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Welcome to the official mailing list of ReactiveMongo, the non-blocking, reactive Scala driver for MongoDB!
Here you can ask questions about the driver, give your feedback or report bugs.

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Introducing ReactiveMongo, a non-blocking Scala driver for unleashing MongoDB streaming capabilities Stéphane Godbillon 12/14/15
Play + ReactiveMongo - How to create database and add user using ReactiveMongo 4/27/17
Connection multiplexing Sebastian 4/25/17
0.12.2 Macros regression for sealed traits? Jean-Baptiste Giraudeau 4/19/17
Any idea why I could get this memory leak? Nicolas Deverge 4/17/17
No primary node is available Kaizah Kaiser 4/16/17
Bson Handler for SortedSet[(Int,V)] Hassene Ben Amara 4/13/17
Failled to connect to MongoDB Atlas cluster Renee Rojas 4/13/17
Creating an AkkaStreamCursor from an aggregation Charlie L 4/12/17
Possible macros regression in 0.12.x? Dmitry Mikhaylov 4/12/17
[0.12.1] Using reactivemongo & play2-reactivemongo with play 2.4 Ugo Bourdon 4/1/17
Unit testing applications using reactivemongo Z. S. 3/31/17
Strange behavior for Failover strategy Emanuele Bragagnolo 3/24/17
Aggregation Framework - first batch behavior not clear Adrian Mindstorm 3/22/17
aggregation cursor(tweaked ReactiveMongo) resulting in exception with code 16978 Sunil Pasumarthi 3/21/17
SSL 3/21/17
[0.12.1] High memory usage in MongoDbSystem history Daniel Breed 3/21/17
Newbie question: Example for the impatient does not compile jh 3/14/17
Many MongoConnection to the same replica set Kilic Ali-Firat 3/11/17
Using collect with a [[Cursor.ErrorHandler]] William Ross 3/10/17
How-to use $dateToString in a $push group accumulator operator Victor 3/8/17
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