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Fwd: [Rd] Milestone: 9000 packages on CRAN Bryan Hanson 8/22/16
Motivations to code in R Bryan Hanson 12/1/15
Stanford R Course Humberto Barreto 1/19/15
The Rising Tide of R (in Nature no less) Bryan Hanson 1/8/15
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Preaching to the Choir Bryan Hanson 8/20/14
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Two Free Statistics Texts Bryan Hanson 1/7/14
Our people have been studied... (You are part of the data) Bryan Hanson 12/7/13
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Interesting Article on Best Practices when writing code & scripts Bryan Hanson 2/13/13
Chasing False Positives Bryan Hanson 11/20/12
Milestone: 4000 packages on CRAN Bryan Hanson 8/29/12
Paper on the "Design" of the R Language (Nerd Alert) Bryan Hanson 4/26/12