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Welcome to the official mailing list of ReactiveMongo, the non-blocking, reactive Scala driver for MongoDB!
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Storing Joda DateTimes as MongoDB ISO dates using Play-reactivemongo plugin Meghana Viswanath 2/7/15
Joda Time comparaison Nicolas Esteban 2/3/15
Missing reference to typesafe maven repository in getting started guide 2/2/15
Update array item in JSONCollection Alex Fruzenshtein 1/30/15
Play scala BSONObjectID Form format Nicolas Esteban 1/29/15
Specifying Replica_Tags Akka Chelley 1/28/15
Next release of reactivemongo David Bouyssié 1/27/15
unknown top level operator when updating from a JSON REST Service Michael Rupprecht 1/13/15
Processing jobs from capped collection until interrupted Erik Allik 1/13/15
New PRs From Reactific Reid Spencer 1/12/15
how to use map-reduce ? tasyjean sozoran 12/22/14
Can I avoid plugin connection in sbt test phase? Loïc Descotte 12/21/14
Creating unique documents Dan Martin 12/1/14
[][Play 2.3.6]Using ReactiveMongoPlugin.db.Command to return gridFs md5 value Ccer Lamic 11/26/14
[]Article on how to use reactive mongo with plain Akka and Websockets Jos Dirksen 11/22/14
[] [Play 2.3.6] Is it really good to develop file sharing app like dropbox? Ccer Lamic 11/18/14
Can we modify GridFs to stream directly from request to mongo w/o using temporary files internally? Ccer Lamic 11/18/14
migration to 0.10.5: cast String to BSONObjectID Antoine Mazé 11/16/14
[Macros handler]: case class with generics Roger Küng 11/15/14
Getting file contents from GridFS Tommi H. 11/9/14
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