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Welcome to the official mailing list of ReactiveMongo, the non-blocking, reactive Scala driver for MongoDB!
Here you can ask questions about the driver, give your feedback or report bugs.

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BUG -Implicit Conversions - stringToBSONObjectID, not catching exception on nested invalid mongoIDs Joe Stogner 1/10/17
reactivemongo 0.12 - 0/0 available connection Erica G 1/10/17
QueryBuilder fluent interface Fernando Aspiazu 1/4/17
Map Handler Sid Feiner 12/25/16
How can I setup the timeout for queries ? João Cerdeira 12/22/16
Class relationships Miguel Angel Olivero 12/20/16
ReactiveMongo Criteria DSL Update osxhacker 12/18/16
iterating over cursor resulted from aggregation Sunil Pasumarthi 12/14/16
Using Certificate based Authentication in ReactiveMongo Dima Polsky 12/14/16
Sporadic errors "oups. [0-9]+ not found!" Matej Krchniak 12/12/16
No primary node available Kilic Ali-Firat 12/8/16
BSONObjectID.generate.stringify can return duplicate id? chao chu 12/7/16
How to use $facet Emre Kanca 12/5/16
Version 0.12.0 No implementation for play.modules.reactivemongo.ReactiveMongoApi was bound Emre Kanca 11/28/16
Default read preference "secondary" breaks write commands Federico Nusymowicz 11/19/16
Can anybody help me with aggregation function? WenHsin Hsieh 11/17/16
fails to negociate SCRAM-SHA1 Rafael Avila Martínez 11/14/16
Rename MongoDB collection not working Vlad Shiligin 11/11/16
Unsafe behaviour of BSONCollectionWriter Edmondo Porcu 11/11/16
Regression in Macros? Reto Hablützel 11/9/16
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