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Welcome to the official mailing list of ReactiveMongo, the non-blocking, reactive Scala driver for MongoDB!
Here you can ask questions about the driver, give your feedback or report bugs.

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Introducing ReactiveMongo, a non-blocking Scala driver for unleashing MongoDB streaming capabilities Stéphane Godbillon 10/24/12
SSL Support Akka Chelley 4/22/14
MVC and DAO patterns used in reactivemongo play-scala app alex reviyou 4/21/14
using an existing actor system Alexandre Russel 4/20/14
Need feedback for a project which provides DAO and DSL support for ReactiveMongo Fehmi Can Saglam 4/20/14
Rxjava Luciano Leggieri 4/18/14
Backpressure Strategies for find with enumerate ? 4/17/14
Cannot get the result with Spec2 (Play Framework) Thai Tran 4/16/14
Error when setting List of object into BSONDocument Thai Tran 4/16/14
[0.9] Building a service layer using the ReactiveMongo Play plugin Pedro De Almeida 4/16/14
List databases deathbringer1190 4/16/14
Multiple web-app and connectivity to the same replica set Akka Chelley 4/16/14
Question about BSONWriter in example app. Andrew James Ramirez 4/16/14
Error trying to use ReactiveMongo from securesocial plugin user123 4/15/14
Looking at the reactiveMongo documentation - bulkInsert - Future[Int] Akka Chelley 4/15/14
An implicit connection for the whole system/project & FutureConverter Vladimir Kostyukov 4/15/14
MongoDB 2.6 Borut 4/15/14
converting the $in to a query Akka Chelley 4/14/14
make BSONObjectID serializable 4/9/14
What would be the best way to create a mock-reactivemongo driver ? Olivier Girardot 4/6/14
Work with ReactiveMongo source code in Intellij Idea Dmitry 3/31/14
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