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Phylogeny based on presence/absence of genes Antony Vincent 2/12/16
Multistate characters (32 states) and limit Taraka Rama 2/11/16
Calculating IC Scores with Partial Gene Trees William Gearty 2/10/16
New ExaML version 3.0.16 - LG4X issues Alexis 2/6/16
ASC_GTRCAT finds invariant sites that are not in the input Emiliano Trucchi 2/5/16
asc-corr=stamatakis Hollie Hatherell 2/5/16
Raxml JIT SARKAR 2/4/16
error raxml-hybrid wanderma 2/2/16
libwinpthread-dll Error Running Windows Executable Christopher Kan 1/30/16
Phylogenetic placement visualization Alexis 1/30/16
Re: [raxml] Digest for ra...@googlegroups.com - 2 updates in 1 topic Brian Foley 1/29/16
Gaps in alignment (and how does RAxML treat them) Seiler 1/27/16
Setting up mixed DNA/Multi-State RAxML analysis Michael Forthman 1/25/16
resuming rapid bootstrap run Francesco Cicconardi 1/25/16
ML search aborted from core dump Conor Meehan 1/22/16
command line to estimate only the best-scoring tree Juan C. Opazo 1/21/16
Bootstrap analysis stopped (Assertion `tr->likelihood >= initialLH' failed) Tommy Harding 1/21/16
SH like support Karen 1/18/16
RAxML 8.0.14 windows executables (SSE3, 64bit) Ingo Michalak 1/15/16
Problem with compiling AVX and AVX2 versions of 8.2.X Pepijn Kooij 1/14/16
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