cutting materials Emma Payne 7/26/17
Big thank you Toby Williams 7/26/17
Consumables Ian Petrie 7/26/17
Anybody got experience of amberspyglass Toby Williams 7/26/17
Just waving a thing Ian Petrie 7/26/17
FAO Paul.R. Arthur 7/26/17
more sorting out Ian Petrie 7/25/17
FAO: Rupert - 3D printer carriage Toby Williams 7/25/17
Boxford Improvement Thread Toby Williams 7/25/17
Metrics drill bits 1mm to 10mm sorted Arthur 7/24/17
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