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Call for Testers: New Rdio JavaScript API Ian Gilman 12/12/14
API Issue Tracker Devin S. 11/12/13
API console doesn't return tracks for some albums Chris Silverman 2/24/15
UnicodeEncodeError William L 2/23/15
Rdio removed from EchoNest API? Tom Andrew 2/18/15
I'm getting 30 second previews for free users, is this expected behaviour? Aryan Goharzad 2/12/15
AppleScript API 'add to collection' and 'remove from collection' don't work AlexX 2/11/15
Rdio android intents + tasker Marc McHardy 2/10/15
rdio integration from java without PIN and connect using URL anil gupta 2/10/15
Android: Playback: When I go out from an activity and comeback the playback for audio does not start. and I get error "Track is null! Size of queue: 0" Nirav Nagda 2/9/15
getActivityStream and "track added" events Robert Voyer 2/9/15
Can't get Rdio iOS SDK playback to work May Yang 2/9/15
Player in buffering state indefinitely Troy Whiteley (@dawnerd) 1/5/15
Is there a way to get raw PCM from Rdio Android SDK? Myungjae Lee 1/5/15
Searching through API returns unavailable songs, searching on website does not asdfghjkl 12/23/14
Re: [rdio-api] C# API: Keep access token Devin S. 12/23/14
Re: [rdio-api] Api doc "searchsuggestions" mentions it does not require authentication, but i'm getting API Access token not available response unk...@googlegroups.com 12/17/14
Actual Release Date, or Copyright date? Andrew Spittal 12/17/14
[Android] Buffering fails and retries 10 times before working, always. Luiz Belussi 12/15/14
getNewReleases not sorted by playCount. Andrew Spittal 12/9/14
Android SDK - Logging out innobe...@gmail.com 12/4/14
Frustrated with API Jacob O'Donnell 11/24/14
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