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Laser room upgrade (member action required) Tony Short 11:48 AM
Childs Hackspace Richard Ibbotson 9:50 AM
[Fwd: {RADARC Group Forum :556} Height Matters - by Mike Naylor G4CDF - Thursday 22nd February 8pm Woodford Park] John Gumb 2/20/18
Water softener insulation? Gavin 2/20/18
Whiteboard available Tony Short 2/20/18
Kitchen area upgrade Tony Short 2/20/18
Blocked Fire Exit Route Keegan Neave 2/20/18
Lasercutting plea for help 2/20/18
PC for CNC Tools Richard Ibbotson 2/20/18
Advice on making the recesses for bowtie joints sam bennett 2/20/18
Windows 7 not installing updates Tim DeWitt 2/19/18
Hacky Racers! Keegan Neave 2/19/18
CNC tools update Toby Williams 2/18/18
The old RepRap 3D printer Tony Short 2/18/18
Induction on the Lathe (for wood turning) sam bennett 2/17/18
Podcast Ep161 Posted mikethebee 2/17/18
3D printer filament survey Tony Short 2/16/18
rLAB refreshments feedback Tony Short 2/14/18
OFFER: Blu-ray reader / DVD RW Gavin 2/14/18
Planer thicknesser out of action Luke Barnard 2/14/18
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