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Welcome to the official mailing list of ReactiveMongo, the non-blocking, reactive Scala driver for MongoDB!
Here you can ask questions about the driver, give your feedback or report bugs.

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Introducing ReactiveMongo, a non-blocking Scala driver for unleashing MongoDB streaming capabilities Stéphane Godbillon 4/7/15
not authorized on heroku_appXXX to execute command (mongolab) Francis De Brabandere 10/4/15
[Question] Obtain DefaultDb instance while using URI as connection parameter Юрий Анкудинов 10/1/15
Migration from to 0.11.7.play23 David Sanchez 10/1/15
One of Those "not authorized for query on db.collection" Errors (On Heroku) Neil Chaudhuri 9/30/15
ReactiveMongoPlugin deprecated for Play 2.3? 9/28/15
ConnectionNotInitialized whilst trying to perform bulkInsert (fine for normal inserts) Duncan Watson 9/25/15
[RuntimeException: java.lang.AbstractMethodError: play.modules.reactivemongo.json.collection.JSONQue Victor Caballero 9/24/15
Macros.handler for my case class gives "No unapply function found" error. Rich Bolen 9/23/15
[play24] TimeoutException in stop hook 9/23/15
How to not convert String to BSONString implicitly during Updates/Inserts Satheesh Akkinepally 9/20/15
Build ReactiveMongo against akka 2.2? chao chu 9/15/15
ISODate issue in ReactiveMongo chao chu 9/13/15
ERROR StatusLogger No log4j2 configuration file found [reactivemongo 0.11.7] Zoro 9/11/15
Error message after adding new field Bruce Dou 9/10/15
authentication failure - reactivemongo 0.11.6 + mongodb 3 Avi Levi 9/7/15
[Bug Report]: Weird exception when 'findAndModifying' doc with some specific Double value chao chu 9/6/15
High level intro about the internal design and implementation of reactivemongo? chao chu 9/2/15
Controlling the field name [and value] used to store the class name (to support inheritance) 8/28/15
Create text index with RawCommand zcsongor 8/25/15
turning off DEBUG configuration Siddhartha Gadgil 8/24/15
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