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Welcome to the official mailing list of ReactiveMongo, the non-blocking, reactive Scala driver for MongoDB!
Here you can ask questions about the driver, give your feedback or report bugs.

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Introducing ReactiveMongo, a non-blocking Scala driver for unleashing MongoDB streaming capabilities Stéphane Godbillon 12/14/15
Issue/suggested fix for concurrent operations saturating channels leading to failing isMaster check Kahli Burke 5/16/18
Strange behaviour with slow queries Patrick Ahorukomeye 5/15/18
Mongo 3.6 DNS Seedlist Connection Format Brent Wilkins 5/8/18
HashedWheelTimer exception when running tests in parallel Christian Kaps 5/6/18
ReactiveMongo 0.12.7 Fails to create new collection 5/1/18
Create references Bouine Mohamed Ali 4/26/18
MongoDB privilege required for find operation on db.system.profile Benoit Montuelle 4/18/18
ReactiveMongo 0.13.0 incorrectly handles Decimal128 Daniel Slapman 4/13/18
Couldn't get this websocket example to work, any suggestions? Kaiyin Zhong 4/6/18
Unexpected behavior when mongos is bounced Brent Wilkins 4/4/18
Support for mongo 3.6.X Brent Wilkins 4/4/18
BSONWriter Covariance James Meyer 3/28/18
Scala 2.11 build for 0.13.0-play26 Christian Kaps 3/17/18
DAO_layer Bouine Mohamed Ali 3/16/18
$inc negative number issue on play 2.6 William Beh 3/13/18
Sporadic errors "oups. [0-9]+ not found!" Matej Krchniak 3/9/18
Channel not found error with MongoDB Atlas Chka Davaadorj 3/2/18
Difference between GridFS metadata and collection metadata retrieval Christian Kaps 2/27/18
Aggregation Syntax help Simon Siah 2/23/18
ReactiveMongo automatically writing to Primary node Sid Feiner 2/21/18
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