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Fridge Happy-o-meter Matthew Daubney 5:24 PM
rLab 3rd Birthday Party, 7th May 2016 Richard Ibbotson 5:20 PM
Rlab white reprap - result Mark Robson 1:18 PM
clean room light are not working.. Manoel Trapier 12:58 PM
Lorawan Recommendations Matthew Daubney 12:47 PM
Hello and Open Source Circular Economy Days Reading Linkup Erica 12:43 PM
Laser Cutter Training Thursday 5th of May Matthew Daubney 10:16 AM
Big Laser - Slow Cutting Yossi 12:39 AM
Just an FYI and possible party op Matthew Daubney 12:22 AM
Plotter scottmurdoch2010 5/4/16
Tomorrow's Reading Promotion mikethebee 5/4/16
ABS & Nylon plastic repair Manoel Trapier 5/4/16
OFFER: Desktop PC Jeremy Poulter 5/3/16
Laser cutting and acrylic bonding questions Chris M 5/3/16
Hacking keyboard PCBs Gavin 5/3/16
OFFER Slingbox Jeremy Poulter 5/3/16
Ordering Steel James 5/3/16
PAT testing mikethebee 5/3/16
Waterproof power connector Stuart L 5/2/16
Rofin Sinar DY Laser Andrey Dorovatovskiy 5/2/16
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