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April Meetup Discussion Derek Rockwell 4/9/13
Announcing a new meetup: Minnesota API Developers Group Eric Caron 9/11/15
July 13th Rails.MN Meetup tamouse pontiki 7/6/15
Rails multi-client appplication architecture Bryan Bieniek 6/15/15
Twin Cities Hack Night Rails group Jason Hsu 3/19/15
GitHub Enterprise consultant needed Boppanda Ganapathy 2/11/15
Re: [Rails.MN] Your favorite shortcuts for creating a Ruby on Rails app Mickey Maddox 1/27/15
Slides - Working with Dates in Rails Nick Nguyen 11/14/13
Topic Request Eric Cozzi 11/9/13
Opening guest vm files using host text editor, Ubuntu Ilya B 9/9/13
Existing Linux VM on Windows host, open_camp clone/config Ilya B 9/4/13
Capybara's save_and_open_page Matt Stenerson 8/10/13
Lesson #2 - security Raptor Man 7/16/13
Lesson 2: Writing my own tests Raptor Man 7/14/13
Vagrant Reload Raptor Man 7/13/13
Rails installer? Raptor Man 7/1/13
Rails cheatsheet Joshua Wehner 7/1/13
TODO - what about in Windows? [installation of the vagrant/virtual box/git bash (shell)] Raptor Man 7/1/13
Using collection_select and getting an unexpected error from sqlite3 - anyone know why? Adam Birnbaum 5/26/13
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