Welcome to the Rattle Users Google Group. This mailing list discussion group is for users of the free and open source Rattle data mining toolkit as described in the new book Data Mining with Rattle and R. Information on Rattle is available from Togaware.

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Rattle on H2O or Spark ramkumar nimmakayala 10/19/16
Rattle 5.0.0 Alpha is available... ggraptR and initial Microsoft R Server support for big data Graham Williams 9/16/16
Rattle and Data Mining with R Workshop - New York - 7 March 2014 Graham Williams 9/16/16
new output variable for regression Carlos Crosetti 9/16/16
Problem in rattle deployment Samrat Banerjee 9/16/16
Newbie RATTLE User: Started using rattle for predictive analysis stock data using realtime data. avichi...@gmail.com 9/9/16
Using PCA as Input in Rattle ramkumar nimmakayala 8/16/16
"No response" in rattle when I tried to execute the tree model Kiki Wang 8/16/16
Problem with R x64 mountp...@gmail.com 7/11/16
GGobi libxml2-2.dll is missing Saman Khaje-Zade 6/28/16
Annual KDnuggets Poll Graham Williams 5/20/16
Problem loading data into Rattle 4.1.0 Andreas Busch 4/27/16
Getting scores from a classifier, not just the 0/1 result? Roger Bohn 4/11/16
Error when i execute rattle() Sujith Shivaprakash 4/7/16
Error in getExportSaveName(crv$RPART) : attempt to apply non-function Bill Bruns 3/8/16
RE: latticist is not supported in Rattle 4.1.0 ? [SEC=UNOFFICIAL] Nolan, Anthony 2/23/16
latticist is not supported in Rattle 4.1.0 ? Paul Cheung 2/23/16
RE: Error trying to run a RandomForest [SEC=UNOFFICIAL] Nolan, Anthony 2/14/16
Error trying to run a RandomForest Tom Eagle 2/13/16
Rattle 4.0.5 on R 3.2.3 working on RHEL 5 Amjad Syed 2/7/16
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