Welcome to the Rattle Users Google Group. This mailing list discussion group is for users of the free and open source Rattle data mining toolkit as described in the new book Data Mining with Rattle and R. Information on Rattle is available from Togaware.

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rattle freezing when moving the window Rob Radburn 4/15/14
Re: Abridged summary of rattle...@googlegroups.com - 1 update in 1 topic Luis Sisamon 4/15/14
I am new to Rattle and need some help Kelvin Choi 4/14/14
where is latest (3.0.4) version of rattle? Rick Gordon 4/11/14
CentOS 6.5: configure: error: GTK version 2.8.0 required dokondr 4/4/14
Rattle with Hive (Hadoop) ? dokondr 4/4/14
DSN / Username / Password Issue on a Mac malcolm stanley 4/3/14
rattle on a mac os x 10.6.8 - problems mashiro 3/31/14
Re: Resolved - Re: MAC OSX 10.7.5 Rattle Crash Graham Williams 3/30/14
Mac OS help Matthew Paris 3/28/14
Rattle not responding when execute Associate (on a Mac Lion) Gerard Noorda 3/25/14
I get some error with R 3.1.0 and Rattle 3.0.3 Tùng Phạm Thanh 3/25/14
Cannot get rattle to work on Mac OS X Mavericks Dr Con Menictas 3/25/14
Rattle 3.0.4 for Mac OS/X available - resolves all currently known issues. Graham Williams 3/24/14
ubuntu install woes khb 3/23/14
rattle on Windows Marcin Szewczyk 3/16/14
Error matrix percentage in rattle? birda simret 3/15/14
newbie-question: Forest, Boost and other model types disabled Dima Zhiyanov 3/14/14
why are all models but "tree" grayed out and I cannot use them? nafrtiti 3/14/14
Rattle no longer working after upgrade Brian Feeny 3/7/14
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