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Welcome to the official mailing list of ReactiveMongo, the non-blocking, reactive Scala driver for MongoDB!
Here you can ask questions about the driver, give your feedback or report bugs.

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Introducing ReactiveMongo, a non-blocking Scala driver for unleashing MongoDB streaming capabilities Stéphane Godbillon 12/14/15
"Fails to update history" warnings due to "NoSuchElementException" Markus Halttunen 1/14/18
ReactiveMongo 0.12.7 Fails to create new collection 1/9/18
Use find() on view 12/28/17
How to connect to mongo db in play framework using scala ankur sharma 12/20/17
i am trying to start my server in prod mode but it thows error. i have given code below can someone 12/20/17
Channel not found error with MongoDB Atlas Chka Davaadorj 12/17/17
[0.11.x] Very different query performance on ReactiveMongo vs MongoShell Edmondo Porcu 12/13/17
Getting "Oups. 428966 not found!" errors Ori Popowski 12/13/17
[0.12.5] MongoDBSystem history Thead-Safety problem Roland Bär 11/30/17
Inserting objects with null values causes NullPointerException 11/28/17
Stack trace from reactivemongo yd 11/23/17
after "Authentication failure" MongoDB 3.2.10 doesn't reply to any ClientHellos(TLSv1.2) Igor Poltavskiy 11/21/17
iterating over cursor resulted from aggregation Sunil Pasumarthi 11/16/17
No instance of play.api.libs.json.Format is available for scala.Option[reactivemongo.bson.BSONObject Mael Elvis FOSSO N. 11/10/17
Inserting lots of documents exceeds 16MB size limit Tomer Froumin 11/9/17
how to use $push: '$$ROOT' Ram Odedara 11/7/17
Strange errors Scott Smith 10/31/17
MongoError['This MongoConnection is closed] Daniel Menchaca Luna 10/28/17
How to connect to mongodb using play-reactivemongo with SSL enabled? Kaiyin Zhong 10/26/17
Mongo 3.4 NumberDecimal support 10/24/17
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